Baby Names Starting With "A"


Aaron Hebrew Enlightened
Abbott Hebrew Father
Abdul Arabic Servant of
Abel Hebrew Breath
Abner Hebrew Father of Light
Abraham Hebrew Exalted Father
Abram Hebrew Exalted Father
Adal Teutonic Noble
Adam Hebrew Man of Earth
Addison Old English Son of Adam
Adley Hebrew The Just
Adolf Teutonic Noble Wolf
Aiden Gaelic Fire
Aiken Anglo Saxon The Oaken
Ajax Greek Eagle
Akira Japanese Distinct
Alan Celtic Handsome One
Alastair Gaelic Defender of Men
Albern Teutonic Of Noble Valor
Albert Teutonic Bright
Albion Latin White or Fair
Alden Old English Wise Guardian
Aldis Old English From the Old House
Aldrich Old English Old Wise Leader
Alexander Greek Great Protector
Alfred Teutonic Supernaturally Wise
Algernon Old French Bearded
Ali Muslim Excellent Noble
Aloysius Teutonic Famous in War
Alroy Latin Royal
Alston Old English From the Elf's Abode
Alton Old English From the Old Town
Alvin Teutonic Beloved by All
Ambrose Greek Immortal
Amery Teutonic Industrious
Amos Hebrew A Burden
Andrew Greek Manly
Angell Greek Messenger
Angelo Greek Saintly
Angus Celtic Very Strong
Ansel Teutonic Divine Helmet
Anthony Latin Priceless
Apollo Greek Manly Beauty
Aramis French ****
Archer Latin Bowman
Archibald Teutonic Sacred Prince
Ardon Hebrew Bronzed
Arlen Gaelic Pledge
Armand German Warrior
Arnold Germanic Strong as an Eagle
Arthur Celtic Noble
Arvel Welsh Wept Over
Asher Hebrew Happy
Atwater Old English From the Waterside
Atwood Old English Forest Dweller
Aubrey Teutonic Ruler of the Elves
August Latin Exalted
Austin Latin Helpful
Avery Old English Elfin Ruler
Axel Hebrew Man of Peace
Abigail Hebrew Source of Joy
Ada Teutonic Prosperous, Happy
Adah Hebrew Beauty
Adalia Teutonic Noble
Adelaide Teutonic Noble, Of Good Cheer
Adine Hebrew Delicate
Adria, Adrienne **** Feminine of Adrian
Agatha Greek The Good
Agnes Greek Pure, Gentle
Aileen Greek Light
Ailsa Teutonic Noble, Of Good Cheer
Aimee French Beloved
Airlia Greek Ethereal
Alanna Celtic Fair
Alarice Teutonic Ruler of All
Alberta Teutonic Noble, Brilliant
Alda Teutonic Rich
Aldora Greek Winged Gift
Alethea Greek Truth, Sincerity
Aleta Latin Bird-Like
Alexandra Greek Helper of Mankind
Alfreda Teutonic Supernaturally Wise
Alice Teutonic Noble, Of Good Cheer
Alisa **** Variant of Alice
Alina Celtic Fair
Alison Teutonic Of Sacred Fame
Allegra Old French Cheerful
Alma Latin Nourishing
Almeta Latin Ambitious
Almira Arabic Princess
Aloysia Teutonic Famous in War
Althea Greek Wholesome, Healing
Alva Spanish-Latin Fair
Alvina Teutonic Beloved by All
Alvita Latin Vivacious
Alysia Greek Captivating
Alyssa Teutonic Noble, Of Good Cheer
Amabelle Latin Loveable
Amanda Latin Loveable
Amara Greek Unfading
Amaryllis Greek Fresh, Sparkling
Amber Arabic Jewel
Ambrosine Greek Immortal
Amity Latin The Friendly
Amorette Latin Little Love
Amorita Latin Beloved
Anastasia Greek One who shall rise again
Andrea **** Feminine of Andrew
Andromeda Greek From Mythology
Angela Greek Angelic
Angelica **** Italian form of Angela
Anita Hebrew Grace
Ann, Anne Hebrew Grace, Mercy
Annabelle Celtic Joy
Annette **** Variant of Anne
Anthea Greek Flower-Like
Antoinette Latin Beyond Praise
Antonia Latin Beyond Praise
April English To Open Up
Ara Teutonic Eagle Maid
Ardelis Latin Industrious
Ardelle, Ardella Latin Industrious
Ardis Latin Eager
Aretina Greek Virtuous
Ariana Welsh Silvery
Ariella Hebrew Lion of God
Arilda Teutonic Hearth, Home
Arleen Celtic A Pledge
Armilla Latin A Bracelet
Aspasia Greek The Welcome
Astra Greek Starlike
Astrid Teutonic Impulsive in Love
Athalia Hebrew The Lord is Mighty
Athena Greek Wisdom
Audrey Teutonic Strong
Augusta Latin The Exalted, Sacred
Aurelia Latin Golden
Austine Latin The Exalted
Avis Latin A Bird
Azalea Hebrew Spared by Jehovah

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