Saving the Sanity of the Stay At Home Mom

For stay at home moms, taking care of the kids full time can be a very rewarding parenting role, although it can also be characterized by a lot of stress. Frustration, fatigue and isolation are some of the most common emotions a stay at home mom (SAHM) can experience, and these feelings can be especially strong for new moms. Love being a stay at home mom but feeling the effects of cabin fever? Read on for our parenting tips for stay at home moms!

Tips for the Stay At Home Mom

Here is a list of common emotions that stay at home moms experience, as well as parenting advice for SAHMs on how to overcome these feelings:

Emotion Explanation
Fatigue Characteristics: Feelings of tiredness can get a stay at home mom down. When you feel harried by your kids' energy, it can make you feel drained and unable to keep up.
Solution:: Use your kids' down time as mommy down time too. Most stay at home moms are tempted to fit in as many chores as possible when their children are napping. However, getting some shut eye is an important way to stay refueled and to avoid burn out.
Isolation Characterstics:Feeling alone and cut off from other adults in a common feeling of stay at home moms.
Solution: In order to prevent feelings of loneliness, set up structured, social activities that take place outside of the home. For example, set up a once-weekly book club with other stay at home moms or catch up with your friends over coffee every Friday night. Get your partner to take care of the kids, or hire a babysitter. Some stay at home moms may even find that holding a part time job with light, flexible hours or volunteering is a great way to avoid feelings of isolation.
Routine Characteristics: When every day starts to gel into the next without any sense of distinction, a stay at home can feel like parenting is an overwhelming responsibility with no relief in sight.
Solution: Try changing up the day to day routine so that things don't become mundane. Involve kids in tasks such as grocery shopping and let them get involved by picking the menu for the night and helping you shop for the ingredients. When the weather outside is nice, outdoor activities are always a fun option. Head to the park or pool or set up play dates with other SAHMs and their kids.
Financial Stress Characteristics: Feeling strapped by the constraints of a single paycheck can create a lot of worry for stay at home moms about their ability to properly provide for their children.
Solution: Analyze your financial situation by distinguishing between your wants and needs. Sit down with your partner and discuss your family budget and set up ways in which to save money, such as using coupons and shopping at second hand stores. If money is still tight, consider a part time job with flexible hours that can help you and your family make ends meet.
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