10dp5dt HCG

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Teddyfinch - May 14

mama-beans: ah yes because google is full of useless information and never directs anyone towards a helpful site...obvioulsy you're google illiterate. i responded because no one else did and people who know anything about pregnancy know that a high hcg level does NOT necessarily mean twins, which i pa__sed on to you. you can ask anyone else. it does not guarantee you multiples. duh. next time i suppose i'll let you post be ignored and buried like it should have been, obviously. i wasn't trying to sound superior you ninny. i was trying to keep you from getting your hopes up that you had twins so you wouldn't be upset if you didn't. if you think that's mean, then you're too hormonal to be in public right now. i think you have anger issues, because high hcg's can also be a sign of down's. informing someone isn't making a dig at someone so how about you stop being the b___h in all of this. i'm not out to attack you. i gave you the little amount of information on your question that i had and you immediately came after me for it. go ask your doctor. it has been a week since you asked your question and your doctor will have the best answers for you. but i suppose you know everything so you only asked for no reason. no one said anything about the risk of twins. no one cares. ivf has a higher rate of twins than natural i suppose, but i never had to go that far, so i don't know. don't get up me for that. your little buddy didn't come along until a week later, so your post would probably have been buried by the annoying clomid posts that pop up, so at least someone kept it up there. oh and if you're looking for the perfect forum, why not go to the problems getting pregnant forums where women who've actually had ivf are and stop bothering the women here that are mostly pregnant with twins naturally.


Teddyfinch - May 14

i do understand, now, though that she would like other moms who have had ivf and had multiples to share their hcg levels. i get that now. and my doc doesn't do hcg levels, and i wasn't ivf, so unfortunately, i'd be no help comparison-wise.


mama-beans - May 21

And.... it's twins! Measuring one day small, we couldn't quite measure a heartbeat. I go back in a week,


samehere - May 21

Congrats Mama-beans! You are one of us!!!! So much for the HCG levels being something bad. I don't usually tell women with high HCG levels that it could be twins but I sure had a hunch for you. That and also knowing it was IVF so your chances were very high from the start with the high HCG levels to support the suspicions. I know you are scared but I am so happy for you!


epigg - May 21

Mama-beans: How wonderful! Congratulations! I had a sono yesterday at five weeks. One sack with a yolk sack. So, I am a__suming only one baby unless we end up with two in that sack! Unlikely! I am sure you are just thrilled! How many weeks along are you? Were you able to see the heartbeats? I have another sono next Thursday, 6 weeks 2 days then, and am hoping to see a heartbeat! Congrats!


mama-beans - May 21

The sacs measured just a few days shy of 6 weeks, so we couldn't say with absolute certainty that we saw heartbeats, although we're pretty sure we did. The tech said "I see them, but they are too small and faint to be absolutely sure about, the babies are just so small right now" so I'm going back in next week.


Teddyfinch - May 21

awesome congrats!


samehere - May 22

Congrats to you Epigg. It will be exciting to hear that heartbeat on Thursday.


mLee - May 23

Congrats, mama-beans! i too am expecting twins through IVF. I am now 10 weeks. I was hospitalized for a week with OHSS in the beginning so my beta # is sort of unusual. But at 9dp5dt it was only 84. We thought for sure it was just one because of the low #. My beta rised very slowly and the day i left the hospital after getting some what back to feeling better the beta level jumped. It is so interesting to hear everyone's #'s. If i had read your post in the beginning i would have guessed twins for sure!! So congrats and enjoy!!


ROBYN - May 23

Mama - i just happened to glance over here and i wanted to totally congratulate you. I totally understood you about the beta contraversy though beta levels could go either way really meaning nothing or something with IVF we are already "ahead" of the game then most people with transferring embryos and blasts so betas should range higher than a natural conception. I am so happy for you. My FET with 3 excellent quality blasts at 10dpo was 292 and 14dpo was 1392 and it was just one as you know hes now 12 weeks old. We thought for sure multiples and it wasnt. Please keep in touch and swing over to the IVF thread if you want so we can keep in touch.


mama-beans - May 28

wee little update, two beautiful babies seen with two beautiful little hearts beating, everything looks perfect!


momoftwins90212 - August 29

I know this is rather old but I had to register just to comment (mom of fraternal twins girls at 47 - yes DE) on someone's posts. Not looking to have more but very happy with how it worked out! Just wanted to say what a horrible, horrible response from Teddy and when I was on Page 1 I thinking, "Oh, please, oh, please let it be twins!" Felt pretty smug on Page 2 so I can only imagine how MB was feeling. It's such an idiotic remark when you put back 2 good blasts. Makes no sense. My beta at 6dp5dt (I live in Europe and we can get blood tests for like $12 or so) was 100. 2nd at 8dp5dt (13dpo) was 295. We put back 3. My doubling time did slow a bit after this and pick up again so it's possible all 3 implanted and we lost one. (2 is more than enough!) But please, disregard such ignorant comments. I can speculate the reason for her snarky remarks but thinking you can too so why articulate it. I only wish I had been on here in May to respond. My friend is 48 and put back 3 DE so I'm checking #s to see how many may have taken. Looking like just one but you never know. MB, if you're reading this, what are you having? Congrats!! And rest up! ;)



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