Could I Be Pregnant W Merina Iud

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B-m-24 - September 30

Hi I am new to all forums but feel I need to share my experience as everyone's different but it does help to open up with these issues. I have had the Mirena put in place due to a really rough time in my life and this was the only option that fitted into not becoming pregnant. This was February 2016. It wasn't something I would have chosen but in the long run it's a better contraception as I am useless at  remembering to take pills etc. I always suffer with bad periods feeling nauseous from the pain and being physically sick. This did not stop once the coil was in. But they became more irregular and also in between periods was  I'm assuming old blood so most of the time I wear a pantyliner just in case. I also experienced snot like discharge which my gp says this is what happens at ovulation so that the environment in the womb can no longer be safe to become pregnant. There would usually be blooded streaks within the discharge too. When this happened I am usually feeling very sick and vomit in the morning. But now I haven't had my period this month and have been experiencing more old blood discharge. I have had episodes of being really ill where I cannot eat/drink. I am laid in bed writing this on a lovely Saturday because I feel sick and so very tired. The other day my r nipple became really sore so sore that I had the urge to squeeze it felt like it needed it, then milky watery discharge came out. I don't think I'm pregnant. It has crossed my mind to get a pregnancy test but I think maybe it's the thought of it coming back positive which I know sounds ridiculous. I am very sensitive to things and I am easily nauseous anyway but this feeling keeps me in bed most days and is effecting work. I am going to make an appointment with the gynae clinic as I can't take feeling like this and maybe have the coil removed. I just feel that I am moaning and I just need to shake myself. 

Anyway I have read most posts to do with this subject and I know that others have experienced the same and wondered if anyone has had the coil out because of this or can it get better or is there anything I can do to relieve any of the symptoms?!




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