Short Cervix Anyone Else

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les706 - May 22

I see my OB on Wednesday and then get an ultrasound with the perinatologist on Friday. My reading wasn't with pressure. My OB just told me no s_x, no heavy lifting. But everytime I feel a cramp or anything I get so freaked out. I intend to take it easy on my own, but easier said than done. Luckily at work I sit most of the time. It sounds like maybe you are one of those women with a naturally shorter cervix. I bet you'll stay at 2.3 for the rest of your pregnancy. Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl? Take care!!


JMP - May 24

OMG I get so freaked out over everything too..this is my first pregnancy so I'm stretching and feeling big and can feel pressure and I also just get so nervous..normally I try and shrug it off as just being pregnant but every little stretch pull or pressure makes me nervous..I always feel scared it really took a lot of fun out of being pregnant. I hope every day my cervix will make it to at least 32 weeks. Were having a beautiful little boy! I couldn't have been happier really wanted a boy and my BF almost had my convinced it was a girl but when we went in for the level 2 there was denying that he was a boy! Let me know how it goes on Wednesday!! "try" not to worry! lol yeah right!


les706 - May 30

Well I saw my ob and got another ultrasound. My OB said if my cervix gets any shorter he recommends I get the cerclage. Well luckily it stayed the same this week so no st_tch for now! They'll check again in a week and hopefully it stays the same again. I also find out what we're having then Friday is the big day!! Hope everything is still going well with you JMP.


JMP - May 30

Friday?! Oh that's so exciting it's gonna be a long week! LOL..Friday I go back to check my cervical length again and hopefully like you it stays the same I'll be 23w4d then so if it's the same it's a good sign!! I'm so glad it's staying the same for you! I'm still on bed rest but doing okay-for now lol. Hope all is well! xo


les706 - June 10

JMP ~ Found out I am having a boy!!! And they checked my cervix length too and it was 2.9! What a relief. They still have me coming in once a week just in case. So my next ultrasound is this Friday. How did your last appointment go? Hopefully stayed the same. Hope you're not going too crazy on bed rest either. Take care!!


JMP - June 11

Hi how are you!? WOW A BOY! How wonderful-me too! How exciting! Isn't it great? I really wanted a boy!! Yes my last appointment my cervix remained the same. I have another sonogram appointment on the 19th to check my cervix again. Hopefully it stays the same..I'll be 26 weeks then! woohoo! Have you thought of any names yet?? Hope all is well!


les706 - June 19

jmp ~ did you have your appointment today? I had mine and not such great cervix got shorter again. So far I measured 3.2cm at 15 weeks, then 2.6 at 17 weeks, 2.8 at 18 weeks, 2.9 at 19 weeks, 2.5 at 20 weeks and now 2.2 at 21 weeks today. So because it is down to 2.2 they are going to decide to do the cerclage or give me progesterone shots. I am a little concerned with progesterone shots, my doc said they don't even really know how it works at preventing pre-term labor. That's not very rea__suring! Hope everything is still going well with you and your baby boy. Take care!


JMP - June 19

HEY-So sorry to hear about your news..I know how scary this really is..I'm so glad that they caught this early for you-at least now they can treat it and keep a much closer eye on you. I did have my appointment today-luckily no change so they said I can probably go back to my regular routine (of course still taking it easy because I'm only gonna get more pressure from the weight of the baby) but I have to go on Tuesday again to see my OB and see what she says about it. AS for the shots I was offered some of the same options if my cervix got any shorter luckily it didn't but I would go with the cerclage. The shots they say do work-but they don't really know what kind of effects it could have on the baby or how it actually works. I've heard amazing stories with the st_tch! When do you have to go back to the doctor? Keep me posted let me know what you decide. Also, did they put you on bed rest??


les706 - June 22

I am very happy for you, that's great news! As for me, I spoke to my OB on Friday and he said he doesn't want to do the cerclage, that my perinatologist doesn't think it's a good idea, and that there is more of a risk by doing it because they could break my water or cause an infection. So they want to do the progesterone shots. But I agree with you, I've been doing research and I can't find any studies on long term effects on the babies, it just seems like it's too new and they haven't done the studies. I don't want my baby to be a guinea pig. But at the same time, I don't want to NOT do something that could help save my baby's life. I am so confused...don't know the right answer. I am not on bedrest yet, still just pelvic rest. But my OB said if it's any shorter this week I go on modified bedrest. It's crazy timing because we are going through the paperwork now to get a mortgage. I go see my OB on Thursday and then get another ultrasound at the perinatologist on Friday. This is going to be a looooong week!


