Baby Milestones - The Fun and Challenging World of Toddler Development

Baby development is fascinating. Watching your baby grow and develop can happen very quickly. It is important to take note of baby milestones not only to find out if your baby is developing as he should, but also because the changes are worth remembering. Baby milestones can be captured through a camera or video recorder. It is fun and great to document your child's development.

Newborn babies to a few weeks old

As your baby grows older there are baby milestones that you should look out for. After birth babies are usually grayish in color but they will gradually have normal coloring as soon as they take their first few breaths. Infants will spend the majority of their time sleeping. Newborn babies usually sleep up to 18 hours a day. The rest of the time, they are either staring, feeding or pooping. Babies will cry to signify that they are hungry, lonely, bored, uncomfortable or just because they want something. It takes time for a parent to learn what the baby wants, especially for first-time parents. At this age, babies are able to respond to caresses and light touches.

Baby milestones to watch out for during this stage are the ability to put their hands in their mouths, and movements will start to become less jerky and more fluid.

Baby milestones in 3 months

As the months go by, you will notice that your baby will begin to get heavier. The baby milestones in three months are a significant weight gain, recognition and better neck control. You baby will gain up to two pounds per month. During the first few months, he will begin to recognize your voice, follow you with his eyes, and he usually likes to stare at bright colors. Your baby will also start to smile and giggle. At three months, your baby will start to develop basic motor skills and start grabbing and reaching out. This is a good age to train him to strengthen his arms, legs and neck by putting him on his tummy. Laying him on his tummy also encourages him to learn to scoot and crawl.

What to expect in 6-month old babies

By the time your baby is at 6 months, more and more baby milestones happen. Your baby starts to develop a personality of his own and can already recognize the word 'no'. At this age, he already knows how to communicate with you through different cries, and he can already respond to the different emotions in voice. Six month old baby milestones include being able to sit up, roll over and even crawl. Some babies start to teeth at this stage.

Baby milestones to toddler milestones

A lot of milestones usually occur during 18 to 21 months of your child's life. Now your baby milestones become toddler milestones.  By now he has a vocabulary of around 50 words. He can already talk in simple sentences. He is able to use a spoon and fork and is also capable of dressing, and sometimes undressing, by himself. Kids at this age are able to learn the different body parts, recognize and name people and animals. He is also able to control bowel functions better. This is the best time to potty train your kid. With proper and regular potty training, he should be able to go to the potty with less assistance in no time.

Premature babies have milestones too

Because premature babies, or preemies are born underweight and early, most of their organs are underdeveloped. A premature infant needs extra attention so the focus of the premature baby milestones is always to get the baby's weight up, organ development, and to help the baby prepare for life outside the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Once the baby is deemed able to join his parents outside the NICU, then this will have been the biggest premature baby milestone your preemie has accomplished.

Understanding your infant's developmental milestones

Understanding your infant's developmental milestones mean that you are able to supplement these infant milestones by giving the infant correct assistance. Understand that not all babies hit these infant milestones at the same age. In some cases, there are babies that are delayed in their development or have developmental disabilities. Babies and children with special needs are able to develop faster and easier if needs are assessed and monitored early on.

Milestones are good gauges of baby development. This is why it is important to know and understand what these baby milestones and developmental milestones are.

To better understand baby milestones and your child's development, there are children's books, baby milestone charts, websites and online forums that can help you track and monitor your child's developments.

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