Comfortable Pregnancy Sex Positions

Sex during pregnancy is often thought of as a taboo subject. Expectant moms are rarely considered sexual beings, and therefore many health care providers don’t talk about sex during pregnancy with their patients. However, sex is an important and natural part of pregnancy.

Now that you are pregnant, you may find that your sexual needs and desires change as your body changes. As your breasts grow and your belly swells, sex positions that you once found comfortable and exciting may become unpleasant or even painful. It is important to explore different positions and sexual activities with your partner in order to keep the both the spark and the comfort in your sex life.

Is Sex Fun in Pregnancy?

Is it Safe?
You bet your pregnant belly sex during pregnancy is safe! Couples are often reluctant to engage in sexual intercourse during pregnancy for fear that it will hurt their baby. As long as you are having a normal pregnancy free of complications, sex will in no way harm your little one. Your baby is protected from any thrusting that takes place during sex by both your abdomen and the amniotic sac. The mucus plug, which closes off the opening of your cervix, also helps to keep her safe from infections. As long as your health care provider says its okay, you can go ahead and continue to have intercourse right through the third trimester, until your water breaks. In fact, as you due date looms, you may even be instructed to have sex to help bring on labor naturally!

When to Avoid Sex During Pregnancy
It is highly unlikely that you will have to stop having sexual intercourse at any point during your pregnancy. However, your health care provider may recommend that you abstain from sex during pregnancy if you are facing certain pregnancy complications. These complications could include:



Getting into Position
Now that your body is changing, you may find that sexual intercourse isn’t always as comfortable as it used to be. The missionary position with you on the bottom and your partner on top may become increasingly awkward as your pregnant belly begins to grow. You and your partner may have to participate in some interesting gymnastic maneuvers in order to find the position that is most comfortable for you. Here are some tried and tested sexual positions that you might want to try during your pregnancy.

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hi i am three month pregnant and i m very scared to do sex with my husband we did'nt try since last three months but now we want to do sex my doctor told me it is safe to do sex but m still scared,what i do please suggest me and what position is safe for sex during pregnancy.thanks.
12 years ago