Am I Pregnant 14 Year Old

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Isabel - June 11

OK...i'm 14 years old and i wanna have a baby so boyfriend wants one too and i really love like 3 weeks ago we ranaway..but now were back..we ran away on MAY 1 ..and i got my period on that day too, my period was over on the 6th ,so we had unprotected s_x since the 1st of May to the 18th of May ..we did it 36 times.......SO, on the 26 of May i got my period again, it came 6 days early it was sopposed to come 4 days earlier but it came 6 days when it came i thought that i wasent pregnant...but then i found out that u could still get ur period and be if i am pregnant i'm probably have like a month already....and i have been having a lot of cramps and all do u guys think i'm pregnant...i hope so.....


Ashley - June 11

Im sorry to say but you are too d__n young to be trying to have a baby! you are 14 years old for crying out loud how do you think you can raise a baby? How do you and your boyfriend plan on paying for this child? welfare? Do you plan on taking hard working peoples money away from them to pay for your child, because you werent smart enough to keep your d__n legs closed! I dont think its far for hard working tax payers to have to fork over money to unemployed, uneducated little girls because they thought it would be fun to "play" mommy! I think what you need to do is at least finish your education before you start trying to have a baby! im sorry if i come off rude but it makes me angry everytime i hear little kids on here saying they want babies and there trying to have one. You kids dont understand how hard it is (even for some adults) to raise a baby. You guys are just looking for someone to love because you think that will make you feel better and you'll have someone to love. Its not fair to bring a baby into this world unless you know that it will have everything it needs and that you yourself (not other people) will be the one thats providing for the child. You wont be able to do it by yourself with school and im sure you'll want to be with friends alot, so im guessing your parents or his (if he actually sticks around) will be left with most of the responsablity of raising YOUR baby! So think about what you doing KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED!!!


anon - June 12

do you have a house? do you have a car? do you have savings in a bank account? does your b\f work full time? if you answer not to at least 2 of these, you shouldn't even be THINKING about having a baby...what about education?? don't be so naive


Jbear - June 12

It doesn't sound like you're pregnant. You can buy a test to make sure. I'll skip the long lectures, but you'll be a much better mom if you wait a few more years, get an education, and get settled down. Taking care of a baby is a lot of hard work...I had my daughter when I was 23 and I could barely deal with the stress. It's hard on your body too, nothing feels the same afterwards. Let a baby be your long-term goal, for when you're an adult, and in the meantime, enjoy being a kid, with no bills to pay and no responsibilities.


Nichole - June 12



Audrey - June 12

Isabel- As other people have said, did you think this through? It is foolish to have a baby just for the sake of having a baby. It's not fun and at 14 your body has not finished developing so carrying a child to term will be difficult and painful. If you suspect that you are pregnant, get a home pregnancy test and follow the directions. If you have a negative result consider yourself lucky and plan to go finish high school and college before you think about having a baby again. Otherwise you'll have to make some hard choices about your life and hope your boyfriend will stick around to help you out.


Isabel - June 12

No one understands me....i want to have a baby too because i dont want to get seperated from my bf i really love him and i dont care if people tell me that i dont know what love is...cause i know what it parents tell me that i'm to young to have aboyfriend and i think that , that is so stupid its not like i would go off and get pregnant...but now i really hope i'm pregnant because that way i'll stay with my bf 4 ever and no one could seperate it us and i wont have to move far away cause now my parents want to move and i dont want to move cause i dont want to leave my bf..and anyways we both want to have a baby we already have a place to live and hes mom said that she'll help us out with everything too...


Carline - June 12

To Isabel, OK. Lets look at this. Im gonna quote you. "so we had unprotected s_x since the 1st of May to the 18th of May ..we did it 36 times" How did you walk? Im 22 years old and i cant have s_x 36 times in 2 months let alone 18 days!! "No one understands me...." Thats a typical 14 year old response, no one understood me at 14 OR 22! "i want to have a baby too because i dont want to get seperated from my bf" Again, a typical 14 year old response, you want to have a baby to keep your boyfriend? Did you know that in some states thats ground for divorce? Thats also the LAST reason you should have a child. What happens when he doesnt want to be with you when you two cant go out to partys, because you have to be home with the baby? Ill tell you, hes gonna kick your b___t to the curb, get a girl who has nothing holding her down. YES its true! Ive experienced it! "but now i really hope i'm pregnant because that way i'll stay with my bf 4 ever and no one could seperate it us" Yes, nothing could EVER seperate you two, except, you two out growing eachother, you getting sick of each other, him falling in love with someone else, you falling in love with someone else, you know, all the REAL reasons that people break up. I thought i was going to be with EVERY ONE of my boyfriends forever! Im not, and chances are you two wont be together forever. Infact, i can pretty much say for sure that you wont make it to the end of the year! Boys are for fun, but babies are forever, you wont get a break! Leave the babies for the grown ups. Trust me, if you wait, you will thank yourself. I know i do! I wanted a baby when i was a teenager, because no one understood me, and a baby would love me forever and all that nonsense. But ill tell you, every time i go out with my friends to a bar, or a party or a concert, i thank god that i wasnt stupid enough to get myself in to that baby mess! And you will too, if you do the smart thing and stay babyfree for now!!!


