Maternity - Special Occasion Clothing and Accessories

That Special Time in Life

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life. Looking forward to motherhood can become all-consuming for a pregnant woman. Initially, there's little to "show" for the pregnancy, in a manner of speaking, but it doesn't take long before regular women's clothes have to take a back seat to maternity apparel. Of course, there's that in-between stage, where regular clothing is too tight and it's just a bit too early to don maternity clothes, even though you're chomping at the bit to wear maternity apparel. In the meantime, leggings and sweaters (in the cooler weather) or even oversized blouses serve the purpose of comfort and presentation until you can begin wearing pregnancy maternity clothing. A lot of women end up wearing men's clothing that fits loosely and is comfy. There's nothing like a guy's shirt or sweater to feel relaxed and comfortable.

A Trip To The Maternity Shop

Once the baby-bump is obvious, then an exciting trip to the maternity store is in order. Today's pregnant woman has more to choose from than ever before, although many women opt for their own clothing almost all the way through their pregnancies or choose trendy maternity clothing - the kind that doesn't look like maternity wear. Tube tops that are very stretchy look great under a tank top with a pair of pants - jeans are the usual choice. Or, hip maternity wear is available with maternity designer denim fashions, and maternity jeans with stretchy, fold-over tops that can be worn after the baby is born as well. Another great item is the maternity polo shirt, classic and comfortable, it's a great go-together with maternity bermuda shorts for summer wear.

What to Wear to Work

When it comes to figuring out what to wear to work, there are some great styles and fashions available. Business wear featuring classic maternity tops, blouses, scarves, and maternity pants and dresses allows for today's busy business-woman-cum-mom to dress for the office without sacrificing style and flare. There is plenty of trendy maternity clothing in the shops to suit the most discerning career maternity clothing shopper. In keeping with the "I'm proud of this belly" sentiment, knit dresses are very much in vogue as maternity dresses, showing off the belly while allowing for movement without restriction and suitable for work clothes.  Classy scarves can dress up a maternity top to make it just the number for work.

Where To Shop for Maternity Clothes

When it comes to clothes shopping, there are a number of options. Of course, there are maternity boutiques and designer maternity wear is often found in designer shops. Clothing designers have recognized the need to service this very important segment of the public, especially since many of these shoppers purchase their clothing from them when they aren't pregnant. Today's maternity store is adequately supplied with everything an expectant mother could think of, want or need. From intimate wear like maternity bras to outer wear, maternity clothing can be found in shops where helpful staff are ready to assist for that perfect fit. Whether it's back-to-basics where the shopping trip is focused on finding maternity underwear or looking for that perfect dress for a special occasion, stylish maternity clothing is easier to find than ever. One of the best parts is that women are no longer relegated to the shore during the summer or while on holiday. Maternity swimwear is flattering and comfortable, providing support where it is needed and lots of room where that's needed as well.

Maternity Shopping Online

Shopping online is another great way to find maternity wear. There is no end to the selection available on the seemingly limitless sites featuring maternity wear online. As with so many other things, buying maternity clothing can be as simple as point and click - pay by credit card and away you go. It is especially convenient to purchase athletic wear and more relaxed styles of clothing online. Casual tops, sweatshirts, and even weekend wear can be purchased with ease. Since they tend to be a much more relaxed fit, purchasing casual dresses and sleepwear is less risky online than purchasing intimate apparel. Maternity accessories, such as baby slings, breast pumps and diaper bags are also easy to purchase online, especially when you've progressed in your pregnancy to the place where going shopping just isn't a lot of fun. Baby items, such as baby clothing and baby blankets are easy to purchase online, too. Baby clothes and kids' clothing are often maternity gifts for baby showers, and a mom can't have too many baby bibs or crib bedding - great maternity gifts as well.

Special Events

When there are special occasions, like weddings or parties, then finding the right maternity special occasion dress is very important. In the early part of the pregnancy, showing off the baby bump is lots of fun, however the further along you get in your pregnancy, the less lovely you may be feeling, and it isn't quite as much fun. Picking the right evening maternity dress can take some time. Thankfully there are gorgeous designer maternity clothes available from which to choose the maternity formal wear that makes you feel like a million dollars. Hollywood stars have given pregnant women a lot of inspiration as they've shown up on the red carpet with a baby belly in the latter stages of pregnancy. They've given a whole new perspective on maternity evening wear, showing that maternity sizes can be as sexy as the slinky holiday dresses worn before baby. If getting married happens after baby is conceived, then maternity wedding outfits are just as stunning as any wedding outfit purchased sans baby bump.  Maternity dress is getting more elegant all of the time.

Plus Size Maternity Wear

Women who are plus sizes are also in for some treats when it comes to selecting styles. How many times has a plus-sized woman lamented that she'll need a tent by the time she's nine months pregnant? Now plus size maternity dresses are available in trendy designer cuts and stylish maternity dresses are as available as regular sized maternity clothing. There's no reason for any woman who is pregnant not to have the kind of clothing she loves to wear, and that includes maternity plus sized women.

After Baby is Born

There are plenty of things to think about when having a baby, and if you're planning to nurse, then finding the right nursing bras, ones that fit well and don't require an engineering degree to open, are essential. You might want to think about nursing sleepwear as well. It's enough having to get out of bed in the middle of the night to breastfeed a hungry baby without wrestling with a nightie tied in knots. With all of the wonderful outfits and maternity accessories available these days, a pregnant woman may wish she could stay that way for a long time! Just kidding.

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