Recommended Baby Names

For some couples, choosing a baby name is simply too tough a decision. If you are finding yourself stuck on what baby name to choose, we’re here to help!  Check out some of our ideas for great baby names and also take a look at our article listing the top celebrity baby names.  You'll be surprised at just how creative some of these names are.  Also take a look at great baby names for twins because coming up with two names is even harder than just choosing one.

Celebrity Baby Names

For those interested in following the unique baby name trend, our celebrity baby names roster may just provide you with the solution you were looking for. Whether inspired by flowers, food or fantasy, these names are sure to top anyone's most- original baby name list!  You've heard many of these unique and unusual names on the news and in celebrity magazines and now you should take a look at the extensive list and see if any of these names are right for your baby.  Get inspired by names like Apple, Shilo, Kingston and more and start a trend of your own by coming up with your own celebrity style unique and creative baby name.

Great Baby Names For Twins

If you are expecting twins, you may also want to check out our specially selected baby names for twins, which includes the meanings of the name pairings, so you can be sure your little ones names’ are as special as they are! What's more, these names are specially matched up to give additional meaning to your children's names.  

Choosing two names is even harder than choosing one.  Espcecially if you want these two names to be coordinated.  Read up on our great ideas for naming twin babies and get the inspiration you need to decide on the best baby names for your twins.

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