Stages of Pregnancy

It can be quite interesting to watch the changes that happen to your body when you are pregnant. To get an overview of the changes you can expect in the coming months, read Pregnancy Stages. For a more in-depth look at the three stages, take a look at First Trimester, Second Trimester and Third Trimester.  Here your learn all about the different changes that will happen to your body during pregnancy and about the many changes your baby will go through during the nine months in the womb.

These sections will give you valuable information about what exactly is happening to your body. You will also find some useful strategies and tips to help you cope with the physical demands of being pregnant.  Find out more about how to deal with your growing belly, your low energy levels, and your body's demand for strange foods.  Get ready for all of the different stages of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Week By Week

While it’s easy to see how your body is changing, it’s not as easy to see what’s going on with your baby. The Pregnancy Calendar has detailed descriptions of what is going on with your little one. You can also take a look at your baby's development week by week and pregnancy development week by week

. Check out Baby’s Due Date for an insider’s look at how your due date is calculated. Fetal Movement

will provide you with information about when to expect Baby's first noticable movements.  First time moms will have trouble noticing their baby's first kicks.  Learn how to look for those first butterfly movements in the belly and get ready for when you really feel a strong kick inside.

Baby Games

Did you know that can play with your unborn baby even though he's not born yet? There are a number of activities you can do, including audio games and touch games, to keep your fetus (and your family) entertained.  Learn more about these fun games you can play with your baby even before you get to meet him or her.  

In addition, many expectant parents - whether they're aware of it or not - have certain expectations when it comes to the gender of their baby-to-be. Find out how to cope with gender disappointment, so you can get back to enjoying your pregnancy and love your baby no matter which gender he or she may be.

Finally, every pregnant woman will need to accommodate her changing physique. Maternity bras are one key element of any woman's wardrobe during pregnancy, along with comfortable shoes and clothing. 

Be sure to that your body gets everything you and your baby needs by taking pregnancy plus prenatal supplements.

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Hello I have been off my period for a week and a half. My Brest are so tender and sore my nipples are tender. I figured it was maybe my bra so I have changed to a sports bra to help but nothing has taken it away. Do u think I could possible be in early tri sign ?
7 years ago
What are you ladies taking every day to help with fertility? Currently, I'm taking the following: Prenatal 4000 mg of folic acid Metformin I'm about to start trying royal jelly, because hell it can't hurt. What's on your lists? Has Any one Tried royal jelly? Any experiences
9 years ago
This is my first kid and I am still in shocked but so excited
13 years ago
i love reading the week by week articles to let me know what my body is up to. the newsletters are lots of fun too. this is such an exciting time and its fun to get weekly reminders about what my body and my baby are up too. thanks so much for the info!
13 years ago