How To Induce Labor

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Linda - December 14

My cousin told me that when she was near the end of her pregnancy her dr told her to have a glass or 2 of wine. She went into labor the next day. Has anyone else heard of such a thing? I'm a week late and at my wits end.


Traci - December 16

Did that really work for her. I was told that if you drink your baby could have fetal alcohol syndrome. Please let me know. Thanks


Christine - December 17

I have never heard of this...I have heard that during labor...when its (dealable) it is usually ok to drink a gla__s of wine...because at that point the baby is usually out before the wine will affect him/her...I have always been advised to drink NO alcohol during pregnancy...even the littlist bit is not medically safe..they just dont know..good luck.


Rachel - December 19

Fetal alchol syndrome is caused by drinking excessive amounts of hard liquor. A gla__s of wine through out your pregnancy here and there won't hurt the baby (although it is not advised during the first trimester) European culture included wine as a normal part of their day and always with meals. Pregnant women often have a gla__s with water and it is considered normal. As for bringing on labor, I don't know. However, I had a glas of wine and experienced contractions but probably because wine can dehydrate you. I wouldnt reccomend it before labor because you should stay hydrated and I wouldn't want to mix wine with any medication they may give you.


Christine - December 20

Actually from my research...and questions...there is no exact amount known that causes felat alcohol syndrome..and that is why the recommend you drink no alcoholic beverages throughout pregnancy...yes I agree it is more likely that a woman drinking hard liquor in excessive amounts has a higher chance of their baby having fetal alcohol syndrome...but to my knowledge they are not quite sure of how much alcohol intake is bad...therefore drinking any is a risk...and it is not just hard liquor that is is any things are believed different in Europe I dont know...good the way thats like saying if you smoke 3 cigerettes a day your baby wont be born early, but if you smoke a pack he/she will...its just not safe either way


trevia - April 5

no i havent heard of that but im like 39 weeks and im ready to do this...NOW!


Mayelly - April 16

Today is my due date and nothing so far! Need to go into labor to avoid c-section!


Jill - April 16

with my first baby I walked all day then drank a gla__s of wine then went into labor but I think the wine made me relax after walking all day, so I think the wine thing is for you to relax to let you body work. Also I'm 40 weeks right now going to be induced Tues. because the baby is so big and I smoked about 5 cigerettes a day my whole pregnancy which I'm sure everyone has something rude to say about that. My doc. is 67 years old and isn't worried about it at all


Joan - April 17

I'd be interested to know if your baby gets asthma in the first year. My friend smoked her whole pregnancy and her son has really bad asthma. I always wondered if that was related. Probably not but just a thought I had. Her baby also was huge, almost 10 pounds.


EM - April 18

My mom smoked through all three of her pregnancies and I was the only one with juvenile asthma which I grew out of around 10 years old.


andrea davidson - April 25

i dont know whether it would help or not, but we are stationed in germany, and they encourage you to drink even though your pregenant...i still dont drink. they say that it helps your heart, so it may also help the babies heart.


Nicole Labor Nurse - April 25

If you want to induce your labor, have s_x, s_x, s_x..then walk walk walk. The sperm will soften your cervix...the walking will allow your baby's head to stimulate the cervix to release prostaglandins. Thats the hormone that tells your body to go into labor. Wine will not help you go into labor. If you are concerned about being post-dates...take time to consider if the baby is in the pelvis. Put two fingers into your v____a and try to feel your baby's head. It should be a hard round surface surrounded by your own tissue. Next reach a little deeper and see if you can find your cervix. It can be anywhere from a thick sausage like protrusion or thin like paper with a hole. If you can't feel it's probably too high and your not ready to go into labor. If it is low and the baby's head is also low....your in will be any day. Try to feel the softness of you cervix. Firmness is also a sign that your not ready. Soft and squishy is. If you can not feel your baby in the pelvis and your are past your due dates....thats a red flag. It could mean your baby is too might want to get an ultrasound for estimated fetal weight. Cesareans are good things...its saves your baby a broken shoulder. Just some things to consider.


rebecca - April 26

has anyone had there membranes stripped?


Sarah - April 28

My mother, an OB nurse, as well as my Grandmother suggested drinking wine as well for me. My grandmother said it worked in many of her pregnancies. I tried this with both my first pregnancy and my current pregnancy (40 weeks). It did not work either time but it did help me to relax and my Dr. said it would not hurt the baby.


k - April 28

The only time I have heard a Doctor tell someone to drink wine is when my friends baby was moving around so much so strongly at night that she was unable to get any needed sleep. He told her to have a gla__s of red wine before bed. It made her and the baby relax.


eyebeeablessing2u - April 28

I have heard that Red Raspberry tea works..... drink 4 cups in 2 hours.....sending you labour vibes...


kellie - April 29

i'm a week late too and nothing is working so i'm going to try a hot curry tonight lets hope it works.



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