Irish Twins Question

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alirenee86 - February 14

For those of you who may not have heard of the term, 'Irish Twins', it refers to having 2 babies in less than a year. Well, this is the case for me, I'm pregnant with my second. Just wondering if any of you are an Irish twin or know anybody with irish twins that are of both s_xes?? Everyone my husband and I talk to in this situation have either 2 boys or 2 girls. My first was a boy and curious if it'll be own silly experiment!! Thanks for your input!


llukenjess - February 14

my sisters are 10 mos was born literally right after the other....


sphinx - February 14

my father and my uncle (his brother obviously) were born within a year of each other. My sister has Irish Quintuplets... LOL... here 5 were boom boom boom... one a year till the tubes were tied. it went... boy, girl, boy, boy, girl.


Teddyfinch - February 14

my cousin had a little girl 10 months after having her son. so i guess it can go either way really.


mommyofboys - February 14

I heard that if you concieve within a year of having a baby that your 75% more likely to have the same gender. Not sure if it is true (I can not find the study on the internet) but it happened to me. They are not irish twins however they are 17.5 months apart though. Obviously there is 25% of it going either way if the study is true.


sphinx - February 15

Well, I have this weird theory that is entirely my own and not backed by any science at all so take it for what its worth... Take a look at the general population of your town or city. In my city there are about 3 men for every one woman. (we have a military base so thats in part why) Anyway, I think in places like this where it is so one-sided, there is higher chances of having the gender that would help to even things out. I had twin girls. So for example if your city has mostly women or a high ratio of women, then you would be more likely to have a boy... now remember, there is nothing to back this up, just my ponderings :)


alirenee86 - February 17

sphinx- that's really cute. I like your imagination ;) I can't help but think there has to be some truth to what mommyofboys said. I feel like it's true that within a year, the chances of having the same s_x must be greater. I'd be more than happy with a girl, just easier if it's a boy because everything is set up for a boy already!


angelgabby84 - February 19

A colleague of mine has Irish twins in her family (and she is actually Irish) They were born 11 months apart and are now 14 and 13 (i think). The eldest is a girl and the youngest is a boy. Hope this helps


angelgabby84 - February 19

Oh I havo cousins who are Irish twins also! They are one of each and are currently both 25.


angelgabby84 - February 19

Oh there is a middle aged woman in my street who had six children and they were all a year behind each other in school (I know this because I went to school with them). I am not sure how many of them are actually cla__sed as Irish twins because i only know one of thier birthdays but I am sure that some of them are. They go - girl, girl, girl, girl, boy. boy.


alirenee86 - February 19

wow, angelgabby, that's a lot of Irish twins!! Thanks!


patsy4545 - April 19

I'm not sure if you know, but "Irish twins" is a derogatory term that makes fun of the Irish not using birth control. It sounds cute, but it has racist roots.


sphinx - April 19

ok, well if you want to get offended thats up to you. Its not what I meant since I myself have Irish ancestors. That is whats wrong with America today. Everyone is getting offended over little meaningless things. I honestly don't care if it has racist roots. So does the "N" word but black people have kept it alive all this time. I mean, it is so silly now that I might as well shut up and never say a darn thing. Just yesterday, someone "informed" me that the word oriental is offensive. What? are you serious? I was just saying what flavor of Ramen Noodles I like. See what I mean? So, yeah, I know and I'll still say it anyway.


grampamelendez - December 26

I have often visited this topic over the years. Wondering just how common Irish twins are? I was born Jan 22 1971 (male) and my sister was born Dec 25 1971 (female). We always joke about it. Every jan on my birthday when she calls i tell her what to look forward too. And every Christmas I call her and welcome her to the club..

  The definition of a irish twin is any siblings born in a 12 month period (1 year) So does that make us Double irish twins (a double shot of irish twins) Since we were born in the same calander year?? Seriously if anyone can find any actual statistics on how common irish twins are or even a percentage of the population that represent irish twins please free free to message me.


leedavidodea - July 2


My name is Lee, I'm male and I am an Irish Twin. My sister Melissa is 11.5 months older than me. So we are girl-boy... It took a very long time for the penny to drop and for me to realise I am very unlikely....



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