Baby Apparel 

Now that your little one is here, I'll bet you're all excited about his baby things. No doubt, the nursery has been done to perfection and everything in the house has been baby-proofed. Most moms get excited buying the baby clothes, apparel and furniture; in fact most of them go overboard!

Shopping for baby apparel and furniture is something that most dads dread and most moms revel in. Most parents start as soon as they know what sex their baby is. And if the sex is still unknown, there are lots of unisex baby apparel and other gear that you can buy.

Shopping For Mom and Baby

One of the first things a new mom will buy is pregnancy apparel. Normal clothes will fit during the first trimester but during the fourth month, the baby bump would begin to show and appropriate pregnancy apparel are needed. Back aches are common complaints during pregnancy so don't forget to buy shoes with low heels or flat shoes to help ease the discomfort.

One of the things to remember when you shop for a new born baby is that they will grow very fast during the first few months. Purchasing infant apparel that fits "just right" would be a waste of money. Buy baby clothes a few sizes bigger so that you can save on spendings.

Don't be afraid to buy bright colors for your baby. Baby apparel should consist of colors outside the normal blue, pink or white. Throw in some oranges, purples, neon greens and yellows. If you don't know the baby's sex yet, then try some browns and reds which are good unisex colors.

Find exciting infant apparel with cool prints. Funny baby apparel with cute sayings like "mom + dad = me" will make people laugh and smile.  Other common designs are popular cartoon or animal figures like Sponge Bob, Bugs Bunny or a baby american eagle. For your kid's bed, include blankets, pillowcases and comforters with animal prints, rockets, trains, ponies and rainbows to make it more colorful. Sports leagues also have baby sports apparel emblazoned with your favorite teams' logos so make your baby an adorable mascot by dressing him up like a Celtics fan!

The Essentials

Before everybody gets out of hand, remember to purchase baby apparel essentials first. Newborns will need onesies or one piece body suits. They are easy to remove and put one because of their strategically placed buttons. Cloth diapers are also important as these can save you tons of cash in the long run. Protect your baby from scratching his face by getting him some mittens. This will also keep his fingers warm. The same can be said for pajamas and socks. Babies get cold easily so the appropriate night time wear is also important.

Baby clothes and apparel for outings need to be comfortable, durable and stylish. American Eagle has launched a baby focused clothing line called 77kids. They have bibs, hats, clothes and baby shoes for girls and boys aged 0-18 months old.  They even have baby sports apparel to make your baby look more sporty.

Don't forget to buy baby apparel for the cold weather. Jackets, socks, booties, baby shoes, fleece or woolen blankets are a must. There are lots of baby clothing stores that sell quality yet affordable winter baby apparel so that you won't need to empty your wallet for these types of clothing as they are seasonal and your baby will most likely need new ones next year.

Find a sturdy diaper bag. Even though most babies outgrow their diapers between ages three to four, it still needs to be sturdy enough to hold more than just diapers. You can put in baby bottles, formula, toys and several changes of clothes when you're going out.

Eco Friendly, Baby Friendly

Eco friendly baby apparel like those made from bamboo are the 'in' nowadays. They are made from natural materials and are made without dyes or harmful chemicals. These are safe for a baby's sensitive skin. Aside from clothes, they also make cloth diapers made from bamboo. There are even bamboo made mobiles available!

Other baby apparel like mattresses, lotions, shampoo, soap, rattles and other toys also need to be lead or chemical free. Remember that babies have oral fixations. They regularly shove things into their mouths. So check the label. Make sure that there were no harmful ingredients added when the product was manufactured. If you are unsure as to what the chemical names mean, then check directly with the manufacturer or look it up on the internet.

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