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pfcwife - November 17

ohh hehehe i also did what angel did and let me tell you the pulling out method SUCKS... i thought me taking the shot that one time will protect me but yeah what ev lol


V9653 - November 18

I'm going to be posting on myspace because I'm hiding my pregnancy from certain family members on facebook! I know it sounds so juvenile, but my dad's been really sick and he didn't accept my engagement very well and this will send him in a frenzy and his heart can't take that right now-so I can't have those family members getting the word to him. As for a facebook lookup, my email is vasa9653athotmail.com


angelmonkey - November 20

are you pregnant pcfwife? i had my scan today, everything is fine i am measurring 10 weeks 1 day edd june 17th have another scan dec 10th to double check dates so my due date may change....my morning sickness has gone i had it for about 2 weeks! with heidi it was pretty much all the way through


pfcwife - November 21

Heya angel not sure no period at all this week we waiting out the 2 last week if this month an then we will test... I am praying I am not.,. I can't handle a 8 month old then and brand new babe no Ty.... I'm praying hard for my period


durante baby - November 22

Hey ladies, just thought I would pop in and give a update...My dr appt on the 12th left me very depressed. The hormone (i cant remember the name of it) that is produced by the brain to make you ovulate, came back on some blood work I did rather low. it has nothing to do with my endometriosis and without the normal amount of this hormone I will not ovulate. So coincidentally I have 2 totally different things going against me for being fertile....It gets worse....My dr is really concerned about the bloodwork results because a few months back I had the same test done twice and the first came back barely normal, and the second came back BARELY below normal. since it was so slightly below normal she wasnt worried about it, but now since this 3 test was even lower on the abnormal side, she says that is deffinatly shows that the hormone is consistantly dropping. therefore she wants to speed this whole process up before the levels drop to the point where the clomid will not be enough to medically induce ovulation, so she decided to go ahead and not waste time and go ahead and rule out any problems with my husband. She sent him in for a sperm count. Well the dr called and said his sperm count came back abnormal, she is having him re do it tomorrow to check again...So now we are worried this makes 3 things going against us.....On the bright side, and even the good news comes with bad new...At my appt on the 12th she gave me a high dose of progesterone to induce my period. She said when my period starts i need to call and schedual a proceedure where they fill up my uterus with that dye stuff that they use for CT scans and x-rays and they will take pictures to make sure my uterus doesnt have any holes in it, or that my tubes aren't blocked by scar tissue from the endo.....Well after 10 miserable days on the progesterone, i started my period yesterday. I am in more pain then I have ever felt in my life, and cant stand because it hurts the most when I stand...TMI WARNING I am bleeding so ridiculasly bad...pretty much hemoraging, but my stubborn self is keeping quiet about it because I dont want dh to make me go to the dr because I have this fear that they will say "you are hemoraging you need a emergency hystorectomy" or something like that. I know that sounds silly but i honestly think when it comes to this infertility stuff I am going through some sort of depression...when I am not thinking about it i am perfectly fine...but after dr appointments or things that force me to think about it I become very depressed, and I try to hide it from dh because I dont want him to worry or bring him down....last night I was bleeding so bad that I almost pa__sed out...I know it was because of my anemia. I remember that exact feeling when my iron is low.....the good part about this is that I DID start my period which no matter how painful it is. that is what we were aiming for which makes that the first thing that has gone right through all this....I go back to see my dr december 18th. hopefully I will be able to get that proceedure done next week with Thanksgiving and everthing (because it has to be with in 8 days of starting my period), and of course hopfully the results are normal, so then at my next appointment I will be able to start the clomid...... well wow I just realised how depressing all that sounded, and wonder if i am really that upset....sorry everyone for being so depressing. How is everyone else? V- Thank you you always know what to say to cheer me and everyone else up...How are you and your bean doing? How far along are you?


