Coping with Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Any woman who is pregnant will need extra attention and support from husband, friends and family; a woman with a subsequent pregnancy after loss will need even more.  Fortunately, you can find the support that you need from friends and family, support groups and medical staff. 

There are many emotions you will feel on discovering you are pregnant again.  There is joy about the prospect of holding your newborn; there is also anxiety, anger, guilt and sadness.  How do you cope with these feelings?

Dealing with your pain
The trepidation you encounter in your subsequent pregnancy after a miscarriage may be shrugged off by your friends and family, but it’s a very real fear to you.  Suppressing these emotions will only embed them deeper.  Tell those close to you that it’s important for them to recognize your fears and sympathize with your feelings.  Tell them that while they can express their optimistic intuitions about this pregnancy, it may not help you if they expect you to share these feelings. 

With this understanding support from your friends, try and work through your emotions so that you can take a more proactive approach toward your pregnancy.  The fear you may be experiencing can be draining.  Write about your fears, either in a journal or through an online outlet, and talk back to them!  Identify the sources of your fear, recognize that some of your fears are imaginary while other fears are situated in your memory.  Attempt to shed off your imaginary fears and work through your memories in writing.  As you work out your emotions, try to embrace the hopes of this pregnancy.

Inform yourself!
A certain sense of relief can be attained from proactively informing yourself.  Visit your doctor frequently and schedule consultations with a geneticist.  The earnest information your practitioners offer you may help calm your anxieties. 

Support networks
Talk to women who share your concerns.  Realizing that many women are going through the same emotions you’re experiencing will help reduce your worries.  There are many support groups that offer internet forums for women to discuss their issues.  SPALS (Subsequent Pregnancy after Loss Support) offers women a supportive environment to learn more and talk to other women.  Pregnancy After Miscarriage (PAM) offers informative resources and tools to help you cope emotionally during your subsequent pregnancy. 

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