Baby Too Big For Belly

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MB - January 11

Hi All, does anyone feel like their baby is too big for their belly ? I am 35 weeks and feel like he couldnt possibly get any bigger, he is head down, his feet are constantly stuck out of my right side and his bottom is right up against my ribs, i have only put on 12 pounds so far and i am all belly, surely he cant get any longer !!!


sahmof3 - January 11

LOL I felt like that with my last one. I was sure I was going to split open. He was 10 lbs. 6 oz. and 22 3/4", so I guess that explains that. I don't think he could've gotten much longer :-)


mamagoose - January 11

Me too... I was anxiously waiting for baby to drop to get the pressure off my ribs and lungs, but when the baby did drop, I'm still having the pressure! My Dr. said the baby feels pretty long, so I'm STILL carrying high even though its dropped! Maybe the restricted room will encourage them to want to leave soon, LOL!


chrissi79 - January 12

I know, me too, feel like there is ABSOLUTELY no room for anything else in there - baby moves so much!! and I feel EVERYTHING! I'm always uncomfortable sitting up straight like in a chair or driving...and mamagoose, me too, still carrying high(er) but its very evident that she dropped. Doc said her head is really low, but I can feel a foot in my ribs from time to time...I'm hoping she is trying to push out!!! hahaha


MB - January 12

Thanks girls, its nice to know i am not the only one, 5 weeks to go !!! my first was 8Ilbs 4 oz so god only knows how big this one will be. It will be intersesting to see what they all weigh when d-day arrives !!!


crystal74 - January 13

i feel the same way!! i am 33 weeks,4 days and everybody asked me if i'm sure i'm not having twins. my husband is very big so i am afraid that this baby is going to be too. i have gained a good 20 pounds so far and have like a hundred stretch marks on my belly. he moves and i feel like i'm going to split open. this will be our first. the dr. keeps reasurring me that i'm measuring normal


corinnesellers - January 14

Ha ha! I have a bottom stuck out of my left side and feet kicking my ribs..I know how you feel. I'm 34 weeks and also getting tightening of my belly every day...roll on the birth of the little fella!!


missycc4 - January 19

35 weeks and I feel the same. I just had a ultrasound and the baby is 4lb 9oz so far. so looks are not what they seem. I didn't think the the baby had anymore room but guess I was wrong. good luck


Sonrisa - January 20

I feel the same way but am in shock that you only have put on 12 lbs. How did you manage to put on so little weight? I am at 31 wks and have gained 31lbs. I cannot imagine gaining any more weight and the doctor said that I probably will gain about 8lbs more lbs before the baby gets here. It does feel like the baby is tight in there.


DDT - January 20

My skin on my belly is SOOO tight...I am 36 wks now and sometimes feel like I can't (and don't) want to get any bigger. I've gained about 21lbs so far...stretch marks are starting on my sides...they aren't big yet but I still have 4 more weeks to go and baby is only going to get even bigger. His little b___t is also under my ribs...ouch!


juju - January 21

did neone measure more then they should have like at 33 wks you should measure 33 cm?? i have always measured 2 or more cm then what i should, and im all baby, im huge, i guess what im wondering is when eveyone went to get the sonogram done for the estimate weight what was it?? were all thinking hes gonna be huge


mamagoose - January 21

I always measured 2cm big until about 36 weeks, and then I've measured right on the b___ton for every week since then (at my 38 w appt I measured 37.5), however, the doctor said the baby feels really big and long, and guessed it was around 8 lbs... so I'm thinking that the fundal height measurement is just a rough estimate at best, to make sure you're growing, rather than putting too much emphasis on what your actual number is.


tysonsbaby - January 21

Me too. i am 35 wks tommorrow, so the doctor says but by what i am counting i am 37 wks. this baby is getting really big, it's bum is right up in under my ribs and it toes are always stuck in my rob cage. the baby has already dropped but i think this gonna be a big baby, oh well just have to wait and see.


ShaunaLeigh - January 23

This is my 3rd pregnancy & i dont feel no bigger this time than the last two, im 34 weeks & have gained 23 pounds so far... Im only a small girl normally though so Im pretty much all belly & the other weight wherever it went was needed anyways lol... but my belly is constantly tightenin too & feels like this baby is constantly moving... & it feels HUGEEE... I dont remember my two boys feelin this big... but im measurin right on just as i have been pretty much from the getgo, so it could all be in my head! lol the tightenings of my stomach just make me a lil nervous as i am alone & have gone earlii before with my first son... but they dont mean anything reallii do they?


Melodias94 - January 27

I'm currently measuring at 34 weeks. I have an appointment next week to see how big baby girl is... but at 29 weeks she was 4 lbs 4 oz and measuring 32 weeks! My first baby... and all week I feel like my skin can't stretch anymore!:( I've used soo many lotions and oils to help with the elasticity and itching, but nothing seems to work! -.-



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