Short Cervix Anyone Else

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Sam - September 27

Mine was also diagnosed during my regular ultrasound at 20 weeks. I will have a v____al u/s (more accurate) when I go back at 24 weeks. I have had no bleeding, cramping or anything, so I guess it's not something you'd know you have unless they find it during an ultrasound.


Jaci - September 28

Well, I went in for my weekly u/s & OB visit. My cervix is a 1.9/2.0. Last week it was 2.1/2.2 so it is changing a bit. But, I'm still on bedrest and the doc didn't say that he's going to change anything. Oh, while we were getting the u/s done, the tech was looking at the baby and we got to see him yawn. It is amazing how much his little face has come from when we got to see it at 12 & 15 weeks. He looks like a baby!!! :)


Sam - September 29

Hi Jaci, Is it a better quality picture through a v____al ultrasound? How did you see its face? When I went for my 20-week, poor little thing looked like a skeleton head. I definitely did not see features besides a nice jawline.


Jaci - September 29

Whenever they do the trans vag u/s they first take a look at the baby thru my belly (a normal u/s) but only for about 5 mins or less. We could definately see fat little cheeks and the eyes, the little nose and chin and then we saw him open his mouth and yawn. The tech laughed and rewound the image...I didn't know they could do that...and showed us it again. It was neat. He is waaaaay more filled out and doesn't look like a skeleton anymore.


kc - September 30

I was just diagnosed with a short cervix. The perinatologist (not my regular ob) recommended I stop all strenuous activities and he would see me 1x/wk for the next 4 weeks. Can anyone tell me what 'normal' is supposed to be. I thought he said 5.3 cm and I was at 4.8 but my husband thought he heard differently. I am so worried and feel that I should call my ob Mon (I have a scheduled appt next Fri right after my vag ultrasound follow up with perinatologist) and ask her for the cerclage. I also feel that I should just lay in bed and be as horizontal as possible.


Jaci - October 1

kc - I always thought that a normal length was around 4...that's what my dr.'s nurse practioner told me...between 3.5 & 4 cm. I wouldn't worry about it until it gets to be 2.5 cm...that's what they told me anyway. When mine was measuring 2.2 my dr. put me on bedrest....I went back for my weekly u/s on Wed. and it was 1.9/2.0 cm...he said that I don't have to be on such strict bedrest because it's not thinning at a fast rate. Just VERY limited activity. (Stay at home, no work, no driving, lay around most of the time, NO lifting, NO exercise)


Sam - October 1

Yeah, you must have heard wrong. Because 2.5 is "normal." I was at 2.3 two weeks ago and don't go back for another two weeks. Ahhh! Good luck. I guess it only becomes a big deal if it continues to get shorter.


JMP - May 20

Is anyone still on this forum? I've recently been diagnosed with a "short cervix" and would really love some advice!


Red95 - May 20

JMP, with my ds, I was diagnosed with a short cervix when I was 24 weeks. It measured between 1.45-1.8 and there was evidence of funneling on the side. I was placed on strict bedrest for 12 weeks. I had regular ultrasounds to check the length. After being on bedrest for 1.5 weeks, it went back to 2.5 with no evidence of funneling. At the end of my bedrest, I thought I was going to have me a baby right away...NOT. I got induced 1 day before my due date and ended up with an emergency c-section. After I had my baby and I was back at my 6 week appointment, my doctor told me I "had" a short cervix and pregnancy didn't give it to me. I'm pregnant again and I'm scared that I might end up back on bed rest. I hope this helps.


les706 - May 21

I had a leep about 2 years ago, so I have been getting an ultrasound every two weeks (v____al every two and v____al and abdominal every four), and on the opposite weeks I get an exam by my OB. Well I just went for a v____al ultrasound this morning to measure my cervix (I am 17 weeks) and they said it is a couple mm shorter than last time. I know have to go back in a week to see if it's getting shorter. They said it's still within normal range (they didn't tell me what it is though) but I am still really scared. I would love to talk to someone else going through the same thing!


JMP - May 21

Hi guys! I was also diagnosed at my level 2 ultra-sound. At first mine measured 2.7 and with pressure it went to 2.3 (it's supposed to get shorter with pressure) and there was no evidence of funneling or anything with pressure. I have had three ultrasounds since my level 2 and they plan on monitoring me once a week. All three have come back consistent with no change..I just had one today and almost 22 weeks and still no change so now they want me to come back in June 5th..but they did put me on moderate bed rest. SO I'm pretty upset it kind of sucked all the fun out of being pregnant since I'm constantly worried =/ I'm always wondering if everything I'm feeling is normal like stretching pulling..ahh bed rest you would think to enjoy it but I just can't, the days go by so slow and I'm by myself a lot..not a lot of fun!


les706 - May 22

jmp ~ at what week were you diagnosed? Do they think you just have a short cervix or did something cause it to shorten? Did they consider doing the cerclage?


JMP - May 22

HI- I was 19w3d when I went in for my level 2..They really can't give me definite answers because I've never had a baby before. They aren't sure if it's my anatomy or IC..Sometimes they say these things just happen and it could just be my body. My cervix has been a consistent measurement the last three check ups with no sign of funneling and no change with pressure so it's a good sign..they mentioned a cerclage and shots to me. My high risk doctors have a quota for cerclage and other types of treatments. I have to be 1.5 or less for a cerclage and I'm not there and hopefully won't get there. The next couple weeks are important and because my last few sonograms have been consistent they want to see me back in two hopefully it will be okay I keep praying anyway..but moderate bedrest and all these doctor appts. have really scared me and really sucked a lot of fun out of the pregnancy. =(


les706 - May 22

They put you on moderate bedrest at 2.7cm? What exactly does moderate bedrest consist of? I found out today that I went from 3.2 to 2.6cm in two weeks. They barely sound concerned. All they said was no s_x, no heavy lifting, and we'll check it out next week but don't worry. I don't know how not to worry, that seems like a pretty big drop. And I am only 17 weeks. I hope yours continues to stay the same!! Good luck! Please stay in touch and let me know how it goes.


JMP - May 22

well..the 2.7 isn't really what counts they said 2.7 but it's irrelevant. What is important is the measurement when pressure is put on my cervix which has maintained 2.3. My cervix has measured totally different every time but when pressure is on my cervix it always stays in the 2.3 range. Maybe for you when they put pressure on your cervix it went to 2.6..and that is in the range of normal..your cervix is supposed to get smaller with pressure. Moderate bedrest is no working lifting no s_x etc. Maybe you should seek a second opinion only because your cervix is getting smaller and you are only 17 weeks. You are your own advocate and if your uneasy I would seek a second opinion. I know what you mean about "don't worry" LOL I was sitting a conference room with high risk doctors telling me try not to become stressed and worry too much. YEAH RIGHT!!! The normal range is between 3 and 5 for a cervix but EVERYONE is different! There are women who go to term with a 2cm cervix..these next couple of weeks are very important for me most women with IC lose babies within 20-24 week I really need to relax and pray! My next appt is June 5..When is yours? Keep me posted! I know it seems really scary but I will keep you in my prayers! Let me know about your sonogram!


les706 - May 22

I see my OB on Wednesday and then get an ultrasound with the perinatologist on Friday. My reading wasn't with pressure. My OB just told me no s_x, no heavy lifting. But everytime I feel a cramp or anything I get so freaked out. I intend to take it easy on my own, but easier said than done. Luckily at work I sit most of the time. It sounds like maybe you are one of those women with a naturally shorter cervix. I bet you'll stay at 2.3 for the rest of your pregnancy. Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl? Take care!!



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