Ovulate On Your Own But On Clomid Did You Have Multiples

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annala - November 9

twinmommy- sorry i missed your post somehow in the beginning but no u/s so dun no this is my 1st cycle i just got done taking the pills i had not even started taking them when you text in here well if you come back thanks for your response.......


Beija Rene - November 11

PK74 - I ovulate on my own and started Clomid 50mg CD 3-7 last month. I did not get pregnant. I am taking a Clomid cycle break during November and December. Will try injectable gonadotropins on January.


fataki - November 14

In June, I had surgery to remove a very large cyst from my right ovary. My OB also found endometriosis, which she burned. It turns out that the pain I was experiencing was from the endo and not the cyst (though I have to believe it contributed). Anyway, I ovulate on my own and very consistently. I have one dd who was conceived cycle 6 of TTC in 03. Last month, my OB had my use Clomid because she wanted me to get pg sonner than later. due to the endo - it is very painful and could get worse. Obviously, since TTC, I couldn't use birth control to help with the endo. Well, 50 mg, cd's 3-7 and first month -- pregnant. Waiting for 8 week u/s to see how many. I took Mucinex starting day 8 and took it through day 16 and my CM was just as perfect as when I was TTC my dd with no Clomid. I should note that I have read that Guaifenesin does not "make" CM, but it helps keep what you have thin, loose and better for conception (and for me, it certainly did). Mucinex is great because it has nothing extra and it comes in a time-release tab so I just took one at night and one in the morning and never had to think about drinking cough syrup three times a day. I gained very conservatively with my dd - 26 pounds total and gained nothing my first trimester. I have gained about 4 pounds and am not even 8 weeks. I am eating very healthy, complete foods - no sugar, no white carbs, etc. Non-fat milk, lean protein (basically, I follow the best-odds diet from What to Eat . . .) - Is this weight gain normal? I am also taking progesterone - do the hormones alone make you gain weight? This is just very weird for me, but I don't want to a__sume that I am carrying twins with only 8% odds. Thanks in advance!


CLOMID USER - August 29



irishsweetie2003 - October 24

twins4us : That's not exactly factual about decreasing you chances of concieving when you already ovulate... Trust me, if it were, my OB would never have recommended it... It increases your chances of developing mature follicles when taken from days 2-6 or 3-7.... That is my issue, not stong enough follicles and I have chemical pregnacies because of it... So, the clomid is perscribed to increase my egg health so it won't be missing as many chromosomes and stands a better chance of sticking.... I really wish that people wouldn't just look on some silly web site that has no medical credidations and voice opinions.... Listen, Clomid is meant to help people concieve.. it will dry up you CM, but if taken with mucinex, and eavening prime rose.... You will be fine... I also use pree seed wich is awsome!!! This definately handles the dry problem. So long as you have fertile fluid, (pree seed) it doesn't have to be naturally yours... After all, your has alot of antibodies in it attcking the sperm... The preseed has all the ingredients your body requires for the sperm to survive and swim into the cervix... I use instead cups to hold in my donations and give my body as much time as it needs to obsorb it's donation... Trust me ladies, I applaud you effort to worry uneducated women, and make them afraid of using clomid, but clomid is safe unless you have an "elegic" reaction to it....


samehere - October 24

This post is over a year old. Let it go.


fairytale4565 - March 22

Did you end up with Singletons or multiples? ????



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