Toddler Bunk Beds - Loft Bunk Beds, Bunk Bed with Desk

How do you search for a perfect bunk bed? That's actually always the concern of parents these days. This is because a bunk bed can already come in a wide variety of styles - from colors to designs. There is a bunk bed with desk, as well as a loft bunk bed. You can even find bunk bed plans that incorporate engaging features such as slides or mini tents.

Tips for choosing a bunk bed

Know the floor space. One of the foremost reasons for buying a bunk bed is to save on space. When you have two or more people sleeping in the room, you can get a twin over full bunk bed. This bunk bed can sleep two people: one on top, the other at the bottom. Moreover, the twin over full bunk bed may come with storage underneath, so you can save up more space. If you can find a larger bunk bed of this kind, you can definitely accommodate more than just two.

Decide on the strength. A bunk bed can be made of metal or wood. Of course, if you definitely want something sturdy you would definitely opt for the metal bunk bed. Wood, over time, can get damaged especially if there's plenty of moisture inside the room.

Try to invite warmth and coziness. Wouldn't you like your children's room to be more inviting? You may want to consider having a wooden bunk bed than a metal bunk bed. The former is more charming and creates an intimate ambiance right inside the room. This is also perfect if you also have other wooden fixtures around.

You can also opt for a loft bed. It is a bunk bed with a mattress located on top. The bottom is usually bed free, but a computer desk or small book storage can be placed in the space. This bunk bed can help you save space since you don't have to get a separate table and chair for the kid. You also have the option to remove the "workstation" or study area underneath in place of another bed.

Always consider quality. There's definitely a good reason why a bunk bed such as bunk bed Ikea sells like hotcakes. You should never compromise quality when it comes to your bunk bed. Otherwise, you're just inviting danger into your children's lives (imagine them falling off from the top). The bunk bed Ikea carries quality and guarantees that the company is highly known for. It's also easy for you to shop for such a bunk bed since there are several Ikea stores all over the country. You can also buy online.

Safety Issues

Some parents are actually apprehensive of getting a bunk bed because of safety issues. You should know, though, that you can avoid disasters, injuries, or even death if you know how to develop your bunk bed plans well.

Here are some tips:

1. Ensure that no hooks are attached to any part of the ladder.

2. Bunk beds should be for toddlers who are at least 6 years old. They have the ability to climb the stairs very well and are more careful with their actions. They can also follow your directions more effectively. It may also help to get a bunk bed that's not too high.

3. The top portion of the bed should have slat railings to keep them from falling off. The slats will also allow you to check on your children immediately. The distance between slats, however, should be no more than three inches to avoid smaller children from going directly through the slats and onto the floor.

There are different kinds of bunk beds you can choose for your kids. It's only a matter of preference and need. Comfort is one important thing to consider for your kid (or kids) to have a restful sleep.  The other thing that you should be concerned about will be the safety features found on the bunk bed.

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