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mira - November 29

I was wondering the same thing as jeannie .. im only 3 days late but since my period is almost like clock work, i was sure i was prego. I also had/have all the same symptoms as my previous pregnancy. I had a blood test (at 2 days late) but it came out negative, so i was wondering if its all in my mind or if its possilble that it was too early for the hcg to show up in my blood ..


jenniferteague87 - December 1

well i need help myself. i am 3 months late for my period, i am lactating, and i have taken several at home pregnancy tests which have concluded negative and i have taken 2 blood test which have concluded negative.. any ideas write me on yahoo j_teague_87... awaiting all comments and suggestions...:)


Shorty20 - December 11

Hey everybody I have a huge question... Ok my story is that I have been having signs of pregnancy like- Very sore b___sts the nipples mainly and my nipples never hurt when I am about to start my period or atleast not like this... I have some cramping thot it was period at first but then I got the really sore nipples and they get worse... Much more moody and emotional then b4... The point is I took 2 HPT this week and both were negative then yesterday I took a blood test and it was also negative... But I am still experiencing the signs of pregnancy and even feel like I am... I also got the achy back and cant sleep ive been up until like 2 all week and that is not like me at all... I was supposed to start my period around the 6 which still havnt started... So is it possible that I am pregnant... Cuz I have read other forums where girls have been negative on the blood tests after they are like a week or 2 pregnant... Then like a week later they find out they are really pregnant... I really hope somebody can answere my question cuz me and my fiance really want to have a baby...


ncdragonfly - December 16

Just like everyone else here, I want answers. My last cycle started on Oct 30th, and my complete cycle is always 25 days. I should have started again on Nov. 24th, but that day came and went with no signs of AF. I took several HPT's and all came out negative. I felt like I was having pregnancy symptoms. Such as running to pee every 2-3 hours, which I normally go alot longer. I can be at work and just sit in a chair and start to nod off, but when its time to sleep at night, I feel like all I do is spend the whole night tossing and turning. I have been constipated and really really gasey. I only had one little bought of nausea and that was one night when my b/f handed me a bowl with dinner in it and I smelled it. I felt like I was going to be sick, but I ate the food anyways because I hadn't eaten since earlier that day. Anyways, I went to the doc on fri dec 5th. They did another urine test and it came back negative, however it did show that I had a mild bladder infection. On top of that, the doc said that I had a case of BV and a slight yeast infection. I have finished off the antibiotics that she gave me and still no sign of AF. I went to a local lab yesterday and got the yes no blood test done. I received the results this morning and it was negative. I go back to see the doctor tomorrow. I have no idea what they are going to do there other than probably doing another urine test. I am 29 going on 30, have never been prego, but really want children. This week on friday the 19th, would be when my second AF should come. I worry about missing that one too. Any suggestions on what I should do, or talk to my doctor about?


ncdragonfly - December 16

You yes and I forgot to mention that I have a condition called Psuedo Tumor Cerebri, if means flase brain tumor. I causes severe headaches and can cause nausea. So I have stopped taking my meds for the condition because they haven't been fully tested in pregnant women and I don't want to take that chance. So I have been having headaches, but I can't contribute that to being a prego sign or just having one from my condition


dazybug2 - February 6

HI Gals....boy am I glad I found this forum!!! Let me preface this with when off the pill...I am ridiculously regular!! 28-30 days...and can usually time AF starting w/in 5 to 15 minutes!!! My husband and I got married in Oct...went of the pill then. AF ON Thanksgiving day (happened to be a week late...but figured normal due to quitting the pill). AF on Christmas day!! Blah!!! Hubby and I are TTC...Figure I ovulated on 1/8...def got busy...About 10 days later started feeling nausea, slight cramping, sensitivity to food smells, slight nipple tenderness. Sat 1/24 took mid-day was so nauseated I could hardly function...went to ER took UA and blood test...negative...they gave me nausea meds and sent me home (checked my blood for other body functions as well...normal). I am now 2 weeks late. Made a Dr. appt for Tues. next week 2/10. So we'll see. I have only really been having slight cramping and mild b___st tenderness...oh...and slight exhaustion (one day a week or so I just sleep until I have to pick up my son from school). I'm to the point where I'm just like...well...whatever...if God wants me to be preggo...I will be...if not...I'll need some a__sistance to jump start my cycle again. But am def glad I'm not the only one experiencing this strangeness!!!


starlight4405 - February 19

Hey all!!!! I need and appreciate any and all advice possible! My last period was 12/31 and was regular. My partner and I are very open to conceiving and were active while I was scheduled to ovulate(Jan 17-22). I took a HPT on 02/07 and got a negative. I have the symptoms(nausea, extreme fatigue, frequent urination, tender b___sts/nipples, constipation, aversions to certain foodsand smells I used to like, mood swings, irritability, higher body temperature/hot flashes, and the gut feeling that I'm pregnant). I took a blood(qualitative) test on 02/13 which was negative. Took another HPT 02/18 that was negative and saw the GYN the same day. GYN didn't bother doing a quanitative and said I'm probably not pregnant. Instead, he prescribed Provera to jump start period....but I just don't feel like I should take it(instructions warn to NOT take if pregnant). Still no sign of period. My cycles usually rang from 33-38 days but I've NEVER missed a period even after having an ovarian cyst the size of a grapefruit and right ovary removed. Could I really be pregnant, but not have enough HCG to show up in tests? Please advise!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!


jfree - June 12

Anyone have results of POSITIVE after a NEGATIVE blood test?



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