My First Miscarriage.

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lindaswank - June 6

Hey. How are you doing all? I am feeling so lost now. I don't know what is happening in my life right now. I just want to leave everything and wanted to go the place where I don't think about my baby. This is so hearted drowning to me. I am 24 years old. And Its first year of our marriage. And luckily I got pregnant after a couple of months. My life changed so much. Everyone in the family was feeling so happy. I was 14 week when we were coming back from my friend house, we had a terrible accident. Someone from front thrashed us so miserably. Luckily airbags saved our life but I started excessive bleeding at that time. And in the result I miscarriages. Everything got changed suddenly. I still can not imagine that this happened to me. It was my first children. I just want to forget this. Has anyone ever had some feelings?


annataylor1 - June 6

Hey Linda. How are you right now? Ahh! your story was just shocking to me. I really can not imagine what you have go through. This is such a heart breaking story. All my sympathies are with you. My dear try to divert your attention. Try to busy yourself in household matters. Go for outing. This is very difficult thing to come off from but I am sure that you are strong enough to overcome it. I am sure because you post your story here. And yeah try again. This time luck will be in your favour. Just stay calm and positive. Sending you positive vibes.


lindaswank - June 6

Hey Anna. feeling better now. Thanks for your words. Losing a baby is really a difficult thing to overcome it. But indeed I have to cope with this. There is no other way for me. I am looking forward to your bits of advice. This will be really helpful for me. Your words mean a lot to me. You really give me some positivity. Thank you.


sidneywhite - June 6

Hey Linda, How are you feeling? Sorry to hear about your loss. I don't have words to comfort you. I know how hard the situation is. Losing a child is realy heart breaking. Apart from that we have to cope with the sitution. There is no other way except accepting the situation. I also faced 3 miscarraiges. It was really hard for me to move on. But with the support of my husband i did it. One needs friends and family support in this sitatuation. You have to saty strong. Try to get yourself busy. With the passage of tim wounds heal. I wish happiness for you. Good luck. 


Samiah - June 6

Hi there Really sorry to know about your accident. It is part of life my dear. Accidents can happen. Be brave and face this hard time with courage. You will be mother very soon.Our prayers are with you.


HarlyJames - June 7

Hi dear. I am really really sorry to hear this. I hope you are fine. Don't stress your self, please. Accidents happen. However, they don't repeat themselves. You should go for it again. I wish you luck.



I'm very sorry to hear this all. This has been so tough for you. Yeah! I've heard a similar case like this before. My cousin sister also had an MC via a car accident. It really didn't go fine for her. So, yeah! now, she had a child through surrogacy last year. Stay strong! I know it's hard but, you've to be dear. Seek your chances! I hope you find a way. Don't let it drain you. You can do it! xx


AmandaK - June 8

This is terrible, and not easily be forgotten. But have you consulted a good fertility doctor? because there could be chances of conception. Because miscarriages don't hinder fertility unless indicating a major problem with your reproductive system. You must seek the help of a fertility counselor. Because stress also affects your health. Indeed loss, cannot be rectified nor forgotten. But you need to be strong to able to carry your next child. You are young and healthy. You must not waste time as I am talking from exoerince if you need to be a mother you need to be working on it. Because age at a certain time hinders fertility. Good luck


wellspring1 - June 12

I am so sorry to hear that, Don't get disheartened. Stay strong and positive for upcoming life. After miscarriage there is a huge loss in the blood and health of the woman, to recover from this you should visit gynaecologist/fertility experts to know whether there are any complications after your accident. This will help you to decide whether you are healthy enough to take chance or your body needs time to recover. Then after you can try to conceive in coming months. You will fulfill your dream of being mother.



Anisa28 - June 22

Hey. Don't worry about it. Children are a great blessing. But this is not in your fate. Don't take stress everything will be fine. If you cannot conceive a child you have many other options like surrogacy. Don't think this is an unnatural way. This is the only way you can have your own babies. I wish you best of luck.


Stephine648 - June 23

I had also 3 miscarriaes. I had many complications while getting pregnant. I was TTC from 11 years but had no luck. I went for many treatments but no positive result was founded. Finally after 11 years i conceived for the first time. We were so happy. Than at 12 week i miscarried. I was sad and depressed. Than i was pregnant again for 2 more times and the same thing happended i miscarried twice again. My husband left me and i was totally broke. Now i'm 43 years old and i am going to be married again for the second time. I have told my husband about my previous complications. He told me that we can go for surrogacy to have a baby now. I am so happy that soon i will have a baby. He has contacted a clinic in Ukraine. They will soon give us date for our surrogacy process.


lily12 - June 24

Hello dear. So sorry for your loss. You are looking in stress. You should go for surrogacy. It was not your fault. Destiny has its own plans. I know you are disturbed right now. I wish you will be a mother soon. You have a lot of time. You can try to conceive again. Go for an expert advice. They will help you out. Do tell us the progress. You are lucky to be safe in the accident. Stay optimist. Good luck. My prayers are with you.


marySmith - June 24

Hey dear. How are you? Hope you are doing well. It made me sad to hear about your miscarriage. It's okay dear, don't worry. Life has ups and downs. Sometimes we have to face the obstacles to be successful ahead. I can understand your feelings as my friend had a miscarriage two years ago. She didn't lose hope and now she is a happy mommy of a son. I advise you the same. Don't ever lose hope. You can again become a mother. Think positive. Dealing with the problems bravely makes you strong. I wish you all the best!


amanda jake - June 24

Hey dear. How are you? Hope you are doing well. It made me sad to hear about your miscarriage. It's okay dear, don't worry. Life has ups and downs. Destiny has its own plans. I know you are disturbed right now. I wish you will be a mother soon. You have a lot of time. You can try to conceive again. Surrogacy is a blessing. Every woman can get the happiness of babies through surrogacy.  I wish you all the best!


Britney69 - June 24

Hey lindaswank, hope you are doing well. I know that you are going through very hard time. I am feeling sorry for you. Sometimes life is so unfair. But don't lose hope. Better days are not far away. I had a friend who was going through same a year back. She also miscarried caused by an accident. She was sad and didn't talk to anyone for days. But she had to get normal for her family. Then she conceived again and now she's a happy mother of two children. So don't lose hope or be afraid. Just overcome it. We all are here and we're like a family. So feel free to ask anything. This might help you. Thank you very much.


amanda jake - June 25

Hi. Hope you are in good health. I am glad you are considering alternative ways to start a family. It’s a blessing. Good luck dear. May you find success. You deserve a happy ending.


marySmith - June 26

Hey there. How are you? Hope you are doing well. First of all, congratulations! Thanks for sharing your inspirational journey with us. Surrogacy is a blessing to many. There are many good clinics in Europe for surrogacy and IVF. My friend was also declared infertile. She didn't lose hope. She is carrying her IVF treatment from a clinic in Europe. Both surrogacy and IVF have their own advantages. We can go for the one that suits us. I'm glad surrogacy went well for you. Take care. I wish you all the best for future.



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