Preschool Games 

Preschool games are fun and educational tools to prepare children for formal schooling. There are many types of indoor and outdoor games that toddlers will enjoy while learning about letters, numbers, nature, and animals, to name a few. Preschool activities may come as spontaneous ideas or prepared exercises based on specialized educational materials. From indoor card games, to preschool outdoor games, and to preschool games printable online, games for toddlers are bound to exercise their mental and physical ability towards development.

Kid's games primarily make use of the senses. During this stage, toddlers develop a natural curiosity of their surroundings. Their primary tools to experience and understand the world are their senses. Take advantage of their willingness to learn by engaging them in toddler toys and activities that integrate learning.

Games to activate the senses

Preschool indoor games are wonderful venues to introduce the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes. Teachers and parents should start with basic questions such as: What sound is produced by the letter L? What number comes before 5? What is the color of the sky? Kid's games that allow them to describe, show and perform encourage them to fully maximize the use of their senses. A common way to teach them about colors and the alphabet are preschool games that involve singing and dancing. Teachers can also download preschool games printable forms from various websites.

Board and card games for toddlers

Preschool games can come in enjoyable board games with interesting images arranged in stairs and puzzles. Preschool indoor games on colorful boards may integrate number sequencing and counting, and matching colors and shapes. This is a healthy way to engage young children in healthy competition.

Innovative card games into preschool classroom games. The interesting design of a deck of cards will make toddlers curious not only of the images but also of their meanings. There are card decks especially made for preschool, with prints on colors, alphabet, nature and animals. Card games make use of children's skills such as identifying numbers, matching numbers and images and counting. These toddler games also encourage independence and concentration as the toddler focuses on the card combinations to win the game.

Online educational games for preschoolers

Many indoor games for preschoolers are Internet-based. Online games feature different areas of content, from language, math, science, and culture. Some are highly specialized for young learners. These games orient toddlers in the use of the keyboard, identification of letters and forming words. Many online preschool games easily attract preschoolers with its use of popular cartoon characters, colorful graphics and upbeat music.

Video games also serve as educational toddler games. Video games, like online games, make use of stories and challenges from which children can learn basic concepts. These preschool active games improve their ability to act and decide quickly on urgent situations. These also develop their hand-eye coordination and concentration. Today, there are novel video games that require active movement. These highly interactive games exercise multiple skills of toddlers.

Preschool outdoor games for skills development

Preschool outside games exercise the toddler's motor skills. These games can vary from sports to camping. Some of the most useful toddler toys that can be used are balls. Toddlers can toss one ball while singing the alphabet song. Toddlers can play a simplified basketball game and take note of the scores. This encourages toddlers to use number and observe proper counting.

Take preschool classroom games outside in enjoyable active games. Preschoolers love to play with color. Bring the painting activity outside of the classroom and let them paint what they see from their surroundings . Let the toddlers use water and paint brush to draw images. This "water painting" encourages children to imagine without making a mess of colors.

Outdoor camping and "hunting games" will always sound exciting to children. Turn these into preschool outside games that will expose children to their environment. Group toddlers and require each group to build a sheltered camp using only the materials in the garden. Design a scavenger hunt by listing down a description of objects that can be found in the outdoors. For example, you may list  "something round," "something smooth," "something green," and "something delicious." Group toddlers and give each one a copy of the list of things they are to find. The first group that gets to find all the correct items in the list wins the game. These preschool active games develop not only the physical but also the mental abilities of toddlers.

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