V9653 - November 23

DB-you don't sound depressing at all. You sound like anyone going through struggles. Please please please try to keep an eye on the bleeding and tell someone if it is too much because you may put yourself into a position that if it is serious and you had gone to the doctor earlier then it wouldn't need something as serious as an emergency hysterectomy. Just remember that you are going through the process. You may not have good news all around but like I always say, it's better to have answers so you can fix it. Nothing sux more than to know somethings not right, to feel like c___p, and then go to the doc and they can't tell you anything. Yeah, it makes it hard to hear bad news, but at least now you guys can pinpoint where the problems are and have all of your options there in front of you to give yourself every available chance at this!!! As for me, things are good over here, I'm 19 weeks today and starting to get paranoid about everything!! LOL! My sister was pregnant this year too and she has had some fertility issues and a bout with cervical cancer, so she didn't think it would happen (and really didn't care) but her husband wanted to try for a boy. She was due sometime this month but at 21 weeks she started bleeding heavily and had to go to emergency where they told her she was in labor a portion of the sack was already coming down the birth ca___l. They fixed things and gave her a stint? (I think that's what it's called) to hold her uterus closed. Two weeks later she was back in the er because of an infection and she delivered a couple days later at right under 24 weeks. So that has me paranoid since I'm reaching that point, I'm remembering labor and the pain and scared! Ahh I'm really punking out! I kind of have to laugh at myself! Anywho love ya, and please take care of you!


durante baby - November 26

I Love you V, thank you so much. you really have made me feel a lot better, and I am not just saying that. I have had everyone and their uncle trying to cheer me up and make me feel better, and all I can do is pretend it worked, because I dont want them to feel bad. You really just made me feel a lot better. Probably because I wrote a novel and vented and someone actually read it...lol either way THANK YOU! : D It is normally to be parinoid especially because of your sister, but everything will be fine. Every day the baby develops more and everyday the baby is closer to being able to survive outside the womb. If you want to get into statistics, since your sister is going through what she is, it is very low chances of you going through the same. Only because of numbers though...Only 10% of women deliver on the estimated due date. Half of women hit the due date within one week, but 80% deliver within two weeks of the predicted due. The other 10% are cases like your sister. So if you look at numbers instead of open possiblities. It is very unlikely. That you will go through what she has/is or deliver early, because 1. you are related, and 2. simply because you know her...It would be too coincidental...Though anything can happen, numbers show the unlikelyness. As for labor pains...just get lots of drugs...lol jk. Every delivery and pregnancy is different. this one could be very quick and easy. when I had Dante it was 28 hours of ACTIVE labor, 49 hours of labor total, then a emergency c-section. I was terrified of the same with Zaiden, but instead, it was 18 hours of very fun...yes I said fun, and mean that literally, and unfortunatly ended in a normal c-section because Zaiden was posterior and my pubic bone was just too small for him in the posterior position. but overal it was SUCH a better experience with Zaiden then with Dante...But if you are still punking out, just remember it is just temporary pain, and do what i did withboth kids...When you are in labor remeber that it is a fact that anywhere from 60-90% of pain that the average mentally healthy person feels is in their head. Pain is what you make it to be in you head. if you think that it will be the worst pain you have ever felt, then it will be. If you tell yourself this isnt bad and most of it is in my head, then it wont be bad. I think pain medication is made to distract you from pain not actually improve pain..lol...But really it probably sounds silly, but I tested this theory with both my labors and i swear it worked for me. One contraction i would say it isnt bad, and it wouldnt be. The next I would say this is the worst pain ever, and it would be....Hell I went through 49 hours of labor with nothing but ice chips! That should be proof! hahaha!....If all else fails, it is just temorary pain and will be all worth it in the end. So how is your sisters baby, is the baby going to be okay? Is your sister okay? As for myself. My bleeding is better now, more like it should be. I go in for my procedure Next Monday afternoon. I am not looking forward to it or the results, but since you made me feel so much better : ) **HUGS** I am actually excited because if the results come back normal, that means we will finally be able to start fertility drugs, which means we will be that much closer to becomming pregnant....I guess I have just been so scared that I will get my hopes up too much with the fertility drugs, and then they wont help....I know though that it will better our chances of conceiving if I am optimistic opposed to being a pessimist, and stressing...stressing never helps fertility or anything for that matter. Anyways, I hope you, everyone and your families have a wonderful thanksgiving! Enjoy your turkeys tomorrow!


angelmonkey - December 8

V have you had your scan? did you find out the s_x?


