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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Necessity is the mother of invention - a phrase they say originated in 1658 in Scotland - but is found to be truer than ever in the lives of pregnant couples. Although sex during pregnancy can have its ups and downs, it has the potential to be the best time ever for enjoying one another. The first months aside (who likes making love when they're nauseated?) once the second trimester hits and you're feeling wonderful (or at least more normal) you and your partner may find your lovemaking more pleasurable than ever.

Now, you may not think that your blossoming body is beautiful, but research - can you believe it? - has shown that men are more attracted to the changes and roundness than they are repelled by it. So, play it up! Capitalize on those full breasts and give yourself permission to explore the new sensations brought about by the raging hormones in your body. Your partner will be beside himself with joy at your enthusiasm and desire.

Those Raging Hormones Do Quite a Job

The same hormones that are preparing your body for birth and nourishing your baby also have a profound effect upon the way your body experiences sex. Your breasts become full and your nipples are far more sensitive and much larger. When you make love, the flow of blood increases the fullness of your breasts and the sensitivity of your nipples - and, he just loves it. However, sometimes that sensitivity can be a bit much for you, so be sure to communicate with your partner when things are over-the-top and touch is not your idea of a good time.

Your vaginal canal that is preparing for the passage of your little one is also changing a great deal, as are the vulva and external portions of your body. Again, sensitivity is increased as the vulva is forced out front and center. The increase of blood in the muscles and lining of the vagina cause a feeling of fullness that can be very delicious for you both. Vaginal secretions change and if you were ever lacking in lubrication, you won't be during your pregnancy. The increase in snugness that comes through the fullness of the vaginal canal along with the added lubrication can really accentuate the pleasure.

Relax, You're Already Pregnant

There's a lot that goes on in your mind as well. After the initial fears about hurting the baby and possible miscarriage, as well as the first-trimester discomforts are gone, and your gyn/ob gives you the go ahead, you can really relax and enjoy. Consider this; you don't have to worry about becoming pregnant so there's no point in condoms or contraception. If you were using sex as a means to an end in terms of conception, you can rest easy - the job is done. You can now enjoy stress-free sex.

Back to those hormones for a minute ... the pregnancy hormones have a special effect, especially on flexibility and agility. The hormone called relaxin causes things to really loosen up so you'll be able to contort your beautiful round body into positions you never thought possible. As your body prepares to accommodate birth, you can enjoy the benefits long before your due date.

Flexible Mind, Flexible Body

As your pregnancy progresses, some of the positions you and your partner used before you blossomed will become less pleasurable as your body grows and expands. And, lying on your back isn't recommended for long periods of time - so back to our opening line. Necessity is the mother of invention. Just think, with your new physical and mental flexibility you can try all kinds of fun and exciting postures that will give you and your partner pleasure and probably a few laughs along the way.

Along with some of the more frequently used positions, like spooning, side lying, and you on top, there are some others that can be very pleasurable. What is important is that you are both comfortable physically and that the position allows for the kind of sex and physical contact you both want to have.

You can take your pregnancy sex positions to a new place by using the edge of the bed, which offers many possibilities and greater comfort. You can lie on the bed, close to the edge (but not dangerously so) on your side or briefly on your back. Your partner can be off the bed, either on their knees or standing up for the front entry position. For rear entry, you can be off the bed, standing and leaning forward over the bed with a pillow under your breasts and belly, or kneeling on a pillow on the floor with your upper torso on the bed and your belly off the bed.

Many women say that sex during pregnancy is the best they've ever had. We have plenty of information that will give you some ideas that will make your pregnancy love life fun and safe.

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