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EVE - September 17

6months ago I was on this site when I miscarried my first baby...... Now I am 12 weeks pregnant again! Yea! Up to now everything has been fine, my last OBGYN 9/13 the baby was moving and kicking, very rumbuctious! On Sat (9/17) ....morning around 6:40 am I had to go #!, and then when I wiped there was blood, then I wiped again and it was less.... I was trying not to freak out, I noticed I didnt have any cramps. The firs time when I lost the baby it started with heavy bleeding that came along with severe cramps, worse than my period ,and I was bleeding for 7 days and everything came out. That was a sad sad day. Now back th the present, so I had no cramps, and then there was no blood only the 2 times I wiped. So at 10am I had to go again, and when I wiped there was no blood then. I wanted to make sure, expecially after the first time, so I went to the ER. I still had no crampings things felt normal..... but I still was concerned. After 5 hours in the ER, They did a urine test, a blood hch levels test, a ultrasound, sonogram, and a pelvic exam. I felt like a science expiriment frankly ........ The doctor told he that everything the was normal, the baby was the right size and I got to see it moving and kicking.... He said some women will spot once ir twice while pregnant and nothing happens you deliver a healhty baby, and he said if I was still bleeding and had cramping then he would be concerned, but I only had a little blood and then it went away, and no cramping so he told me not to worry, but to take it easy and just rest. That was a relief for me when I got to see the heartbeat and the baby moving, I felt so much better....... I will say the night before we went to On The Border for dinner, and by the time I sat down in the car, I had to open the door and hurl because I just couldn't keep it down.... and I was sitting down in the car and bent all the way over so I wouldn't throw up in the car, but instead on the concrete, and I threw up all my dinner, I know that throwing up would not cause some blood, but my theory is that since I was sitting down and I twisted my body to throw up, becasue I was still sitting down, and I was bent all the way over holding on the the door, I think with the force of throwing up, I may have caused some kind of muscle to pull or hurt something in there, of course not on purpose, but I think that is possible. I noticied after I threw up, my uterous hurtm like when you do sit ups and you know you used your mucles, well like that, and then the next day at 6:40am I had spotting..... I guess I figure that is the most logical explanation..... and here we are the next day Sunday and there is still no other bleeding and I feel normal , nauseated as usual and cant eat many food I normally would eat, so I figure keep the faith alive and pray , it's all I can do.


EVE - September 17

Hey guys sorry for the Dup. posting but I hit the wrong b___ton and it posted it for me before I was done!


hayley77 - October 31

Im 5 weeks pregnant. And im having fairly bad cramps on and off throughout each day. Im not bleeding at all. Im pretty sure its normal. Theres alot of changes going on down there, I just hope they go away soon!


Jeane - September 28

My period is due on Oct 6, yet i have been having constant period-like cramps for two weeks, along with tender b___sts and shooting painds from my belly b___ton on down...Does anyone have any suggestions on what this may be...Has anyone felt this way before???Please help


Nenna - March 11

i am haveing cramping and hardness on my left side i dont know whats going on


Nenna - March 11

i tested negitive on my home pregnancey test


Veronica08 - March 31

I'm 6-7 days late on my period, today is the last day of the month so ....I'm thinking I"m pregnant. I have very light cramping on my lower abdominal like you do before your period but still no sign of Mr.Flow. I am tired, my b___sts are sore and bigger, there is white creamy and wet discharge, and I'm hungry a lot (well, Im always hungry anyway because i'm an active person and burn calories fast) and I've gained 3 pounds in the past 4 weeks. am I showing the signs of pregnancy or is it in my head. If i'm not...where is my period?!


ainslewis75 - April 10

Just found out my wife is pregnant, a week ago she was spotting now she is having severe cramps what might be the problem


ALMORION - September 2

crampin is Bad(for me) in early Part... it always end up a MC happening ... my LastTime i was 12weeks.before they told me my baby really died at 5weeks...and this is while.. everyone was telling me it was "Normal" to Cramp-and-these wasnt dull cramps either but like they all say-]just your body changing (roll eyes) first sign of blood. -everyone and i mean even the Bloggers.told me not to worry its commen... people bleed and go on to have a Healthy Baby. well.. the crampin brought along the most horrible MC Pain i every Felt (tho.people are different i guess )



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