Newborn Clothing Vs 0 3 Months

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ImpatientMommy - April 11

I noticed the newborn clothing says things like 5-8 pounds or 5.5-8.5 pounds and the 0-3 months clothing says things like 7-12 pounds so should I be getting more 0-3 months clothes than newborn? because I'm not sure how fast babies gain weight but I'm sure it won't be ini newborn clothes for THAT long if they only go up to 8.5 pounds.


JerseyGirl - April 11

Babies gain weight fast, but you just don't know what its weight will be at birth. You're better off getting more 0-3 months because even if they're a little big, it's much better than being too small.


xoxticiaxox - April 11

Yup 0-3 are the best, so Im told by everyone. I nly just realized that they grow really quick after I bought all these newborn clothes! Maybe it was my hope to keep her tiny forever :D Not gonna happen though! So now any cute newborn thing I see, I DONT seems all the new born stuff is 10 times cuter than the 0-3! But oh well hahahahahah


Gena - April 11

My baby was 7 lb 5 oz at birth. She wore preemie clothes for about 2 weeks. New borth for about 2 weeks and then 0-3 months until about exactly 3 months. She weighs 13 lbs now at exactly 3 months. It's mostly just the length you'll have problems with in my opinion. Good luck ladies :)


tyler0323 - April 11

i gave birth to a 6lbs6oz baby 3 weeks ago, when i brought her home i had to invest in premie clothes and diapers cause all the newborn and 0-3months stuff was way too big. now that lasted about 1.5 weeks, she is now in newborn and some 0-3 months but depending on the brand some 0-3 months are smaller than others. she is now 3 weeks old and getting to big for the newborn stuff, she is probebly around 8 pounds now. i find the legs to be the problem with things that are too big, i dont have a problem rolling up the sleeves


wrightofway - April 11

Consider this... some babies are born weighing 8lbs! I'd go with 3-6 month clothes and skip anything before that (have a son already who is 13 months old, and in 24 month clothes!). Keep in mind too... at birth... they will drop a bit of weight before gaining it back... You may want a few things in a 0-3 size... and then the rest in 3-6. You'll get more use out of the bigger sizes. And for the first few weeks... he / she will be all tucked under blankets... so no one sees its too big anyhow. PLUS... some outfits shrink in the dryer! Grrr. And if they aren't walking... no danger to have them a bit big... just my thoughts. Good luck.


Faye84 - April 12

i always ask that too! i guess you just cant tell until you have the baby. What i did was get one New Born outfit ( her coming home outfit) and then most of my stuff is 0-3 and 3-6. I dont have hardly anything newborn just because id rather get things that are a little loose.


IrinaZ - April 12

Here is what I don't get - some of 0-3 clothes I got are smaller than some of the Newborn... I guess the size is slightly different if the clothes are made by different companies.


Kathryn - April 12

My son was 6lb. 9oz. at birth and wore preemie clothes for a few weeks. Everything else fell off of him. My Mom had to go out and buy them. I have both ready this time because you really don't know what's going to fit them. I'm not sure I agree with going as big a 3-6, but keep the receipts and leave the tags on until you find out what you will need.


suze42 - April 12

I swear 5 yrs ago when I had my son, I dont even remember that there were NB sizes,!!!...I had all 0-3month...he was born i put him in the smallest ones that had shrunk... otherwise his sleepers were a little big...but not for long. I guess it depends on how big your baby is...My doc already told me my baby wasnt small so Im going to get only 1 NB outfit for coming home...and the rest 0-3 and up.


c_baer19 - April 12

Yeah, newborn ones will not be used for long, most likely. The ones I got (carter's) seem REALLY long for a newborn size - longer than the 0-3 months, lol! I got a pack of newborn onesies, and then mostly 0-3 months stuff. I haven't gotten too much yet though becuase my shower's this weekend, so I figured I'd wait to really go crazy until after I see what I get there!


c_baer19 - April 12

Oh, and I got a newborn sleeper and a 0-3 months sleeper, so far.


DDT - April 12

my baby weighed 7lbs4oz at birth. He wore newborn clothes for his first month...then we moved into the 0-3 size. I had about 6 newborn outfits. My baby went from 7lbs4oz to 8lbs11oz in 2 weeks.


KitCat - April 12

My DH and I brought newborn outfits to the hospital when our son was born. DH had to go down to the gift shop to buy something for him to wear home because he weighed 10 lbs. 4 ozs. at birth. He ended up buying a 3-6 month outfit, LOL. Good luck!


ILoveMyFam - April 12

I only bought 3 newborn things. Even thought my dd was 8lb, 2oz I ended up going out and buying a couple more NB size outfits because I hated how HUGE the 0-3 month clothes were. I think she wore newborn for a month or so.


andy - April 13

I bought like 8 newborn outfits and she some are just her size right now , the first outfit she wore was a preemie one that was a gift and it still fits , but not for long , She is 2 weeks old and I swear she can swim in 0 3 months clothes , well in the sleepers , but in the little dresses she is 0 3 , somehow maybe the sleepers are made bigger ... Oh, and she is almost 8 pounds so maybe you can buy 1 or 2 preemie , 5 newborn things and more 0 3 months ... but please do buy a lot of onesies and burp clothes ... when are you due ?? Good luck ¡¡¡


Kristin11 - April 13

my son is 9 days old and is wearing newborn and 0-3 mths. They both fit equally well but the 0-3 mths have room to grow, mean while the newborns willnot last much longer for him. He was 7lbs 11oz and 19 inches long at birth. Oh and he was 2 weeks early. i didnt buy any newborn but had them given to me. I presonally if i was you would buy more 0-3 mths.



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