My Brother Jealous Of Me

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JenJonJack - November 16

Hi there. This is my first post on this site so thank you for taking the time to read / reply. I am not familiar with the jargon so if you abbreviate, please give some indication as to what it means. Many thanks. I was expecting my first child earlier this year. When I told my brother and sister in law (they have two children) they didn't seem particularly happy for us which was strange, but nothing phased me as I was very excited. One comment that stands out however was that my nephew, being the first born, will always be my mother's favourite. I thought nothing of this as the idea of a favourite grandchild had never occurred to me.... Sadly there were complications at 22 weeks and Jack didn't make it. My partner and I were distraught and took months to recover - to the stage we are at anyway.... We recently made the decision to try again and got lucky first time. Clearly, due to the complications previously, we have been a lot more subdued about things as we are more concerned than we were. We have told our respective bosses and immediate family only - and hope to keep it this way for as long as possible. On several occasions I have spoken with my brother about the pregnancy and he has been very negative. He has made a comment (among others) that has really stuck in my head and as I would never make such a comment, I'm left confused. Today, he told me that when he told my sister in law, instead of her being happy, she was concerned. She is concerned that we are taking on too much. That raising a baby is hard work and that they cant be happy because they are concerned.... This makes no sense to me whatsoever! I understand that it is a huge responsibility - we both do. We are in a long term loving relationship, both in well paid jobs, in a privately owned house, both drive and both have supportive parents to help. My partners siblings are supportive and have experience as they have children. As far as I can see, we're in a good position. This comment coupled with his comment during our previous pregnancy can only point to jealousy of something? But Why? They have two perfectly healthy children.... I know this is a long winded post and I thank you for your patience in getting this far. If there is anyone out there that can possibly shed some light on this situation, it would be hugely appreciated. Many thanks in advance.



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