Symptoms of a Pregnant Woman - What are They?

She's HOW OLD?

The idea of a woman over the age of 50 bearing children seems a bit much for most of us. At 50, a woman is either mid-menopause, post-menopause, or peri-menopause - but usually not pregnant. Yet, in today's society, with the ability to access assisted reproductive techniques, a woman who is healthy can be fertilized in vitro and give birth to at least one baby, and often more. It is no longer an eyebrow raiser to hear of a woman in her 50s having a baby and it appears that the 60 to 66 year old age range is beginning to outstrip the 50-year-old women in terms of recorded frequency of pregnancies and live births. One of the latest, an Asian woman of 78 years, gave birth in 2006, and is thought to have been the oldest woman to have a baby in recent times. While the numbers haven't reached those of pregnant teens, and likely never will, it is still interesting and mind boggling to know that older women want to conceive and birth babies in their mature years.

Symptoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very consuming event, and the symptoms of a pregnant woman are both common to women and different for each individual. When conception occurs, there is often abdominal pain and a bit of bleeding as implantation takes place. Cramping and discomfort are often present for the first few weeks. Then, nausea, vomiting and that feeling that she just can't get enough sleep are the prevailing symptoms of pregnancy for the next few weeks. As the baby begins to grow and the uterus begins to enlarge, the sensations of having to go to the bathroom more often than usual begin, and last throughout the pregnancy as baby grows. In the second trimester, the honeymoon period, for a pregnant woman, food is a joy. Cravings, coupled with the joy of being able to hold the food down, combine to give a pregnant woman food delights. Because the baby hasn't filled her belly entirely at this point, there's still room for her stomach, so eating is still fun.

Eating Well For Mother and Baby

When it comes to eating, it is important for a pregnant woman to eat a diet high in nutritional value. The baby will take nutrients from the placenta, which is nourished by the mother's body. Eating a diet that is fresh and wholesome benefits both mother and baby. Green parents, those who eat organic foods and use non-toxic, green, products, have made some excellent decisions when it comes to caring for themselves and their unborn baby. By being aware and conscious of the value of organic foods, they ensure the health of their baby. Once baby is born, making the little one a "green baby" will help to make his or her life less stressful in terms of allergies and illnesses through the use of environmentally friendly products and healthy foods.

Almost There

By the third trimester, her feet have disappeared and the feelings of being tired return. Now it is primarily due to the extra weight she's carrying around and the fact that it is hard to find a place that is comfortable to sleep at night. The pressure on the bladder is greater than ever and the stomach is pushed up almost into the throat (or so it feels). As a woman nears the end of her pregnancy, she may not feel very beautiful, but it is at precisely this point in time that some of the most beautiful pregnant woman art and photography is done.

Pregnancy Art and Photography

It is becoming more common for pregnant women to have special photographic sessions done to commemorate the pregnancy - and the results are usually stunning. Pregnant woman photography is sensitive, and intimate. Whoever says a pregnant woman isn't sexy (something she'll say about herself) is mistaken. The emotional depth of a piece of pregnant woman art and a pregnant woman photograph can be very moving and pictures taken at this time are real treasures.

A couple may choose to do some pregnant woman videos as well, especially during labor and birth. Again, what was once taboo and thought of as unpleasant takes on a whole new dimension when filmed in the context of love and the intimacy of birth. A look on the internet will let you know just how common it is now for women to have a video record of labor and birth.

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