Pregnant is Sexy

Breaking Barriers

Years ago it was verboten for a pregnant woman to be seen on television. Lucille Ball, of "I Love Lucy" fame (this goes back a long way) was the first to break the prohibition and continued doing her shows during her pregnancy. We've come a long, Baby. Pregnant women are less shy and withholding about their bodies and many find that pregnancy is a time when they are feeling sexier than ever.

Women who have embraced their beautiful round bodies and the soft new curves of pregnancy put out a sense of allure and femininity that entices the men in their lives. And, there is actually a study out now to prove that some men are actually drawn to pregnant and lactating women, finding them far sexier than those who are not pregnant or lactating. Believe it or not, the research is there to prove it!

Some women have told of instances when, late in their pregnancies, they were hit on by men who were not the father of the baby they carried. Although they may not have thought of themselves as sexy, these men sure found them hot. So, what is it about pregnant women that some men find sexy and irresistible?

A Study on What??

According to a study on sexual attraction to pregnancy a team of Swedish and Italian doctors, lead by Emmanuele Jannini and Magnus Enquist, recruited 2,200 men who had joined two different online fetish groups. Now, before you get all worked up, the findings are rather interesting and tie into well-grounded psychological data. They were given a questionnaire asking them about their preferences for pregnant and lactating women. The questionnaire also asked about birth order, sex and age of each sibling and whether the sibling was a full-sibling or not. Most of the respondents to the questionnaire reported a preference for pregnant and lactating women. The average age of the men when they made this connection was 18 years of age.

The point of the research study was to find evidence that there was a special link in the upbringing of men that are sexually aroused by pregnancy. There is already an established understanding that sexual imprinting is the result of specific stimulus early in life that elicits sexual behavior - noted in animal behaviors. The question was: Is it possible that boys who are raised by women who are pregnant (or nursing) are especially attracted to pregnant or nursing women?

Sexual Imprinting = Sexual Attraction

It turns out that the more exposed a man was to his mother being pregnant and breastfeeding when he was between 1.5 and 5 years old, the more likely he is to be sexually attracted to pregnant and breastfeeding women. It seems that having a younger sibling is the key to the connection, with 66 percent of the respondents being the elder sibling, having a younger brother or sister. What was interesting was the fact that having a different mother - as in being adopted or raised by someone other than the birth mother - did not elicit the same response. Only the boy's own pregnant mother left the sexual imprint.

Sexual imprinting is not motivated by sexual drive but because the individual learns what is normal during a sensitive phase of development and later seeks sexual partners that resemble his own parents. What does this mean? Well, it just means that a woman may be able to predict how attracted her husband may be to her pregnant body and how he'll respond to her in later pregnancy. If he has a sibling born within five years of him, the likelihood is that he'll be turned on by pregnancy.

Feeling Sexy?

So, if you are pregnant, enjoy your new, beautiful body, and enjoy the fact that your man loves it, too. We have some great tips on how you can capitalize on that sense of sexiness in our article entitled Feeling Sexy. Check it out in this section.

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