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riazoyer - June 6

hey, there stranger. It must have been really hard for you to lose a child, I have gone through the exact same thing and trust me it I know exactly how you feel right now.Why do you sound so cynical though? Did you know around 25% of pregnancies are MC? that is a huge number. I would recommend to other ladies also reading this that if you have gone through a miscarriage you should probably take a break for a year or so and give your body time to recover especially if you were more then 3 months into it. Your body gets damaged a lot and needs time to recover. Try taking honey water with apple cider everyday it helps in recovery. Other than that there is no need to be cynical a lot of women get to have a family after an MC do not be alarmed. You can still go for IVF cycles if you are not succeeding, but keep trying.Take care of yourself and much love.


annataylor1 - June 14

Hey. How are you doing now? Hope so you are fine now? Well, its look pretty hard for you to go through it. My dear, I suggest you go to ER as soon as possible. Because you got no surety whether its miscarriage or something else. And consult your doctor as soon as possible. And if miscarriage then my dear, don't lose hope. Everything will fine with the time. Try again and stay positive. As mentioned above about25% of pregnancies resulted in a miscarriage. So don't lose hope. Things will be in your favour soon. All the best.


pitjulie19 - June 14

Hey Dear! after reading your post I really become so sad to know your miscarriage. Seriously, it's a very painful thing for a woman. The grief is unforgettable. Maybe, it is the part of life. I think you should first consult with the doctor. He could guide you better. And don't lose hope. Everything happens for a reason. We should learn from the mistakes. Just target on your goals and be consistent. You should also go for a complete medical check-up before trying to conceive again. I would not be risky of you. I hope everything will be fine. Be positive and hopeful


Esther65 - June 22

Hi! Sorry to hear about your loss. MCs, take a lot from a woman. It also discourages a lady. I can feel Your pain. I also faced 4 MCs. I was totally fed up. The doctor advised me to try not to conceive naturally. It was a shocking news for me. But instead of losing hope, I looked for alternatives. Surrogacy and IVF were optioned for us. But with the help of research, I decided to go for surrogacy. I choose surrogacy due to Its success rate. And now I am happy to announce that I blessed with a surrogate son. The whole journey was awesome. My all best wishes with you. God bless you.


erin_wales - June 26

I know how much it hurts. Infertility is like a battle. Only one can get success who never lose hope. Nothing can be so hurting as infertility is. I also faced infertility issues. But surrogacy has changed my life. I will suggest you go for it. Wishing you all the best!


Catherine1214 - June 26

It is a great post. Many women get confused after their miscarriages. They think that this is an irreparable loss. They fall victim to the stress and disappointment. After the miscarriage, the most important thing is to come to terms with the reality. If the items are not accepted, they can be a big problem. It is equally important to find the reason for the loss. A diagnosis done well in time can be immensely benefitting. Complete rest can help you retain your energy. Doctors also suggest proper medications. They assist in overcoming the physical weakness. For those who want to protect their pregnancies have to be very vigilant. There is no harm in getting pregnant after a miscarriage. It is only recommended after the doctor allows you to do so. Miscarriages happen almost in every part of the world. It is a survey result that 25 percent of the pregnant women have a chance of having a miscarriage. This post will be great to help the mothers facing the loss in the recent past.


Samiah - June 26

Hey there, how are you? Hope you are fine and in good health. I can feel your pain sweetheart. Being not able to conceive naturally is indeed very hard to cope for women. I had faced infertility too but surrogacy gave me a new life with full of happiness. Good luck to you too.My good wishes and prayers are with you.


pitjulie19 - June 26

Hey Dear! Hope so you are doing good. I just read your post. I really felt so sad to know about your condition. Really, it's painful. Maybe I could not understand your pain. But be strong and hopeful. I think you should not wait for the appointment and consult with your gynecologist as soon as possible. Things could be sorted out early because later they could cause more complications. So try to have this cured as soon as possible. Also be positive and hopeful. Hope so everything will be fine.

My sympathies


annataylor1 - June 27

Hey. How are you doing now? My dear doesn't need to be worried. If it's miscarried then you cant do anything now. But I hope you would not. You should not take any action now. Until you went to doctor. Just stay positive and stay hopeful. Things will be in your favour. Wish you best of luck.


pitjulie19 - June 27

Hey Dear! Hope so you are doing good. I just your post. I really felt so sad for your condition. It's really painful. But I think you should consult with your gynecologist as soon as possible. It may create more complications. Such situation occurs due to several reasons. So you can't assume. It would be better to be diagnosed as early. If you will delay things, It may lead to something else big. It could be more complicated than this. So try to sort it out and overcome this condition.

My sympathies


lindaswank - June 27

Hey Dear. How are you now? This feels really bad. I think you should go to ER. Because symptoms you described does not look good to me. All the symptoms look to me like you miscarried. I wish I will wrong. But I advise you to go for doctor as soon as possible.


annataylor1 - July 10

Hey Dear. Hope so you are doing fine now. Well, dear if you are going through this type of situation you should immediately contact your doctor. Because these signs are not good signs at all. I will strongly recommend you to go for it. The signs you describe are usually the signs of miscarriage. And I think this is not a good indication at all. Hope my words will help you. Best of luck to all.


lindaswank - July 10

Hi Dear. How are you feeling now? Well, Honestly my dear this is not giving me good vibes. Because cramping during pregnancy does not good for pregnancy. I think you should look up for the doctor as soon as possible. This will really help you to understand your condition. Being sure is good than being in the state of doubt. I hope you are getting my point. Wish you the best of luck. And I will pray everything is in your favour.


Samiah - July 10

Hey there how are you? I hope you are fine and doing great. Am really sorry to know what you are facing. This is very heartbreaking. Things are not looking good dear. I think you should immediately visit your doctor. Hope everything works well for you. I had faced a similar kind of situation. I was declared infertile by my doctor. It was like an end for me. But surrogacy come into my life like a light in the darkness. That was the best journey of my life. After hard times and so many failures, I finally get the blessings of the child through surrogacy. It is indeed a great procedure and a great blessing of science. I don't have enough words to thanks science for such a blessing.


AshaSmith - July 18

Hey, love. It is a very tough situation that you're in. I totally understand. It's not easy getting out of it. I had to take help from a clinic named BioTexCom. They're based in Ukraine. They helped me with their surrogacy. They're coming to the UK this August. The people are very amazing. And dedicated. They treated me so well. They're going to have their open days in London. On 18-19. You can get your first free consultation there. Good luck. My prayers are with you!


ella_oscar - July 23

I hope you are doing great. Today I am here to share something with all of you. Infertility is a curse for a woman. At this time a woman loses all her hope. The one who keeps trying always get success. Today I am here to tell my story. I got married two years ago. I faced two miscarriages after my marriage due to an accident. The doctors declared me infertile. I lost all my hope but my husband supported me. I searched for a good clinic on the internet I got to know about the clinic lotus. I went there with all my hope but it disappointed me a lot. Their staff was so rude. Even the building was not the same that they showed on the internet. Their surrogate is so greedy. THey only want to make money nothing else. They do not care about the feelings of people. I suggest all not to go to this kind of sick clinic. I wish you all the best. Thank you.



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