Toddler Bed 

Toddlers may find the transition from sleeping in a crib to a bed quite challenging. Parents and caregivers must make this change easier by choosing the proper bed, including the mattress and toddler beddings. In choosing the best bed you should consider the safety of your toddler, while ensuring his comfort in this new haven for sleep.

Many major brands offer a variety of toddler bed choices, as well as toddler furniture. Some of the popular brands are Delta Enterprise, which distributes toddler beddings with cartoon themes such as Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, and Cars. Cosco Juvenile is known to have a selection of single toddler beds, twin beds, and bunk beds. These companies have galleries of toddler beds to choose from. However, parents should come up with toddler bed plans to aid them in choosing the perfect bed for their toddler.

A toddler bed must be easy to build

Toddler beds are sold as ready-to-assemble items. While some stores can deliver beds that are already assembled, others will require you to do the assembly yourself. When choosing a bed, scrutinize the design and check the intricacy required in putting it together. These products often come with toddler bed plans with detailed instructions on how to assemble the bed.

A toddler bed must be safely low

Toddlers tend to move a lot in their sleep. Choose a toddler bed that stands close to the ground. These beds will make it easy for toddlers to hop onto their bed. During sleep, it will also prevent injury from falling off the bed. Toddler beds that are a bit elevated may provide the advantage of a storage space under the bed. If this is your toddler bed of choice, make sure to place pads and thick rugs along the sides of the bed. This will serve as cushions in case of falling accidents.

A toddler bed should come with storage features

A toddler bed with storage drawers will definitely come in handy in keeping your toddler's room in order. Added storage is the trend in a modern toddler bed. This design is convenient for toddlers to easily keep their toys and clothes under the bed. Instilling the value of cleanliness and order early on in a child's development will go a long way as he grows up.

A toddler bed must be located where sleep is most inviting

Safety and comfort must be considered when deciding on where to place the toddler bed. The arrangement of the bed and other toddler furniture must foster an orderly environment. Do not place the toddler bed near windows with drapes or blinds. Place it away from appliances, lamps, and heating units. Position the headboard of the bed against the wall, with the sides off the wall to keep your toddler from being trapped between the wall and the bed. Whether you are using a metal, wooden or plastic toddler bed, make sure to place it away from possible sources of heat and fire.

A toddler bed must come with bed rails for safety

To ease your mind of worries about possible slipping and other accidents, place bed rails on the bed. Many kid's beds come with built-in rails that can be easily detached. If you want to customize your toddler bed, purchase rails separately and install them around the mattress. You can also fit rails in twin beds for children.

A toddler bed must be of nontoxic materials in an attractive design

A modern toddler bed comes in various materials and designs, from a car toddler bed, to a light-weight plastic toddler bed, to a bulky wooden toddler bed. One of the popular design is the car toddler bed that is brightly painted and paired with car-themed bedding. When looking into painted toddler beds, make sure that the finishing does not contain toxic substances such as lead. The design should not have sharp edges as well. Go for a design that assures the security and enjoyment of your toddler.

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