Poll For Those Who Ve Experience A Blighted Ovum

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me - August 10

Just wondering for those that have gone through a blighted ovum.... Did any of you experience any signs that it was happeneing? Spotting, cramps etc?


to me - August 10

I had a blighted ovum four months ago and did not had any signs... when I went for 1st u/s there was no baby just an empty womb...


Elyse - August 10

I had a blighted ovum and m/c in march i felt fine for the first few weeks really great must have been the hormones i guess. I did feel the change though i sort of didn't feel pregnant any more? no sore b___sts, no eating cravings nothing, strange i know but kept going to dr's my blood pressure went high all signs somthing was wrong. Dr just told me i would be fine when my hormones kicked in and said it was the shock of being preg 10yrs after my last son! my hormones must have been dropping thats why i was feeling so c___ppy, and i'm rh/neg as well might have been a factor nobody knows or seems to care either from my experience. I did start to bleed after my first scan which said i was 5 weeks sack only no baby was told to wait two weeks for rescan, and i was more like 9/10 wks my dates i began to loose dark coloured blood for about two weeks only when i wipped though until i finally m/c two weeks after a few days before my next scan was due.If you want anymore advice i'm here.Good luck if you are faced with this.


Cabbie - August 10

I had a d&c for a blighted ovum on June 29. I had all the pregnancy symptoms. My sacs were still growing without an embryo and were putting off all the necessary components to give me severe nausea and fatigue, heatburn, etc. I had light brown spotting when I would wipe for two days before I found out (spotting lasted a few hours each day). I was at 9-10 weeks.


Alison - August 11

My second miscarriage was a blighted ovum. I had seen a tiny speck of blood then I had some brown discharge. I went in for a scan ( I was 6 1/2 weeks) and they couldn't see much and were concerned it might be ectopic. They did a blood test to check hormone levels then another one 2 days later. The levels had increased but barely. I was taken into hospital for a laparoscopy to check my tubes. They were fine it was not ectopic but they said it was failing. They scanned again and saw an empty sac which was also too small. A week later another scan still empty and hormone levels had barely changed in a week. The miscarriage was then confirmed. I hadn't had any cramps just the spack of blood and the brown discharge. Are you concerned you are miscarrying? I pray all will be well and that you will not.. Take care xxx


me - August 11

I am concerned that this may be a blighted ovum, but I think it's more of a product of reading too much than concrete reasons for believing so. I'm 9 weeks now and my first prenatal appt is on the 15th....the waiting to make sure this is really real is killing me. I want this baby so much and just so afraid that it won't happen. Thank you all so much for your input....I really appreciate it!


Alison - August 11

Do you have any symptoms which are concerning you? xxx


me - August 11

not really aside from a slight cramp now and then (which I hear is normal)....I think it's more paranoia and the fact that other than the terrible nausea and sore b___sts (which doesn't necissarily mean it's a healthy pregnancy)...I just don't feel pregnant yet. Carzy huh? :)


Alison - August 11

It's not crazy - as someone who has been through 3 miscarriages I can totally relate to the feelings of noticing every little twinge and feeling and having to keep telling yourself not to let your imagination run riot! It is normal to be very aware of every feeling. Yes a little cramping now and then can happen in early pregnancy as your ligaments etc are stretching and things are growing. I always have a slight "pulling" at my ovaries which I was told by the doctor is from pregnancy cysts. Don't feel silly for feeling paranoid-but try and think positive and try to stay calm and believe it will be ok. Monday will soon be here I pray it goes really quickly for you! Once you have seen the scan hopefully things will feel a bit better for you. Take care xxx


Ranae - August 11

I had a blighted ovum w/no signs that anything was wrong. No spotting, pain, nothing. I went in for quat_tative HCG levels & scans early on. By week 9 they were able to confirm from HCG levels & doppler sonograms that I had a blighted ovum (the sac & yolk was there but no fetus). Therefore, 2 days before my 10 wks mark I underwent a D & C. During the pregnancy I wasn't really sick--- I pretty much just had tender b___sts & upset stomach off & on. However, after being thru one miscarriage I have to admit in my gut I knew after about 6 wks that I felt something was wrong. Best of luck to you----my prayers are w/you.


