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Here are some other baby shower games that are fun to play.

  • Pin-the-Diaper-on-the-Baby: No, this is not some strange form of child cruelty. It is basically Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey, except you will need a large picture or cut-out of a baby and a few cut-out diapers. Or, you could use real diapers to make it more fun. Blindfold your guests (one at a time), spin them around a few times, and then let them try to get that diaper on the baby.
  • What Brand Is It?: Test just how product-savvy your guests are with this game. Clip out some advertisements of different well-known brand products. Cover up the logo of the product and then paste the advertisements on to a poster board. Your guests then have to figure out what brand each product is just by looking at the container. The player with the most correct answers wins!
  • Muffets and Mice: Before the baby shower, try to think of as many nursery rhymes as you can. Then, write out a line from each nursery rhyme. At the shower, hand out the list of lines from the nursery rhymes and see if your guests can come up with the matching title for each line.
  • How Long are they Pregnant?: This one will involve some research but it shouldn't be too hard to find the information. Come up with a list of animals that you can give to your guests. Your guests then have to guess how long each animal is pregnant for. You can make them randomly guess or you can make it a multiple-choice quiz. The mom-to-be might not feel so bad about her pregnancy (average length, about 270 days) when she learns that an elephant is pregnant for 640 days!

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