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MrsMac - December 2

As far as being so violently sick (been there just this morning). Does anyone else feel any pain in their lower afterwards? I've shared the concern with Dr but she says it's just scar tissue and legiments pulling. Until this prego I never would have believed so many women suffer with such regular sickness past the first tri. Maybe by the 3rd tri or at worst by delivery. Mmm...though Orange Gatorade is a sick persons best friend.


AmbientGirl - December 2

Oh man I've felt awful these last few days. Yesterday I couldn't even keep milk down and I'm on Diclectin which sucks even more. I feel pain in my stomach after I throw up, I think it's just straining the muscles heaving over the loo my back also hurts too. I burst blood vessels in my face with my son from so much vomiting and I looked at my face last night and the same thing is happening with this one so I'm not too happy about it. I just want the nausea to be over, I don't enjoy being pregnant because I'm too sick to enjoy it:(


AmbientGirl - December 8

Hey guys, Hope you are all doing well. Tonight I started having weird cramps that almost feel like period cramps and also pain 'down there' not sure if this is normal but I've been off my feet for a while and it's not feeling any better. Has anyone else had anything like this??


Kat21 - December 9

It could be what are called round ligament pains otherwise i'm not sure i haven't had anything like that. I have been having alot of headaches which is not too fun i seen my doctor tuesday so she gave me a prescription for a ma__sage and i got to hear the baby's heart it was so fun nice strong sound 150 per min. If your pain continues i would call your doctor. Hope all goes well!!


AmbientGirl - December 9

I'm hoping that's all it is, I don't remember having them with my son. I've had a few headaches but not enough to bother me too much. I had a ma__sage last week and it was wonderful, I SO needed that! Do you have a belly yet?


DDT - December 11

Hullo ladies, AmbientGirl: I get cramping on occasion. I just chalk it up to uterus stretching. As long as there is no bleeding along with the cramping I would try not to worry about it. On the topic of belly growth. Mine has popped out the last week in a serious way. I have a round little ball belly now. Its crazy! Anyone dealing with constipation? Urgh! its those d__n prenatal pills. I am 16 weeks today! When is everyone going for their ultrasounds? Mine is booked for the 4th Jan.


Kat21 - December 12

I am suffering really bad from constipation actually.I am not sure its my prenatal pills they never made me constipated before but i have been doing everything from eating more fiber and prune juice to taking stool softeners my doctor and pharmacist said colace is one of the best things to use you can take it whenever. Its a common over the counter med and its not a laxative. It could take a couple days to start to work but it does help. My next ultrasound is the 19 jan we are excited will know the s_x!!


AmbientGirl - December 12

Hey guys! No constipation here but I'm not taking my prenatal vitamins. Instead I'm taking a multi vitamin with folic acid on the side as the prenatals increase my nausea. I don't know when I'll have my ultrasound, I see my gyno on Dec 22nd so I'm sure I might find out then. I'm going to tell her about my dates, according to mine I'm 15 weeks 4 days, and according to my doctor I'm 13 weeks today. It's confusing as hell since she wanted me to change my LMP date to suit the ultrasound. I'm feeling the baby move, not all the time but enough. I'm dying to find out the s_x and I'm hoping the gyno will clear up any doubts I'm having.


Manchuda - December 20

Helo ladies & Congratulations to all of u. We are blessed with a 6 month beautiful baby girl & we have another one on the way. We were not expecting this so soon but we feel blessed. Beautiful year i feel just the way u feel, am forever tired, nothing taste good. I feel so guilty coz I dont have enough energy to play with my angel but i try. Am gonna need support in this, I hope I will get some from this thread. Enjoy ladies


DDT - December 22

Welcome and congrats Manchuda! When is your due date? Well, I am 17w5d now and feel like I am 24 weeks along. My belly has grown a lot, especially over the last two weeks. Its making me suspect I may be further along than originally thought. Could be because its my thired pregnancy, but I will find out on the 4th Jan when I get my ultrasound. I am just ready with work and getting geared up for Xmas. Am having visitors stay over for a week. They arrive on Sun, so I will be very busy. Baby is busy with "thumping" movements, but not near as active as DS2 was in utero. That boy used to use my insides like a trampoline. Who is planning on finding out the s_x of their LO?


AmbientGirl - December 22

Hey guys! I had my gyno appointment today and it was disappointing, although my LMP was August 25th the baby is measuring small so they've bumped my dates back so according to the ultrasound I'm only 14 weeks 3 days... disappointing because I feel like I'm much further along (I would have been 17 weeks today) the baby is moving and I have a belly so I'm just confused. I find out the s_x of the baby on January 26th, feels like an eternity away now.


Kat21 - December 27

Ya i know how you feel i don't find out until the 19th and its driving me crazy lol. Sorry for your confusion still that must be frustrating but hang in there and at least all is going well so don't get too worried about the doctors trying to confuse you. I still feel like i am not that big i have a little belly just wish i was a bit bigger and could feel the baby a bit stronger and more often than i have but i am enjoying the holidays with my family visiting. Hope all is well with everyone. Happy Holidays Happy New Year!!!


DDT - January 4

AmbientGirl: You very well could have ovulated late or twice in the month you concieved. It is more common than you think. As long as baby is growing at a steady rate and all else looks good then you don't need to worry. It just means you will be having a late June baby. Our Christmas holiday was great. My boys got spoiled rotten and we enjoyed visiting with all of our family. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday break to. I go for my growth ultrasound tomorrow at 2:30pm (Pacific time), so I am hoping to walk away knowing what gender this bub is. I have noticed definite sleep/awake patterns already. This baby seems to be the least active in my experience. It likes to twist and move rather than kick and push. It makes for some weird feeling especially when my bladder is being bounced on. My b___sts started producing colostrum about 2 weeks ago. I got on the scale the other day and realized I am at a total of 6-7 lbs gained now. I will pop in tomorrow to let you all know the gender results!


AmbientGirl - January 4

DDT You're probably right, I haven't felt the baby move in over a week so hoping everything is alright. I get to find out the s_x on January 26th so I'm really looking forward to it. Let us know what you're having! Christmas & New Years was hectic, kinda glad it's over but it was good. Hope you all had a great holiday!


Kat21 - January 6

Hey the holidays were great i got to spend time with my family and we had lots of fun!! I have been starting to feel stronger kicks its a very fun feeling. I am going for my 20 week ultrasound the 19th i am so excited counting down the days!! My belly has actually popped now so i am showing more now which is fun i have starting to buy maternity jeans which are actually really comfortable lol. I have started to gain weight i think around 5lbs which makes me happy i was kinda worried because i wasn't gaining any weight at first but my doctor said it was ok and not to worry. Well thats all new for me Hope everyone had a good holiday!!


AmbientGirl - January 7

Glad you had a good holiday Kat! I haven't felt my baby move in 2 weeks, kinda freaking me out a bit. I find out what we're having on Jan 26th eeh!!! I love my maternity jeans, I even wore them long after I had my son they were so comfy! I've gained 5lbs too although I look like I've gained more. Hope you guys are well!



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