Baby Shower: Creating your guest list

When you get pregnant, you may have lots of things to think about and preparations to do. You will have to choose a name for your baby, decorate the nursery, buy a crib, inform your friends and family about your pregnancy and also arrange for a baby shower.

Baby showers are a great way to get together and celebrate the upcoming birth of your baby. And when the appropriate time comes, one of your close friends or a family member will most likely ask to throw you a shower. Sometimes, expecting mothers have multiple showers, one by their family member, another by their friends etc. But no matter who throws you the shower, it is important that you think about whom to invite to your shower and how well everyone knows each other.

If you think you are going to have more than one shower, make it clear to the host whom you would like to invite and be there. You may not want your aunt attending a shower thrown by your friends or your co-workers attending a shower thrown by your family. So, make it clear to the host who you want at the shower and also how many people. Once you have your list ready, you may want to start looking up addresses and phone numbers. You may also want your host to go over your list to check if you haven't forgotten anyone. After you've got your list, give it your host so that she can get the invitations and labels printed. Also, keep a copy of the guest list with you incase your host loses the list. Finally, if you forgot someone important on your list, invite them for lunch or dinner with you. It may not be the same as the shower but it may mend some hurt feelings.

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