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Bring on the Laughter

You've planned the decor and refreshments, written up a guest list, and sent out invitations. Still, you can't help wondering if something is missing from your party plans. Music might be a nice addition, but some pre-planned games can make all the difference between a boring gathering and a splendid time your friends will always remember. Here are two games that are sure to liven up the crowd and bring on lots of laughter.

Guess the Mothers--This is a quiz you type up in advance of the party which contains clues to help the players guess well-known phrases and personalities whose names contain the word "mother." Make extra copies just in case someone crashes your party or spills punch on their copy. Have writing utensils ready for all the participants. Set a timer if you like, say for 10 minutes. The winner will be the first to either finish the entire quiz or the one who has the most correct answers if you need a tie-breaker. Here are some sample questions (answers in parentheses). You can probably come up with many more examples.

Mother ---- Mother of Jesus (Mary)

Mother ------ Mother of weather (Nature)

Mother ---- a principal source or supply (Lode)

Mother----- the nurturer beneath our feet (Earth)

Mother ----- the opposite of an outlaw (in law)

Mother ----- Composer of nursery rhymes (Goose)

Mother ------- shiny stuff inside shells (of pearl)

Mother ------ all about helping others (Teresa)

Mother ------- went to the cupboard (Hubbard)

----- Mother lives in England (Queen)

Mother ---- Kids play this (May I)

Mother -------- A fine Christian (Superior)

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Four Senses--Have ready 10 small paper bags in which you place one baby-related item (pacifiers, baby nail clippers, spit-up cloth, q-tip, cotton balls, and etc.), plus enough pads of paper and pens for your guests. Number the bags 1-10 and seal each bag shut. The bags make the rounds of the guests, who write down their guesses as to what each bag contains. The guests can shake, feel, and squeeze the bags, but may not open them. After the bags make their way around the room, the mother-to-be opens each bag and the guests check their answers. The one with the most correct answers wins a prize. It's a good idea to have a tie-breaker ready, in the form of a really hard to guess item in yet another sealed bag.


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