JMP - June 25

I just went and saw my OB on Wednesday. She said that she is not comfortable sending me back to work and she is not comfortable with no more ultra sounds. I was getting an ultra sound every two weeks-now she has spaced them out to every three weeks (which technically means I only have two more ultra sounds). I didn't think she'd let me go back to work but that's okay-I'm kind of getting used to this. You know a lot of women who don't get the st_tch or the shots go on strict bed rest and I've heard this works great if you can handle strict bed rest- I can't. lol..I have to go back for an ultra sound on July 14th..Keep me posted on tomorrows ultra sound!!


kimm1571 - July 5

I am so glad that I found this thread. I have been searching on the internet for hours in hopes of finding other women going through the same situation. Everything you read is so scary. At 16w 4d I was diagnosed with a 3.4 cervix. This past week (18w 4 d) during my level 2 u/s they told me it had shortened to a 2.4 and put me on "limited activity" until my next u/s in a week. It is amazing to see the different approaches each doctor takes for the same issue in your cases. At this point I am doing what they say and waiting for Monday to see if there is any change. My sister had the cerclage done with both of her pregnancies and swears on it since she carried both of her children to term. I am leaning toward having it done should my cervix show further shortening. I did have to do the progesterone shots from 6w-10w until the placenta took over because my body did not produce enough progesterone. I too was very concerned about the side effects on the fetus and was a__sured when I received the informational packet that came with the serum. It was a natural compound and during all studies performed; no short or long term side effects on the fetus or the mother were noted. My husband had to give them to me every night and they were IM so not so fun but well worth the possible alternative. If I have to do them again, so be it but it does seem to be a fairly new treatment in terms of the shortening cervix. I have not seen any posts since June 25th so I do hope all is well and you both continue discussing your outcomes and I will do the same. Thank you for shedding some light and peace of mind on this whole thing.


JMP - July 7

When I was first diagnosed with the short cervix, I was terrified especially after I read up about it on line! It was very traumatic. I'm now 28 weeks and my cervix is stable and is remaining the same thanks to moderate bed rest. I'm not going to tell you not to get upset or stressed about it (because I was a wreck!!) but just know that not everyone with a short cervix has a bad experience!


les706 - July 8

kimm ~ welcome. I am in a very similar situation as you. A short cervix is definitely different than a shortening cervix. I have read about women who just naturally have a cervix of like 2.0, but it never shortens so they're fine. It's when it is getting shorter that the docs worry. I've been getting weekly ultrasounds since I was 17 weeks because mine started shortening. Luckily it hasn't shortened dramatically, and has mostly maintained around the same. But even so, my docs have started me on weekly progesterone shots, and my perinatologist just recommended that I start steroid shots for the baby's lungs. So far I am not technically on bedrest, but my docs basically suggested if I can do it, better safe than sorry. I am just worried about the financial implications of going out of work. I see my OB on Friday and hopefully they will tell me one way or another if I should be on bedrest. My last ultrasound was on Monday, 7/5 and my cervix was measuring 2.0-2.2. Hope your next ultrasound goes well. Keep in touch! JMP~ That's awesome that you've made it to 28 weeks. I'm so glad things are going well for you and your little boy. Take care!


FIM - July 17

Hi Ladies, I am so glad I found this forum, I just came back from my u/s and found out that I have also a short cervix, and besides that my baby has 2 cysts in his brain (doctor said he has seen a lot of babies with it, but still it worries me). Now I have to stay in bedrest and having my next u/s in a week. By the way I am 24wk prg. Just hope to make it until 32wks


JMP - July 31

Hi Ladies just want to say that on Monday I'll be 32 weeks with a cervix measuring 2.1..SO all you ladies hang in there you can make it! How is everyone?


kasiawojo - January 13

i am 23 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. i was told on friday my cervix was 24mm, was sent home and my midwife told me to `take it easy`and she would get in touch with an ob for referal. it is now wednesday and i still have not had any contact with anyone. No real information was given as to what a short cervix meant or what the most probable next step would be. i only know the basics from reading credible research journals otherwise my midwife hasn`t been much help. should i keep paging her, is this something i should worry about or just sit tight and look after my two (very young boys) as usual. what does anyone think.



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