Have the Most Fun Baby Shower, Ever!

Hosting a baby shower can seem easy...until you realize that you have to come up with games to play!

The best games get people laughing and talking with each other. The worst are bogged down in rules that confuse people and make them spend more time trying to figure out what they are supposed to do than actually enjoying themselves.

Party hosts are always nervous about games that just don't get the party started they way they would like. It doesn't have to be so nerve wracking to figure out the best way to entertain your guests. There are a lot of fun games you can play at your baby shower, whether you've invited five people or 50 people.


If you've invited a lot of people who don't know each other, then you're probably having nightmares of people just sitting around in silence. Help get people to mingle, talk and meet new people by beginning your party with one of these games.

  • Hello, My Name Is...: For this game, you'll want to make name tags for each guest. But, instead of putting the guests' names on them, write down the name of someone famous, living or dead. It could be Nicole Kidman or it could be Shakespeare. When your guests arrive, place these name tags on their back so that they can't see who they are. Your guests then have to go and talk with the others guests, asking them questions about 'who they are.' But they can only ask yes or no questions! The first person to correctly figure out who they are is the winner!
  • Ban the Baby!: In this game, your guests will receive some sort of marker or tag that they can easily attach to their clothes. Stickers or clothespins work well. Guests have to refrain from saying the word baby - not an easy thing to do at a baby shower (you can make the rule apply for the whole shower or just for a certain amount of time)! If they do slip up, then another guest can take their marker. The person who has the most markers at the end gets a prize. You'll be surprised at how quickly strangers will grab at each other when a prize is involved! If the majority of your guests are women, then you can change the game to keep the women from crossing their legs (something that most women do without even realizing it) instead of banning the word baby.
  • Who is That?: This game can be used as an icebreaker or as an on-going game throughout the party. Ask guests to provide you with a picture of themselves when they were a baby. Stick the pictures with a number beside them onto a poster board and put it somewhere were all the guests can see it. If you have invited a lot of people, you might want to create a couple of posters and post them in different places. Your guests then have to go around to each poster and write down who they think each baby is. If they really want to win at this game, they'll have to make sure they get a good look at every guest.

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i hate baby shower games. why do people think that just because someone is having a baby they want to play pin the tale on the diaper or whatever. we are adults. time to get past these games. they are never fun. this is why i hate baby showers. i already told my friends who are throwing me a baby shower that i don't want any of this crap. no cheesy games, no stupid decorations. good food, adult conversation, and presents from my registry. that's all i want.
13 years ago