Pregnancy Counseling Services

Pregnancy Counseling Services

Even though pregnancy is a wonderful experience, for some women it can be a stressful or frightening one - especially if it comes unplanned. In such cases, pregnancy counseling services provide an opportunity for a woman to confirm her pregnancy and talk with a pregnancy counselor about her particular situation. This kind of service is offered by a number of different organizations, some of which have hotlines. Many general counseling services and family counseling services also offer pregnancy help.

When a woman wants to have a child, pregnancy is exciting and the discovery is followed up with a visit to the doctor to get started on pre-natal care. However, sometimes a woman finds out she's pregnant and has no idea where to start. She may be uncertain about resources for pre-natal care, or she may be emotionally stressed at the thought of having a baby. Unplanned pregnancy counseling and a chat with a pregnancy counselor can reduce the stress and help to give her some clear direction on what to expect and where to go for the services she requires.

A woman who ha*++*s determined she wants to keep her baby but is in a low-income financial bracket can obtain help through pregnancy counseling where she can be advised of programs where she can get help with the costs of pre-natal care and delivery costs. Food stamps, housing vouchers and assistance with medical costs are just some of the ways a woman in this situation can be helped. Afterward she may need help with family issues, in which case she can avail herself of family counseling services as well.

Unplanned Pregnancy Counseling

In some cases, a woman is unsure of what she wants to do - or what is best for her. Some women are not prepared to become parents.  In such situations pregnancy depression can cause her to make a decision that she may regret. Seeking unplanned pregnancy counseling is a way to learn about various options available, ideally without having an agenda thrust at her. Some pregnancy counseling agencies strongly advocate abortion, and a woman who is dealing with pregnancy depression may feel she has no way out. A sensitive counselor can help her through to an answer that is best for her. If she feels she is not equipped to keep the baby, options for adoption and placement are available. Sometimes a woman decides that abortion is the only way to deal with her situation - in which case after abortion counseling she may receive referrals to practitioners who perform such services. The most important facet is that the woman is making her own decision based on sound counsel. It is typical for pregnancy counseling to include family counseling services as well, providing information for post birth or abortion care.

Army Pregnancy Counseling

A woman in the military who becomes pregnant is required to receive army pregnancy counseling from her unit commander who will provide information regarding options, entitlements, and responsibilities. A female soldier can choose to remain on active duty or she may opt to leave the service. Military pregnancy uniforms are supplied and restrictions concerning work and deployment are put into place. The only sanction the military gives to abortion by a military doctor is if the mother's life is endangered.

While it would seem that having a baby is a natural experience and that counseling wouldn't be necessary, the fact is that there are a number of situations in which counseling is an important facet of a pregnant woman's life. Having a skilled pregnancy counselor to talk things over with can make all the difference in the world for a woman facing a pregnancy, especially if she's not prepared for it.

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