Quot Anyone Ever Had A Undetected Pregnancy Quot College Project

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Cathy - May 20

Hi, I need some info. Do you know anyone or yourself who didn't find out they were pregnant until later.Did a doctor tell you "not pregnant" and find out later you was?How was your weight? Did you have periods? How are you doing now? What did it take to get a comfirmed pregnancy.I am doing a research project for college. I want to use this for a paper. Please tell me your story. Thanks!!


Cecie - May 21

Well I think you'll get a better response if try this on pregnancy complications. I read many stories like this. I am 8 months w/o any proof that I am pregnant. It's sad how ppl esp doctors family pregnant women thinks it's obsurd. It's a touchy subject for soon to be moms who are going through this. Moms who do go through this probably won't want to share too much ;) For example XXX comment


Cecie - May 21

I hope more ppl share their stories; It's important for me so I won't feel so alone. By the way none of my docs believe me. I knew the test won't detect anything. I took my blood test at 5months it was negative. I took urine tests, negative. I had my pelvic exam, normal said my OBGYN. I had more than one doctor say this to me. I am definitely pregnant. My baby has just dropped at 8 months giving me relief from breathlessness. I was also bleeding the first 5 months unaware that the cause was s_x. Plus, because this is my first pregnancy I barely put on weight making my pregnancy more frustrating for ppl to believe. There is no other way to detect pregnacy, BUT ultrasound. Well I have emphasize to my doc to refer me, but he said there wasn't any proof. I am so angry I don't even want my doctor to deliver my baby when it comes. Other than that I am going to wait.


Hi, - May 21

I know serval women who didn't know they was pregnant because they were still having periods. Some as late as 6 months along. So I can happen. I hope this helps@ Sam


To xxx - May 21

I am a pregnant women in college. This is for a essay. Thanks for not helping!!! Cecie, thanks for your story. I hope you and your baby is doing well . I would love more help. Thanks Ladies and God Bless


Krystal - May 22

i went in for strep-throat and found out i was 5 1/2 months pregnant, now i am one week and one day away from my due date and everything is going fine


to krystal - May 22

Thanks for answering! Hi, did you have "periods" for the 5 and half months you didn't know you was pregnant. Did your pregnancy show during urine and blood test? Thanks for your help


mel - May 22

i didn't know i was pregnant with my first child unil i was 5 and a half months the reason for this is because my period used skip alot i could go as far as to miss up to 6 months before i get them i was only 15 and a half years when i got pregnant so when i went for my yearly check up you could imagine my surprise when the doctor told me i was pregnant. i was just lying there listening to a heart beat when she told me that was my baby. not mine anyway i hope this helps your paper good luck


Kelly - May 24

I didn't know I was pregant until 18 weeks. I failed two urine tests. The blood test finally confirmed it. Now at 33 weeks, there is no mistake!!


Babe - May 25

Hi Cecie, I would love to talk to you, I am in the same boat as you I am nearing 6 months and know that I am pregnant but no one will confirm for me because of neg urine and blood tests, can you email me at aloi2@san.rr.com, I want to ask you some questions about your pregnancy. Thanks.


Cathy - May 25

Thanks moms! You are a great help. Cecie, I have a couple questions for you. Have your pregnancy been confirmed with a ultrasound? Have the doctor explain to you, why the blood and urine test didn't show pregnancy? Thanks again Everyone.


Melissa - June 4

This is something very close to me. I had s_x on Sept. 30, late at night. Later, I began developing signs of early pregnancy, then seemed to have a miscarriage, but nothing but large clots came out. Since then, I've had regular periods. Home tests kept showing neg. The urine test in the clinic showed neg. Back in March, I began feeling fluttery movements in my lower abdomen. Doctors, knowing urine tests for preg showed neg, and knowing I was still having regular periods, just told me they were gastric spasms, and did nothing else. As time goes by, I feel more and more movements, and am beginning to feel what seems to be Braxton-Hicks contractions. According to my calculations, if I'm pregnant, I would be at 37 weeks--due June 24, 2005. I can't get any doctors or clinics to take me seriously. I've had a daughter before--she's nearly 6. That preg was normal. I lie in bed at night, feeling these rolling, thumping, and feathery movements going on, for nearly an hour. Throughout the day, I feel rolling movements. Many times, lately, during the day, I feel strong, but painless, contractions. I still don't know, for sure, if I'm pregnant, since I can't get into a clinic, and can't get a doctor to do an ultrasound. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see if I go into labor, huh?


Maddie - June 4

One question: WHY DON'T YOU ASK THE DOCTOR TO DO A CHECK FOR A FETAL HEARTBEAT??? Or buy one from a drugstore? That's your proof right there isn't it?


erica - June 4

hey well i have a stoy for ya.. I was 16 weeks when i found out, and even when i did find out i was suprised as all hell. I missed one period and waited a weeka nd took four pregnancy tests over the course of 2 months after it. they were the ept and they call came back negative. I had skipped periods before so i didnt think of it as a big deal, just a fluke i mean those tests are suppose to be like 99 percent true. I lost a lot of weight over the course of four months and i thought that also had something to do with it, so the day after my birthday i went to the guyno for a pap and she did a preg test just as like a percautionary thing, well to my suprise and hers it came back positve. i literally fell out of my chair... im only 19 so it was a lot to grasp. she was baffled though because my uterus wasnt enlarged or soft at all. so they sent me for a blood test that said i was between 4-6 weeks i told her it was impossible, and that it was a virgin baby if those time frames were right. so then they sent me in for an ultrasound and it turned out i was 16 weeks. kinda crazy.


esh - June 6

This is very liable to happen. It happened to me as well with my 2 year old daughter. She went undetected for 3 urines, and 1 blood test. As I speak about this topic I am going through the same thing again. So far it's been 3 urine, and 3 blood test. All came back negative!! My body is telling me something else. My next appointment will be and ultrasound!!!!!!!!!!


DK - July 6

I am going through the same problems all pregnancy symptoms and signs including swollen stomach and kicking in my lower abdomen, my sides, and up near my ribs. I was dreaming last night that I was pg. The doctor delivered the baby but I was still feeling kicking movement they checked with an u/s and there were two more babies. When I woke up I was feeling the kicking movements for real. They had completely woke me up it was so hard. I do not know what to think since nobody believes me. My sisters, mother, and friend have felt the movements.


Magda - July 12

Did you ever find out the reason why this happens? My stepdaughter appears to be going through this now. I just know she is pregnant but the tests keep saying negative. We're going to take her to a specialist next week. Her husband's insurance is throwing a fit, but we really need to know. I will have to tell her about this site. Good luck to you.



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