8 ways to capture your baby’s first moments

Parents waiting for a baby to be born are arguably simultaneously the most nervous and excited people in the world. It’s the beginning of a journey that takes you on a voyage that those without children couldn’t possibly comprehend. One interesting and rather funny aspect of this is that you want to document every single second of it.

As a baby, these formative moments where you learn and develop aren’t something that you will remember, but for parents it is something that they will want to cherish and retain forever. Capturing these moments is for parents one of the seminal experiences of parenthood, and allows them to be shared with family and friends across the world. Here are eight ways that you can capture these moments:

- Using a baby journal will allow you to develop your thoughts on particular moments. These are largely customisable and there’s a special feeling that you get when using your own words that are counter to everything Hallmark stands for. 

- Milestone posters are a very modern way of keeping a record as well as track of your child’s development.

- Online baby books are perhaps the most contemporary of the options available to parents and possibly the most suitable for the tech-savvie amongst us. Interestingly, this could be the best way to share information with friends and family that live too far for a face-to-face visit. Check out the free online Baby Crowd journal.

- Use your mobile phone! Since most people have mobiles with a very capable video and camera function, they offer an easy opportunity to document your child on the move. It means that no matter where you are, you can capture a moment. Again, this is another way that facilitates the sharing of pictures with friends and family.

- Creating a calendar of moments. This can be done simply by using conventional photography and putting the pictures in chronological order, even just placing them on the fridge for everyone who visits to enjoy.

- Milestone baby cards are another way in which you can document. A pack will come with thirty milestones and allow you to fill in the corresponding date and time of each event.

- Being there! By being there at these special moments you will be able to imprint not only an image of your child’s development at a particular point but also how it made you feel which is, if anything, even more important!

Capturing these moments is both important and enjoyable. Imagine in the future when you will be able to share these formative moments with the children themselves!

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