Organic Baby Clothes and Urban Baby Clothes

Fashion sets the pace in so many ways. Men and women alike spend time and money buying the latest in trendy clothing and footwear, and there's no end to their willingness to ensure their babies are dressed to follow suit. Styles change over the years, but the thought about fashion recycling itself every few years still holds. Everything from evening wear to casual dresses have been around and come around again in terms of style and current fashion.

Defining Urban Clothing

In recent years, there have been styles that have had their genesis in the inner cities of America. Hip hop, funk, and retro are all styles that began in what would be considered poorer areas of big American cities. Their popularity was associated with musical styles and kids wanted to dress like their favorite artists. The style later came into its own when designers picked up the cue and made these one-time trends fashion statements, seeing the massive marketing potential. Such is the case with urban clothing. Urban clothing is big-city dress, including the "gangsta" look, that is found on those who either live in urban centers or wish they did.

Urban Baby Clothing

Since the idea of creating baby clothes in the same fashions as adult clothing is big business, it's little wonder that we see urban baby clothes on infants and youngsters everywhere. If a parent likes the punk look, then punk baby clothes are put on the baby. You can find urban styles in any of the designer and children's boutique stores where parents, grandparents, relatives and friends, get a kick out of buying outfits that mimic the adult style. You may see baby boy clothes in gangsta style, with baggy pants and jackets for a fifteen pound baby boy. At one time, buying baby boy clothes was less adventurous as little girl clothing. Today, baby boy clothes are fun, funky, and irresistible. A baby boy can look just like the big guys, dressed in Nikes, oversized jeans and shirts and hats that mimic those seen on the street. It's great.

Newborn Baby Clothing

Newborn baby clothes still tend to be less influenced by urban style than clothing for toddlers and older children. However, funny baby clothes seem to show up on infants more frequently than on older children. Maybe that's because infants don't know and likely don't care what you dress them in, as long as it is comfy and neither too warm nor too cold. Dressing infants in funny baby clothes usually garners an "Aw, isn't that cute," from someone - and it is. Enjoy it while the baby doesn't care because as soon as he or she figures out that it's possible to dress themselves, the funny baby stuff is over.

Organic Baby Clothing

Speaking of trends, we're happy to report on one that has really taken hold and it is perhaps one of the best things to happen to baby clothes and kids wear ever. Organic Baby Clothes. The great thing is that organic baby clothes can be purchased in any of the styles and designs a parent would like to put on the little one, and they have the added bonus of being safe for the baby. Organic baby clothes are made from organically grown substances, such as cotton, bamboo, flax, silk, and soybean products, and have not been exposed to pesticides or chemicals in the production of the fabrics. Any time dyes are required, they are dyes that are approved by the authorities to have minimal metal or chemical content. Urban style eco-baby fashions can be found in most designer and boutique stores.

Dressing babies is fun, there's no getting away from that fact. It's like have a real, live, dress-up doll to put funky clothing on. They look adorable and they aren't going to ruin the clothes because they can't do much other than sit there and look cute. The great thing is that you can ensure their safety by buying clothing that is eco-friendly and organic. Everyone benefits that way.

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