V9653 - December 9

It's a healthy baby boy!!! I've added ultrasound pics and more belly pics to my myspace page if you want to check it out!


angelmonkey - December 11

congrats V! are you happy with a boy? i had another scan yesterday they movedmy due date forward a day so im due june 16th.......and im 13 weeks 2days today


babii_boo91 - December 11

Hey guys great to see so many familiar names =) I havent been on in ages, life just kinda takes over eh Little Dominik will be three next month!! I cant believe it and Bella will be one in 10 days!! They are doing GREAT I recently split with Jon and moved to a different town, im enjoying being on my own with them :) so much stress is out of my life, im going back to school in the fall and im pretty excited, now thats based on me not being pregnant with baby number 3!! I will test tonight and if neg again after the holidays :) I hope all is well with everyone!


angelmonkey - December 20

hey ashley....im not sure where everyone is, busy time of the year i supose....i've seen your status's on facebook...hope everything is ok well just a quick update....im 15 weeks on wednesday and have just started to feel my little bean kicking today :) how exciting....how is everyone...how's your pregnancy going V


durante baby - December 29

Hey everyone! Ash I am confused are you preggers or not...lol...I am glad you made the adult decision to move out on your own and you and Jon having some space. V- congrats on the boy! a___l- Your so big!!! lol sorry that was all I thought of because I see you on fb all the time...but really I am happy to hear you are well. As for me....Still we are still ttc. I am pretty excited and not too bummed out anymore to come on here...Today is a very big day for me....i started my CLOMID TODAY!!!! yay! I am really excited because I didnt think I would be able to this month...there is a funny story behind this that I must tell..... So I have to be on pergesterone every month the 15th-25th to induce my period, since I am not woman enough to do it on my own...My dr has told me if I dont start my period by Pro-day 7,8,9 I most likely wont for that day....well if course this month I didnt start, because that is my luck...Dont start my period the one month I really need it to start my clomid...lol...Anywho...my best friend's wife went into labor sunday morning (12-27). That is my god baby so I of course got to be there for labor and delivery. While she was in labor, my best friend matt said to me have you started your Clomid yet..i explained to him how I couldnt because I didnt have a period this month, and now I have to wait and hope for January...He gave me a hug and said "dont worry shay it will happen" I tried to tell him I was okay and not worried, because I felt good about the Clomid. He joked about "yea but not if you dont start a period!!" I told him "Look Matt you dont know how women work. By me sitting in this hospital watching you wife in labor and give birth, it is stimulating my body to prepair for a baby. I could start any minute now and It would all be because you and mandie are having a baby right now" so he said "yea sure" his wife laughed when he told her what I said...and what happened? Baby Brooklynn was born 12-27-09 2:57pm 7lb 13oz 19-1/2'', and I started my period several hours later.....haha I love how our bodies work sometimes...so now I owe my period this month to my best friend Matt, his wife Mandie and their baby girl/ my god daughter Brooklynn Mae.


angelmonkey - January 4

good luck DB.....i've always thought it was strange how womens bodies work together.......for instance if you live with a female or even 5 over a few months your periods all sync together and you all come on at the same time........ really i dont think im that big this time around, i was twice the size with Heidi....im nearly 17 weeks and still havn't felt kicks yet....just maybe the odd flutter.....i was getting full on kicks in my organs by 17 weeks with Heidi! maybe its a boy



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