Benefits Of Sex In Pregnancy

Lots of women worry that sex may somehow injure them or their babies during pregnancy. Sex just seems so rough—the exact opposite of the gentleness one associates with the handling of pregnant women and babies. But rest assured that indulging in sex during pregnancy is almost always as safe as can be. In fact, there are actual benefits to making love while pregnant.

Feeling Empowered

For instance, some women find that carrying a live human being makes them feel capable and powerful. This type of empowerment can have the effect of increasing your libido. It's also a real kick-start to your sex-drive to realize you don't have to worry that sex will or won't result in conception. At last, you're just having sex for the sake of sex.

Also, there is increased blood flow to the groin during the early days of pregnancy which can mean you have greater sensitivity in this area. That can translate to more numerous orgasms. Orgasms in turn help exercise and strengthen the walls of your uterus and your pelvic floor and aid in the necessary increase of blood flow to the general area.

If you've had trouble climaxing in the past, you may have a pleasant surprise in store for you during your pregnancy. Some women find they climax often and some may even discover the joys of multiple orgasms for the first time. This is also due to the increased blood flow to the pelvic area that is experienced during early pregnancy. Your partner will find your blooming sexuality a serious turn-on, but may need reassurance from you that sex is good for you, can't hurt the baby, and may even carry benefits for your pregnancy.

Sexy Curves

In addition to all this, you and your husband may find your new curves fascinating and sexy. Your breasts may enlarge and if you've always had smallish breasts, this can have the effect of turning you into a wanton sex-pot—you just look sexier, so you feel sexier. Then too, many men find the pregnant abdomen a real lust trigger. Don't try to read too much into this idea, just lay back and enjoy his attentions.

As your pregnancy advances, assuming you don't have a history of premature labor, sex can help get you ready for labor and delivery. Semen contains prostaglandins which can help your cervix ripen. Having lots of sex near the end of your pregnancy is good for your cervix and continued orgasms can help keep the muscles in your uterus in tip-top shape.

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