Ashley - June 12

Listen to yourself little girl, your doing it because you want to stay with your boyfriend! that is no reason to bring a baby in to this world. And besides i can almost gurantee that you two wont be together forever. and just because he says he wants a baby doesnt mean he'll actually stick around when you get pregnant. You are so d__n nieve if you actually think that a baby will keep him around and that you'll be together forever. your living in a fairtale land were you think everything will be perfect if you concieve a child. Seriously sit down and think about it!


WTF missiles - June 13

Like other people have said, a baby won't bring you two closer. As a matter of fact, most couples agree that their s_xual satisfaction actually decreases after a baby comes into the picture. This won't bring you two closer; it will tear you apart. In a couple of months, you're going to realize you've made a horrible mistake. Do the human race a favor and don't get pregnant.


Isabel - June 13

OK.... ur all right...but what am i sopposed to do so i wont get seperated from my bf cause its been 2 weeks already and i havent seen him cause of my parents....and i think were moving far away what do u think i should do?please someone answer...


Disgusted - June 13

There is nothing you can do, really. Your parents are keepign you away from him for, what they think, are valid reasons. This is not because your parents want to punish you or because your parents just want to make you miserable. They do it because they love you and want you to be safe. You can keep in touch online, if you're moving.. You can see him at school if you're not. I would just like to point out that your parents feel this is an unsafe relationship for a reason and perhaps you should take a step back and consider it as well. As much as I hate to admit it and you'll never hear me tell MY mother this but, over the years I have learned time and time again that no matter what the situation, who the person, or what the problem my mother has always been and most likely will always be... Right. It's painful but true! lol. Parents know alot more then we give them credit for and, when we are young ladies our parents deffinately have more wisdom when it comes to judging people and their intentions. They have been around alot longer than we have and we, especially at 14, are very nieve. I was 19 before I realised that nothing we going to be handed to me... and it was hard. My advice: Forget the guy.. I don't even remember my boyfriend's name at that age. Move on and enjoy your childhood; it doesn't last nearly long enough! Also, please keep your legs closed... It's a hard thing to do once you've already had s_x but at least chill out on it and if you can't.. use condoms.. always always always!


Isabel - June 13

2: Disgusted.........I just cant 4get about him i really love him...but y dont my parents want me to be with him..i told them already that if they let me be with him i'll do good in skool..and i wont do notin stupid that could mess up my life....but they dont understand....i already promised them that i'll do good but they just have to let me be with him....


shelby - June 17

Yes u probly are just take a pregancy test and then you'll be fine hpe to talk to u later


Allie - June 19

I am 16 and want a baby as well. And right now I think I'm pregnant....but I've only done it 3 times and we used condoms all three times. But he stuck it in with out one on and you can get pregnant from pre-c_m, although unlikely...especially when the guy has had s_x lately. But I have a job and so does he. We both have loving parents that would welcome grandchildren with open arms....well not at first. But I admit it was stupid of me to even have s_x in the first place. And the people here are right, your parents are always (90% of the time) right...especially moms. I learned that my freshman year. My advice to you is to go and volunteer at a daycare center from 9-5 everyday and deal with screaming kids poopy diapers and THEN see how you like it. Thats what I did when first thought I might be with child and the funny thing is, I loved it... the screaming kids and all. If i am having a baby, I could deal, but I still have this thought in the back of my mind that says "you never should have done it." Good Luck Honey!


ashley - June 20

well i am 14 i have s_x with my man to but i use pertection b/c im not ready for ababy and my bf is 17 and he does not evan want a baby u guys think u will be happy having a baby guess what hun i have news for u my bfs uncle has a baby he is now 2 and he was in love with his gf but now that they have a baby togelther they are not togelther think before u do but like my mom said if u open your legs u take what u get so if u want a baby go for it but i think u shouldnt but to everyone else that says stuff about everyone u cant tell them what to do u cant tell he rto keep her legs close but yes i am 14 and i have s_x i dont keep my legs close but i keep pertection u will learn in the end hun but be safe


allison - June 20

First of all I really think you might be pregnant but the only sure way to find out is to take a test. I'm sorry to hear that you think a baby is okay fora 14 yr old but i'm only 14 and i had a baby almost two weeks ago and let me tell you it was horrible. I know am living with my mom and she's been awsome. My b/f that told me he loved me said he only wanted to have s_x once and we did and thats all it took. Going through birth was hard enough. Before i got pregnant or even got involved with that type of a boy i wished to be pregnant so that i could get attention but then i realized i didn't want to be. You really are way too young to be thinking about a baby. YOur a baby yourself and so am i I wish i could take back the things i had done so that i wouldn't be in this pedicament. Also people will give you looks and try to make you feel bad and school.... school will be the worst aren't you going into 10th grade ....??? Will your parents kick you out ?? and if so do you have a house or an apartment??/ All i have to say is get a job and save becuase the way your going your gunna b pregnant.



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