Karen - August 11

A week ago today I had a D&C for a missed miscarriage. I didn't know anything was wrong with my pregnany until I went for an ultrasound. The ultrasound was supposed to determine by due date, since I didn't remember the exact date of my period. Prior to the ultrasound the doctor thought my uterus was smaller than it should be and thought this was due to incorrect calculation of my due date (since we had just sorta guessed in the first place). At the ultrasound the technican wouldn't tell me anything and wouldn't let me or my husband watch the monitor. I knew something was wrong. The doctor called us in to tell us the bad news. I had a blighted ovum. I was referred to a OB-GYN who later did the D&C. I had no bleeding or cramps and retained all the symptoms that I had at the beginning of the pregnancy. It has all been a very scary and sad experience. I just hope this never happens again.


me - August 15

Hi everyone, I just thought I would let you all know that I had my first appt today and we hear the heartbeat. So it's really real! So far so ggod....thanks for all of your advise!


Valerie - August 15

me I am so glad everything was okay for you! Congrats! I am feeling the same way you were, I am scared to death it is going to be a blighted ovum. I am only 5 wks 3 days, and my appointment and u/s aren't until 8 wks 4 days! I have so long to wait! I am having sore bbs, some nausea, and some little crampy feelings every now and then like you talked about, and have no reason to suspect a blighted ovum, except I have read so much about it and am scared to death it will happen to me! I want this baby so bad just like you said, and I am scared to death of going for that first scan and not seeing the heartbeat or any baby at all in an empty sac! How far along where you when you had your u/s? This is my first pregnancy...


me - August 15

Valerie, my thoughts are with you. I was told this many time (and I know easier said than done) but try not to worry too much, it doesn't do any good. please let me know how it goes for you! I haven't had an u/s yet. I had my first prenatal today @ 10 wks and my dr used a fetal doppler and we got to hear the little ones heartbeat! My ultrasound isn't until about the 18th week. which my dr says is standard if there's no reason to beleive there's potential problems...but every dr is different I suppose. Please keep in touch and let me know how you're doing!


chilling out - August 16

I just experienced a blighted ovum and only had signs of a pregnancy, e.g., sore b___sts, feeling of fullness. Absolutely NO cramping, spotting, etc. My 6 week ultrasound showed a small gestational sac measuring 5.3 mm and no sign of an embryo (what one would expect to see at 4.5 wks). I was told that 99.9% this is a blighted ovum and to return in a week to double check. My hcg continued to slowly rise (and even dipped a little at one point) and within that week I lost my other pregnancy symptoms -- no more sore b___bs! It has since been confirmed that there is no pregnancy and I have to admit after the torture of worrying about this I found myself releived. My message to all of you mothers and mothers to be out there -- DO NOT WORRY !! Worrying is about the very WORST thing you could do to a possible baby, and most importantly you need to TRUST in the fact that your baby will come at the RIGHT and CHOSEN time and no sooner. You cannot change the outcome of how things will turn out based on worry. Please relax and for goodness sake STOP watching hcg levels and wondering/worrying. Just let be what will be. Bonne chance (good luck).


Valerie - August 17

me: I am trying not to worry, and some days are better than others...I had to change my appointment to 4 days earlier, so I will only be 8 weeks at the time, but at least it's earlier and not later. My dr. does a routine ultrasound between 8 and 10 weeks, at the first appointment, to confirm and make sure everything is okay..this one will be a v____al u/s. Then I will get another at 18 wks. 16 more days to wait!


Oxicute - August 19

Hi, today I went for my 12 weeks scan just to be told I had a missed miscarriage. There was just an empty sac matching the size of a 10-week pregnancy. The Docs could not tell me when or where the baby had disappeared. Last bleedeing/spotting I had was when I was 7 weeks, at 8 weeks the scan showed everything OK, at 12 weeks - just an emty sac. Where is the baby? I am booked for the evacuation of remnants next week. I don't think I can go on like that. I am very frustrated - my husband and I have been trying for a baby for 6 years after we had a son 8 years ago. We are devastated. All hopes ruined. Please, anybody, could you explain to us where and how the baby could have gone with no bleeding and pain? :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(



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