January 2016 Clomid Cycle Buddies. Hoping For Multiples.

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mytime00 - January 17

LOL I hope so Triplets! Thank you! . I'm glad things are working out for you! 


Tripletswishes - January 17

I hope they do, because I just bought me a very expensive pregnancy pillow by Boppy called Total Body Silverleaf.  And a whole shitload of maternity clothes, brastfeeding bras and maternity panties.  Goodness gracious, I´ve been shooping from my laptop in my bed without actually adding up the cost of things, talk about being mindlessly bored.  

Anywho, how are you my darlings??  I finally read the threads while eating a big mac with extra extra cheese and googling down a large pepsi max.  Pretty interesting threads might I say.  

Ok ladies, I shall be back soon, got a whole shitload of message from my 35+ pregnancy group that i need to answer.  Hugs


mum2three - January 17

Hey Lovely Ladies.

This month seems to be flying for you Mytime- I can't believe you are already about to ovulate! YAY for short cycels, my 36 days cycles were so drawn out and boring!

I'm sorry your feeling unwell Triplets, I have been getting waves of nausea too. Not too bad, and I have only actually thrown up twice.

I have been getting quite a few dizzy spells, but it has been hot hot hot here and I don't think I've been drinking enough water!

And Triplets I am also weeing over other minute, but for now I haven't been getting up over night (which I normally do anyway) so that is nice.

HCG draw today. I am quietly confident it will be ok, I very much have pregnancy symptoms, and hpt are very dark.

I've ruled myself out of twins, with ultrasound results and lower hcg, but there is always the miricle of identicles. HAHA but there is almost no chance of that either.

I have decided that I won't get an early scan at 8 weeks, I'll wait until the standard 12 week one. I know my dates, and there isn't much point.

Other then being super tired I'm ok with not huge changes. I will often forget I'm even pregnant. Still haven't told DH yet, will tell him in a few weeks, his got a big project at work which should finish up soon and he will be much more relaxed after that!

HOW CRAZY IS THIS?!?!?! My eldest DS told me yesterday morning that he had a dream I have 2 babies in my belly, and he was sad because we only have one swing, so one baby had to wait, but that was ok because he put the baby in the rocker while it had to wait. I have not even talked to my kids about the posibility of having another baby so it was totally left field haha.

Having said that he also told me he had a dream last night that our youngest fell over and her head fell off and rolled around the kitchen, he was very upset. So I am guessing that his not psychic lol. Lets hope not for the second dream anyway.


mytime00 - January 19

Hello ladies!! Thank you for keeping me us updated! I really enjoy reading your stories. Yes today I am on CD 15! No positive OPK yet but I BD yesterday and I will today :-) and everyday this week! Tripplets that is so funny about you shopping lol I will do the same think. It's so excited! I'm so happy for you ladies. I'll talk to you soon !


mum2three - January 19

Hey. I'm 5 weeks today.

Told DH, he just laughed. His sad we will no longer fit in his ute, but we have one 7 seater car.

I got my hcg levels back. 1770 at 18dpo, so on the higher side of normal. Plus a doubling time of 1.4days or 31 hours. Which is great, average is 48-72 hours.

Spoke to dr this morning to get blood levels and he said he will send me for an ultrasound at 7-8 weeks just to check all is well.

Cool! lol.



mytime00 - January 24

Oh wow mum! Lol I'm glad he is supportive! Well I'm 1 dpo. I had such strong ovulation pain this cycle! I hope I covered it. I will be updating you guys!


Ashleem045 - January 30

I did two rounds of clomid found out Sunday after Christmas I was pregnant. We had been trying for about two years .... My husband has 18 sets of twins in his family and I know of two sets in mine ... We knew our chances were high ... Found out at 6 weeks I was pregnant with twins . They are in separate sacs . 


mytime00 - January 31

Congrats to you Ashleem!!! How early in your DPO were you having symptoms? 


Tripletswishes - February 10

hello ladies, it doesnt seem like anyones been in here for a awhile.... well, just an update.....i got my results back today from my HCG test and at 10 weeks my hcg levels are 123000.  I am now 11 weeks and 2 days today.


Tripletswishes - February 13

Update: I bought myself a fetal doppler and the heartrate is 133bpm.  very happy, very pleased.

So, mum2three what´s going on with you these days????

Mytime00, It´s around the time for you to check now isnt it??? whats going on, I would like updates please.


mytime00 - March 18

HI LADIES!!!! I'm still not pregnant :-( I don't know why..... Sigh I'm not sad about it anymore I just figured it's not Mytime ! Like my name!! Lol I hope you all are well please keep updating us . You guys are the best! 


Tripletswishes - March 28

Hi Mytime, I am having a miscarriage today, it started yesterday afternoon at 4pm.  I did not get an email when you laste wrote here and i can see it is since march 18. That sucks, because i would have liked to have been there for you then.  I am very sorry to hear that you´re not pregnant, but now we could probably try together again.

Please contact me on facebook, i dont care if you are big or small, fat or skinny, ugly or pretty,  That shit does not matter to me!!!!

 Look for me on facebook and add me as a friend on or not, its up to you! Facebook and email adress is the same :makerw2@hotmail dot com



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