Pregnancy Health

If you are now pregnant (or are trying to get pregnant), prenatal care in pregnancy, with special attention on your health, is of utmost importance.  

Find out more about how to prepare your body for pregnancy and about how to stay healthy once pregnant.  For example, did you know that you not only need to take folic acid while pregnant--you should really start to take this and a full prenatal vitamin prior to pregnancy in order to ensure the right health and nutrition for your growing baby?  

Find out more about the importance of folic acid and other nutrients you need for your pregnancy by reading more about how to maintain great pregnancy health.  

Iron is also particularly important during pregnancy. Because of a drastically increased blood volume, iron deficiency is common in pregnant women.

Iron deficiency can cause a variety of symptoms including fatigue, weakness, irregular heartbeat and even irritability. Luckily, iron supplements are an easy addition to your prenatal regimen.

Diet And Exercise

Find Out About The Dangers of Eating Disorders During Pregnancy

Pregnancy health all starts with following a healthy diet for your growing baby. Learn about the best prenatal diet and discover easy tips on eating right during your pregnancy so that both you and baby stay healthy!  Find out which foods will help your baby grow and about which foods you need to avoid when pregnant.  

Did you know of the dangers of uncooked meat or fish and cold cuts during pregnancy?  Can a turkey sandwich cause harm to your baby? Also, do you know that your morning cup of coffee is increasing your risk of miscarriage?  Read more about pregnancy health to learn about all of these topics.  

Also, try to keep fit and exercise regularly. Learn all about prenatal fitness so you can choose which prenatal exercise is best for you.

Then try to keep fit by working out regularly. One of the best exercises for pregnant women is yoga and related exercises.  Also learn about which exercise moves it is best to avoid when pregnant.  

For example, stomach crunches are an unsafe pregnancy exercise.  Learn more about this and other pregnancy exercise no, nos right here.

One common concern moms-to-be have is about sex and pregnancy. Learn about when sex during pregnancy can be unsafe and about comfortable sex positions, as well as changes in your libido during pregnancy.

Get the answers to all of your pregnancy sex questions now.

Plus Size Pregnancy And Well Being

Find out about plus size pregnancy, including the best birth options for plus size women as well as advice on how to find fashionable but affordable plus size maternity wear.

Being pregnant doesn't mean you don't have to look and feel your best. Find out more about buying the right type of maternity wear for your body.

Enjoy your pregnancy!

For many women, being pregnant is an enjoyable, meaningful time in their life. Read up on pregnancy well being, including pregnancy tips to help you relax, feel energized and be healthy throughout this very special time.

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Tatiana Miina
I am 27 weeks pregnant. Broke up with baby daddy when I was like 3 weeks pregnant. I used to wonder what's the fuss all about sex drive heightening the past five months until about three weeks ago when I would just pick up my phone and call baby daddy (whom I am not dating and months go by without hearing from him) just for sex. As I am typing this I am sitting in the office, and I feel like I am about to explode, I just can not help it. I desperately want to have sex. How long will this go on? Because I hate it, I hate being that girl that calls out on her ex for sex. I feel so dependent, weak ad cheap to him.
4 years ago
For the last 3 months my period has only lasted 3 days. I have taken a HPT and they all have come back negative. I have not been sick as in the vomiting , but I've had weird bowels for the last 2 months. Im tired all the time and very moody. I need some advice . Please and thank you.
4 years ago
working as a waitress. have to move financially worried how I can afford a baby and my apartment and my car payment yikes!
5 years ago
Pregnancy is a natural process. However, there is a certain amount of care and attention that needs to be provided to a pregnant woman. A thorough health check-up is absolutely essential during pregnancy. This is important not just to determine the health of the mother, but also that of the growing fetus. Leading women and child hospital like Rainbow Hospital provides comprehensive tests, which include genetic scans.
5 years ago
Iam 7 days late was due for my to come on nov1. Took a pt at doctors and it was negative so I'm taking a blood test and hopefully the blood test let me know I'm having some symptoms back pain tiredness craving food I don't eat.what should be my next option
6 years ago