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Gisela DeMint - December 11

Just found out yesterday that I am 6 and 1/2 weeks pregnant. I took pregnancy test for the last 5 weeks and all came up negative until yesterday. I have heard if this happens though it could be a tubal pregnancy, so now, I am a little concerned. Also have a dull cramp like feeling that comes and goes in my lower adomen, (which I have also heard is a sign of tubal pregnancy.) Any suggestion or help? I am very worried now.... Thanks.


sariah - December 13

have an ultrasound..


Rubyrose - December 13

I am four days late for my period ( always on scedule or early, 27 days) and have done a first response pregnancy test twice. negative both times. Just my nipples hurt. feel very crampy, but not like I'm going to get my period. Am i pregnant?


Jessica - December 14

I'm going through this right now too. I am 2 weeks late and have sore b___sts which are swollen and slight cramps. And, I have been spotting light brown only when i wipe. But i took 2 pregnancy tests and both have come back neg. And i took them one week apart from each other. Could I still be pregnant???


F R I E N D - December 14

3 negative HPT but still no period. 16 days late now and my belly is really getting bigger. My jeans wouldn't fit anymore that I have to unzip specially after eating or I will be very comfortable. I don't think I am imagining. if I am not pregnant then there is something wrong with me... Im scared..


advice from a 16 year old - December 15

Well friend 16 days is a little to early to show you may get a little baloded but not really enough to start showing. May be your putting on a little weight. You should go to the docotor to find out for sure: )


terri - December 15

i had a hpt it was positive, had a blood test today and it was negative...i'm 12 days late (never late)....i'm on an emotional rollercoaster.


sariah - December 16

just hang in there terri. im 3 months late but still negative results. i hope you find comfort that you're not the only one who's going through this. take care of yourself as if you're pregnant just to be sure.


Tica - December 16

I got a call from my doctor this morning, the blood test came negative, and I just got my period. It was probably stress. Good luck everybody!


F R I E N D - December 16

well i am 18 days late.. i was diagnose with epigastric hernia yesterday but i dont think that can cause missing period.. it could but im not really sure about that. Also the doctor did not give me a pregnancy blood test he only gave me urine test for pregnancy wich came out negative. My throat has been dry so i thought maybe i have thyroid problem so I went ahead and had a blood test. The result came out normal. Now at least it gave me a peace of mind knowing i have no thyroid problem. There is still a possibility that I am pregnant. The doctor told me if my period will not arrive 2 weeks from now that he's gonna give me something to induce my period and that if I am pregnant it wont hurt the baby. Is that possible? and have you heard cases like that?


Help - December 17

Hi, i'm 17,i was preg before and I bought the digital pregnancy test and it says "Pregnant" and i took the test stick out and i saw two lines. I had a miscarriage, but i had unprotected s_x around nov 18 and now is dec 17 and i bought the digital pregnancy test and it says "not pregnant" but when i took the test stick out it had a negative line and a faint line on the positive side...what does it mean? I'm feeling preg symptoms, nausea, tingly b___sts, dizzy and tiredness. help please!


Michelle - December 19

I had quite a few negative tests, finally I took 2 tests that were faint positives! I went to the doctor that same week and they told me that their test was negative, he told me to wait it out, I waited 3 weeks and I bought another test and this popped up positive right away, dark! I am 9 weeks pregnant, it took me 9 weeks to show up, dark anyway! :) I should have just waited instead, but I was excited, and now I am definately pregnant! Woo Hoo!!


Lau - December 23

Hi everybody, I am extremely paranoid right now, I am 12 days late on my period, I have no pregnancy symptoms and I don't feel like I am geting my period... I took a clearblue digital test as soon as I woke up it was negative...I would love a baby but not know, Is it possible that me stressing out that I am pregnant can push my period forward this much? Thanks!!


connie - December 23

To Lau - YES!!!! It is VERY possible, moreso PROBABLE that you worrying about starting your period, and wanting it to start is delaying your period, it can even make you skip one. It happened to me a couple of times. If you are testing negative on a digital test (wiich tests positive at a level of 50 mIU's r higher) at 12 days late, you are most likely not pregnant. If you want to make sure, go buy an even more sensitive test, one that measures 20-25 mIU's, like the clearblue easy (the plus or minus one) or the first response early, or even the Dollar Tree brand called New Choice. If it is still negative this late, you can most likely a__sume you are not pregnant. If you still feel worried, go to the doctor and request a quant_tative (not qualitative) blood test. This will give you the actual level of hcg in your blood and a no doubt definite answer!


Jadie - December 29

I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant, but i've just got my period, i think ive lost my baby but im too scared to go to my midwife. I've booked an appointment but if i have lost my baby, what do you think the cause is and what are the next steps?


LESLIE - December 31

i am 12 days late on my period. i took 4 hpt 2 clearblue digital showed negative and 2 first response which also showed negative. could i be testing to early or what is going on. i am regular person when it comes to my period. with my last pregnancy i was 5 weeks pregnant after finding out. that test was taken with EPT. is there any other brand out there that are more sensitive to picking up hcg. i do feel as if i can pregnant. moody, frequent headaches, sometimes nausea, and couple times i've felt like i wanted to throw up. all these symptoms i had with my son before finding out i was pregnant. i am sure i can be pregnant. does anyone know what test are very sensitive that can pick up pregnancy right away? thanks everyone :)



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