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Grandpa Viv - October 17

Na, you are right, starting birth control can change your period. Visit the manufacturers web site. S_x on your period is not high risk, but pregnancy can happen. Why don´t you get in the habit of using condoms as well as the pill for additional security and to protect from STDs


Elizabeth - October 30

I'm 20 yrs. old and this is going to sound dumb but I'm in a small town and our idea of s_x ed was "boys will smell bad and girls will start getting b___bs, here's a rubber" no joke so my question, or rather questions are as follow; If he has masturbated and came before s_x and then while having s_x he pulls out and masturbates himself to finish is there still a chance of pregnancy? Also I'm still unclear on the whole prec_m thing, I was always told that sperm wasn't air born and if it were to sit for more then a few seconds without being in a body that the sperm will basicly die, how true is this? Also, again I feel dumb for asking this, but while we're having s_x he'll stop and regain himself but I can feel wetter then before as if he came but then after a little while longer he pulls out and masturbates himself to finish and c_ms on my stomach, should I worry that he came even a little before pulling out?


Tab - November 7

Pre-c_m itself does not contain sperm. Pre-c_m is a clear fluid that is produced to lubricate the urethra for a safe pa__sage way for the sperm to travel in. Pre-c_m will however contain sperm if the guy c_ms and then does not urinate before having s_x again. Pee actually kills sperm left in the urethra after ejaculation.The pull out method isn't the safest but if you must do it, make sure he urinates right after he c_ms to lower the chance of you getting pregnant a lil bit....


Bri - May 20

Um.. me and my Partner had s_x with a condom at first but over time ( about 30 minutes) the condom started to hurt and he tried to put another one one.. but whenever he put it to go in it burned.. so we didn't use a condom but we continued..... For a while.... he was all the way in.. and he pulled out.... and c_mmed on my stomache but i think some of it came out inside of me.. I am only his second partner.....and that was 3 weeks ago and i feel really dizzy all the time and sick... and i feel fluttering down there sometimes.. and i have discharge...I got my period but it was very light and i i think you can still be pregnant if have your perior within the first month.... I made an appointment at planned parenthood also.. I feel real tired also. When he eejaculates he ejaculates a lot and thats what scares me also. I saw him ejaculate and evne though he took it out pretty fast.....i didn't see any pre-c_m and it was as if it was already coming out......... any advice?


Grandpa Viv - May 20

Bri: Tired, dizzy, nauseous and a missing or unusual light period are pretty good signs of pregnacy, as i expect you will find out at Planned Parenthood. Good luck!


Olivene - May 21

The biggest problem with the pull out method is that usually they don't get it out in time and some sperm goes where it needs to to get you pregnant. Also, doing it a second time in a short time is likely to put some live sperm inside you. I have read the studies that there are rarely live sperm in pre-c_m (the first time you do it) but I wouldn't risk it if I wasn't okay with a baby. Lisa, I hope you are okay. Please use condoms if you are going to have s_x.


mickey87 - May 21

i got prego from prec_m he pulled out and i have a 3 month old baby now:PP i love him to death but u can definitly get prego from pulling out as i have learned lol


flower.momma - May 21

Please don't be so irresponsible. I remember how hard it was to get caught up in the moment, but babies are HARD WORK! Just go to a planned parenthood and they will prescribe you some birth control pills and give you free condoms to use until the pills kick in. I became pregnant at 18, even using the pill. Gary is veeeeeeeeery wrong. There may be sperm in pre-ejaculate for the last time a man ejaculated. Please be responsible.


billy - June 11

me and my girlfriend were having dry s_x with our underwear on? i leak prec_m, is there a chance it could have leaked through to her v____a? is there a chance she might be pregnent?


Grandpa Viv - June 11

Billy, there is no chance of sperm getting through two layers of underwear. Just watch out as things progress and you find the underwear being pushed out of the way. Then you could be in trouble. Let me guess that you are young enough that neither of you feels comfortable or has money to buy contraceptive products. That is always a tough one. The proper advice is stay clear of any activity that could get s____n or prec_m close to her v____a. The one practical piece of advice is that you should know that a girl has 7 or 8 days in the month when she can easily get pregnant, and the rest are low risk. Those days are from day 8 of her cycle to day 16 (a__suming a 28 day cycle). She ovulates on day 14. Sperm can last 5 days waiting for ovulation, but the egg lasts only one day after ovulation. More at and good luck!


Mike_Nicole - July 19

I have a question, I was having s_x with my girl friend last night and the condom broke and I think some prec_m may have gotten into her v____a. But I did not m_________e for a very long time till that had happened, and I drink a lot of fluids each day so I pee a lot, killing the sperm. And when I finally c_mmed I was outside of her v____a, could she be preg or is it safe to say that she probably is not?


detroit - February 19

I have a question, my boyfriend and i were having s_x the other night and he had a condom on but do to certain circ_mstances he pull out before he could c_m and so he started to get himself off but he still wasnt ready to c_m and then went to stick it back in before he could even get in all the way the condom broke, but not completely only like a hole in the middle of it and he pull out what was in and i jumped off as fast as i could and i dont know what the chances i could be preg. due to prec_m and such. can someone help me?


tennesseewlkr07 - February 19

umm lets see YOU HAD s_x WITHOUT A CONDOM OR ANY CONTRACEPTIVES . . . . therefore YOU COULD BE PREGNANT its basic knowledge if you are too young to understand how getting pregnant happens than you are too young to be having s_x!


blaablaa - February 28

I am just wondering does anyone know what the likelihood of geting pregnant is from pre ejaculation if you are wearing a condom? afterwards i checked the condom and any liquid was contained



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