Baby Shower Games - The Basics

Are you looking for a way to spice up your baby shower and make it a truly memorable event for all your guests? Well, there nothing beats baby shower games to accomplish just that! Throw traditional fanfare out the window and make room for innovative, fun and clever baby shower games to add some life to the party.

Ice Breakers

You can start with come ice-breaker baby shower games to get your guests into a festive and playful mood. Human Bingo is always a good ice-breaker, and you can tailor it towards a baby theme. Here is how to play: Prepare enough Bingo cards and writing utensils for all participants. Inside each square of the Bingo card, instead of the traditional Bingo numbers, write in statements such as: I was a premature baby; I was born in April; I weighed more than 4 kilograms (or more than 9 lbs.); I was born before 1970; I was the cutest baby in the world; I was born in another country, et cetera. Make sure you come up with a large number of diverse statements so that no two cards look exactly the same, although there can be a lot of overlap. To play, participants circle the room looking for people who match the descriptions or statements on their Bingo card. When they find that person, he or she must sign or initial the relevant square on the Bingo card. The first person to get a "full card" of signatures should call out "Bingo!" and is the winner.

Theme Games

Your next baby shower games can follow the theme of the shower, if you have a theme, or can be unrelated to any specific theme. The choices are as grand as your imagination! You can take traditional games such as "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" and adapt them to the baby shower by playing "Pin the Egg on the Penis." Or you can get creative and just invent new games.

More Baby Shower Games

Here are a few more baby shower game ideas:

Baby Trivia: Test your guests' knowledge about the gamut of baby facts! Topics can range from baby nutrition, baby health issues, baby products, historical babies and baby name history, baby traditions, and whatever other zany and outlandish facts and trivia you can dig up!

Create a Baby Rhyme: Going around in a circle, have each guest add one line of rhyme to invent a hilarious new baby rhyme. You may want to first read aloud a few "Mother Goose" rhymes to get everyone into the right vibe and mood...

Baby Care Relay Race: For this game you will need at least two large dolls and doll clothing that can be removed and put back on the dolls. Divide guests into competing pairs or teams. Each pair or team receives the same number of items with which they need to undress and then dress their baby doll in. Items can include bonnets, shoes and socks, hair ribbons, diapers, dresses, pants, shirts, et cetera, and any other accessories you can think of. The first person or team to finish is the winner.

In summary, just put on your thinking cap - or your baby bonnet - and make your baby shower an occasion to remember with innovative and fun baby shower games!

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