Baby Name Meanings

When choosing a baby name, one of the factors that can be most influential is the meaning behind the name. Whether you are looking for a name that shares your cultural, religious, or moral values, we’ve got you covered!  Learn more about baby name meanings and about how to choose the right name for your baby.

A Baby Name Meaning

Indeed, the meaning of a name is often one of the principal criteria a parent looks for during their selection process. Not only does it make the final choice more meaningful for you, but it can also connect your child to her heritage.  One way you can choose a meaningful baby name is to look back through the family tree.  Honoring a family member by naming your baby with the same name, name meaning, or variation of a name is a great way to show family connection, family history and respect for your family's historical connection.  

If you are looking for a more religious name you can turn to the bible for inspiration in choosing a baby name.  You can choose to name your baby after a biblical character who inspires you most or who holds many of the values you most respect, or you can choose a biblical name with another meaning.

Looking to literature is another way to gain inspiration for deciding on a baby name.  Like with the bible, you can choose a literary character who has most influenced your life or who holds traits or values you hope to instill in your baby.  You'll then have a great answer to your child's question about how you chose his or her name.  You can say, "You are named after so and so from this book because...."

Getting Started

To start, check out our list of baby names, which covers all the baby names you could think of, right from A to Z! From Aaron to Zoe, this comprehensive lists provides both girl and boy baby names, as well as their origin and significance, so your decision can be as personalized and meaningful as you choose.  This list will help you to choose a name that is meaningful for you.  Also check out our list of great boy names if you are stuck on what to name your future son.

Have fun choosing a name for your baby and get the advice and help you need for choosing a name that is meaningful, beautiful and special to you.

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