Evening Primrose Oil To Help Thin Cervix

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Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - July 26

Wow! Daily, never thought of that...I don't like doing that to begin with anyways, but daily? LOL softening your cervix would make DH happy in the process too hehe just don't mention anything to him cause then they would probably constantly say "You always say I don't help, but let me help you this way." But wait...why ingest it, when it comes into contact during s_x???


durante baby - July 26

haha! Yea nerdy, dh already likes to use the turn on line...."So, you wanna try softening that cervix tonight?" and you are right I would imagine that direct contact would be much better then ingesting...So I think ill just take him up on his cervical soften tecnique offers insted....thehehe!!..........pregnantjackie....Do you think it could have been cervical tissue?....I dont know what that would look like, but to me it just looked like normal discharge just more of it!!.....And I think your right they dont recomend it cause they dont want you to go into labor early.....But once again isnt it the same thing as s____n or s_x?.............I guess that the way they look at it is, its like double the dose of s____n.....hehehe!!! **smirk**


durante baby - July 26

Oh and Ginger_ the only daily dose of oral prostaglandins I'm getting is from the EPO....lol!!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - July 27

LOL how funny...my DH always uses that. I don't see why but he does and sometimes it gets old lol


durante baby - July 27

usually im just like....hmmm good idea! But s_x isnt very enjoyable for me anymore....I seriously get in the mood probably more then normal, but then we go to do our thing and its like the baby has taken away all my feeling down there....I just feel bad for dh cause it has to feel like hes having s_x with a dead fish sometimes...lol....I try to act like Im fully enjoying it, but Im not use to haveing to do that, and its awkward cause I know he know Im faking it.......lol sorry tmi!!!...........................In other news.....i pretty d__n sure I lost part of my mucus plug this morn!! Thats kinda a relief, I feel like things are moving along more now, and I do believe that you have to be at least a little dilated to loose it, I guess that its a good sign...YAY!!! Nerdy you are about as far along as me......has you dr started your pelvic exams yet, or have you found out if the baby has dropped yet?


pregnantjackie - July 28

TMI warning... It works GREAT as a lubricant!!!!! responding to an earlier post about castor oil...momma3tobe...you are right it doesn't cause the baby to pa__s meconium, that was just one doctors theory and it seems to be wrong. You are just more likely to have your baby release it if you are overdue, as you are more likely to take castor oil if you are overdue. I may take it at 38 weeks if I get desperate...some doctors even recommend it! Trouble is, I worry my baby will be to big if I get all the way to 40 wks :-(


leslie - December 6

i am 1 cm dialated and 50% effaced have had contractions for over a week and my plug is i guess completely out from what i have seen come out. i am thinking of using epo. i hope it will help enough to start things going more steady.


millie09 - September 5

hey im new to the site,im 36 weeks pregnant and got three boys already.this time its a girl.lol. ive started on raspberry leaf tea and lavender oil in the bath,but tonight im trying the (e.p.o)capsules and hoping for results by the end of nxt week????


millie09 - September 12

im trying it to and since ive have been taking it bout a week now ive been having alot more brackston hicks,see the midwife monday so hopefully something is goin on down there,realy glad its worked for you though.lol.


jwood0907 - July 12

i used a suppository of it last night and yes honey it caused me to contract for hours... i know it was helping with effacement and dilation because i could feel the pressure of the contractions at my cervix... they were more like horrific braxton hicks... i had tightening in my belly and some low back pain but when the contractions let loose a little i fell aasleep and woke up this morning fine... i will be taking it again tonight hopefully i can go ahead and get the effacement out of the way and dilate before actual labor begins... but just letting you know i felt contractions and they were painful enough to keep me from sleeping... so if you want something to help with dilation be prepared for some just in case it effects you as it did me



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