Steps to Getting Pregnant After A Miscarriage

Pregnancy after miscarriage can be an extremely difficult decision for couples. Dealing with the grief and sorrow of miscarriage can make trying to conceive again seem like an impossible and often times undesirable situation for some couples, while others are interested in getting pregnant right away. In many situations, couples go back and forth between the two. This means that it is important to take the time you and your partner need to make this decision.

Should We Try Again?

Experiencing pregnancy loss is a devastating experience for parents, and giving yourself time to think about pregnancy after miscarriage, including taking time to remember your baby can help you avoid more emotional damage.

When making your decision about whether to try to get pregnant again, you should consider the following factors:

  • recognize that all pregnancies are different
  • inform yourself about what your best option is by talking to your doctor before making a decision, particularly if genetic abnormalities played a role in your last miscarriage
  • ask yourself honestly, “Can I honestly try pregnancy one more time?”, particularly if you have experienced fertility problems or have experienced recurrent miscarriage

When Should We Try Again?

When the best time is regarding trying to conceive after a miscarriage depends on many factors. It may take a while to heal both physically and emotionally after a miscarriage. Other factors to consider include your age as well as factors in your life, such as the state of your relationship with your partner, personal or family problems, your health, etc. Your doctor can help you make this decision, particularly with regard to determining when you’re physically ready to try to conceive again, and can also provide you with books and other resources that can help you make this decision. In addition, you should talk openly with your partner about your feelings about trying to conceive again and talk to your partner about his feelings about trying to get pregnant again, as it is natural for partners to feel differently at different stages about trying to get pregnant again.

Emotional Factors

After experiencing pregnancy loss, it is normal to feel a range of emotions: anger, depression, anxiety, frustration, blame and sadness. Also, it is quite common for these feelings to escalate months after the miscarriage occurs. This can make pregnancy seem like too much of a risk for many couples at this stage in their grief.

Physical Factors

Physical factors also play an important role in deciding when to try to get pregnant again after pregnancy loss. The type of miscarriage you experienced will likely affect your physical readiness: for example, whether the pregnancy expelled on its own or whether it occurred during labor and delivery or whether emergency surgery was necessary. In addition, whether you have begun to produce milk and whether you are experiencing bleeding can also affect your physical readiness to try and get pregnant after a miscarriage. Your doctor will help you make this decision.

In addition, you can help maintain your health by following a healthy diet and exercise regimen, as well as avoiding such negative lifestyle factors like smoking and drinking. Finding a supportive doctor or midwife can help you cope with grief, especially in cases where fertility is an issue and going to see a genetic counselor can also be helpful, if appropriate.

Trying to Get Pregnant

Trying to conceive again after a miscarriage can be a very emotional experience. You may feel hopeful and optimistic one minute, and anxious, afraid and stressed the next. Talk with your partner about your emotions and seek counseling if necessary. You should also try to establish a network of loved ones to provide you with the support you need and talk to other women who have experienced miscarriage to help you cope.

When You Become Pregnant

Most women get pregnant again after a year of experiencing a miscarriage. But it is important to remember that you will still feel grief even while you’re pregnant again. Keep the following in mind when you become pregnant again:

  • each pregnancy is different and every baby is unique
  • follow good preconception care. Follow a healthy diet and maintain a good fitness routine. Reduce stress and avoid smoking and alcohol as well as illegal drugs
  • get the proper prenatal care as soon as you learn that you are pregnant
  • take an active role in your prenatal care by asking your doctor any questions you might have and by informing yourself as much as possible about pregnancy; this will also help minimize stress
  • realize that this pregnancy will be difficult on both a physical and emotional level and that the hardest part will be getting over the miscarriage
  • be open with your partner and your doctor about your fears and concerns; be sure to keep the lines of communication open so that you get the support you need

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I have 3 healthy kids, but have lost 5 with the most recent 1/16/12. We will have a lot of tests to do and they are testing the baby for abnormalities. My losses were most recent 11 weeks, 11 1/2 weeks, 15 weeks, twins 5 mths. I would like to get preganant right away. Don't know if the spouse is up for it yet. I'm remarried this was his first. I will have to take asprin and lovenox shots daily in addition to the proges. I was one the past two pregnancies. I'm still so sad but want another child with my hubby. It's hard to be patient. I take my basal temps but they are all over the place now. Too soon I guess. How to be patient??
12 years ago
I recently had a mc on Aug 4 without a D&C. I currently have three children and my youngest is 7 years old. It is now Sept 7 and I haven't had a period yet. I was wandering if this is normal or could it mean pregnancy again. I have been experiencing a little Pelvic discomfort and feeling a little nauseated at times. I am really hoping for another baby but I am afraid of having another mc.
13 years ago
all of the information about when to try again has been so confusing. i am so upset about miscarrying my first pregnancy at 7 weeks and i feel like the only thing i can do to move on is to get going on another pregnancy again. my doctor says i can actually start trying now one month later but i keep reading that women should wait 3 months before trying. i'm not sure now what to do. might wait one more month as a balance between the two but i also know i may not get pregnant again right away and i just don't feel like waiting to get pregnant again. its like i can't relax until i am pregnant again.
13 years ago